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07/21/2019 ~ 07/27/2019
LA, New Orleans > Carriage Rides & Tours
07/21/2019 ~ 07/27/2019

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Missed it and really wanted to take the tour

Missed it and really wanted to take the tour
about 3 months ago
We got stuck in traffic and we’re late so we didn’t get to take the tour.
Bridget B
about 13 days ago
Pearl and the older gentlemen that was our guide was awesome! He shared so much fun information and had great stories on out 11pm ride on the carriage! Yes it was hot and muggy but of course your in LA!!
LaJean W
Ghost tour
about 21 days ago
Had a great time. Wonderful people who did our tour. Made sure we could hear her. Talked very loud and clear
Roxanne S
about 22 days ago
Fun time, good driver.
Matthew B
History and Haunts Carriage Tour
about 23 days ago
Our driver, James and mule, Pearl were very knowledgeable of the city and it's history. Very enjoyable ride.
Tracy R
Driver Mr. Bob
about 11 days ago
I had been on this last Nov. and it was excellent but this trip the guide spent his time talking about personal friends and his dead brother who lived in Miss. we saw same street three time we did not here the Ursuline story or house. Guide name Mr. Bob would not be my choice again. It was disappointing. He was friendly but little Information on the subject matter. He was on cell phone ordered a hamburger and stopped by a place that had a person hand delivery him the burger.
Laura G
about 12 days ago
Olivia S
The Tour Was Just Ok...
about 17 days ago
It was great to ride around in a mule-drawn carriage and learn of the history of select landmarks in New Orleans, especially since they have a haunted past, but I didn't think the tour was worth $40. New Orleans has way more haunted history than what was explained on the tour. I expected more and unfortunately I was disappointed.
Tiffany C
about 20 days ago
Spencer H
Great time
about 23 days ago
I thought it was great but a family came on at the last minute and sat in the front which cause our carriage to be over crowded and obstructed our view. They should have been asked to wait so ce they had no reservation.
Jennie B
Haunts tour
about 23 days ago
It was wonderful
Roberta K