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Creole Queen

about 10 days ago
Trip was great. The narrator was really good. Very interesting and well spoken. Added humor too which was great. Food was very good, better than some of the restaurants we tried. We spent the time inside since it was rainy outside. Everyone working on the boat was very friendly too. Great experience.
Katen Felmly

Very good, fun!

about 3 years ago
Everything went very smoothly, very entertaining and the food was good and the people working on board were very nice.
Laura Vaughn

Best River Tour Ever

about 11 months ago
Charles, our guide/narrator was EXCELLENT! Home-grown, passionate, funny, well informed, personable….SUPER Liked that he divided the history into 2 parts….going down to the Chalmette plantation (Battle of New Orleans & La history) and back (Katrina aftermath & recovery) The Creole Queen is a great vessel with plenty of seating and walkabouts; nice drink menu; spring is the best time to go we think….PERFECT!
Glenda May

Creole Queen historical cruise.

about 1 year ago
The narration guide was outstanding and entertaining. I learned many interesting facts about New Orleans.The buffet was amazingly good. The shrimp pasta was my favorite.
Rufino Ochoada

Well worth the time

about 10 months ago
The boat was beautiful. And the gentleman that did the historical commentary was fantastic. He made it interesting as well as amusing. I would recommend this trip to anyone visiting New Orleans.
Ron Anderson


about 4 years ago
Part of the experience not being great was due to weather. If the departure was delayed I think the experience would have been better. Everyone got soaked boarding the boat and it was difficult to see anything during the first part of the ride due to the rain.
Gina Thompson

Evening cruise

about 4 years ago
Everything was nice just wish it did not rain the food was excellent
Arshield Johnson

Very Educational

about 11 months ago
I enjoyed myself and my husband.We learn so much bout history.The food was very good and the staff was helpful and nice. Most of all the drinks was on point, hands down to the bar tender.
Robin Howard

Fun Experience

about 2 years ago
The experience was great even though it rained the whole trip. Food was also good. Would have liked a little more information up front as to when the food was ready so we would have had more time to explore the fort and to enjoy the trip. The historian was hilarious...highlight of the trip.
Michael Martin

Brunch cruise

about 9 months ago
Cruise was OK. Food was decent. History info was very good.

Creole Queen

about 3 years ago
It was awesome. Lunch was fabulous. Everyone extremely pleasant. So glad we did the tour.
Mary Conway

Enjoyable cruise

about 2 years ago
This was an enjoyable cruise. The guide was knowledgeable with some humor added in. I would have preferred to have had a longer time on the steamboat. We were on he boat for an hour and at the battle site for an hour. Also would have liked to have had more history abut hte city on the return trip from the battle site.
Randy Gracyalny

Creole Queen

about 2 years ago
It was very educational which I loved and the scenery on the ship and outside was beautiful . The historian was informative and funny . The food was ok . The only thing I would prefer is having the customers get activities while on the boat so people can be more engaged . Nevertheless overall was good. I’ll definitely be back for the late night jazz cruise
Lunarus Russ

Lunch misleading guide was funny

about 2 years ago
Location was confusing when using Google maps. Having to get actual ticket from booth confusing or not known. While food was hot, it was a carb feast. Said we were having gumbo it was some corn not chowder...not soup based just corn served in a bowl.
Natasha Whitt

Historical Mississippi River Cruise with Optional Lunch

about 2 months ago
It was amazing and very relaxing.
Ashlynn Pullen


about 8 months ago
Everything was ok.
daniel Barros

Historical Mississippi River cruise

about 4 years ago
We really enjoyed the trip. Wendell was an excellent guide.
Katherine Hall

Food was Amazing

about 11 months ago
We opted for the cruise with lunch and it did not disappoint! The Captain was very knowledgeable and shared great facts as we cruised along the Mississippi river. We were served Jambalaya, Cajun shrimp pasta, red beans and rice and some corn. There was also a Cesar salad and bread pudding. Will recommend to anyone.
Esmeralda Gavino

Day cruise

about 2 years ago
Everything was great! The only thing I saw was people didn’t care that you had signs up for social distancing and sat in the seats anyways.the commentator did really great on his commentary.
John Peterson

Mississippi River Cruise

about 4 years ago
We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise. The lunch was excellent and the history was quite interesting. Got to learn some New Orleans history.
Ben Chartrand


about 2 years ago
The experience was a nice one but the food could have been better.
Jamela Page

Historic River Cruise

about 5 days ago
Very enjoyable and informative, both at the historic battlefield and the story about Katrina.
Mark Binder

Social distancing impossible!

about 2 years ago
Why sell more tickets than you have seats during Covid? Blocking off benches with distancing signs that were completely ignored, no staff to reinforce, people looking miserable because others sat next to them on those benches... the process of getting off the boat both times was awful-absolutely no recommended distancing, no process that would even encourage it. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, and the price was definitely not right. Terrible experience.
Leslie Grossman

Wonderful Excursion

about 12 months ago
Wonderful experience
Melanie Pepperman

Mississippi River Cruise

about 5 months ago
The cruise was great. So relaxing and informative. The food was good and the staff was both friendly and helpful.
Stephanie Jones
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