New Orleans, LA > Carriage Rides & Tours
12/13/2019 ~ 12/19/2019
Ghost tour
about 6 months ago
Had a great time. Wonderful people who did our tour. Made sure we could hear her. Talked very loud and clear
Roxanne S
James and Footloose are the best
about 1 month ago
James has so much knowledge of the history of New Orleans. He was excellent. We loved Footloose too! So cute. Comfortable ride. Fun!
Anastasia Z
Fun tour
about 2 months ago
We had a great time! Lots of history and a little haunt. Perfect!
Will B
Fabulous Ride and Information
about 2 months ago
We thoroughly enjoyed our guide and the ride. She was very informative and told us a lot of history we undid not know. This tour is a must while in NOLA!
Virginia W
Relaxing Experience
about 2 months ago
Fiona & Cozimo are the best!! The carriage ride through the streets of the French Quarter was awesome. Fiona is very knowledgeable, sassy, & animated in her depiction of the history of the French Quarter. Love her! By the end of the tour, I was also in love with Cozimo. He has quite the personality as far as mules go. I would def do this attraction again and again. They make a great team and provided as much entertainment as the tour itself. Thanks for the wonderful experience!
Dee S
about 22 days ago
George H
about 26 days ago
Jeanne S
about 29 days ago
Lori T
about 1 month ago
Valerie P
about 1 month ago
Christy H
about 1 month ago
Amber H