New Orleans, LA > Plantation Tours
06/06/2020 ~ 06/12/2020

Highly recommendable

about 1 year ago
Beautiful place to visit and everything went according to plan.

Great experience

about 1 year ago
I'd highly recommend this tour. The history and ambiance is amazing!
Jonathan D

Best plantation tour

about 1 year ago
Excellent guide and great price
Robert E

Houmas house plantation tour

about 2 years ago
My daughters and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at the plantation. The grounds were beautiful and the tour guide very knowledgeable. Highly recommend this tour!

Interesting and informative!

about 2 years ago
The tour was great! Easy pick up the tour guide definitely loved his job and the Houmas House was beautiful checking out the turtle bar is a must on the grounds! My husband doesn't typically like tours and he really found this interesting and informative!

loved it

about 3 years ago
from start to finish it was a memorable experience.
kate t

wonderful experience

about 5 years ago
I am so glad that we went on this tour. It was a wonderful experience. The Plantation is beautiful. The Gardens ate amazing. It is so beautiful that people get married there all the time. We took time to check out the art gallery in the back, which also was amazing. The tour staff are so knowledgeable about plantation times and try to make it authentic for the guests. It was an awesome experience and I'd definitely do it again.

Enjoyed it!

about 5 years ago
Very smooth process to book. Transportation was great and picked up right from our hotel in new orleans. The landscaping was beautiful and my wife took way too many pictures. The tour guide did an excellent job and showed some neat artifacts. This was our first plantation visit so I'm sure the others have a lot to live up to!

Go For The Tour, Stay For The Lunch!

about 6 years ago
We went to take a tour of the Houmas House not knowing the full extent of this incredible place. First off, you won't find such lavish gardens in all of the South. The entire grounds were landscaped intensely with bright flowers and exotic plants. You are surrounded by 200+ year old oaks and historic statues ranging from lions to greek figures. The tour guide was excellent. Not only was she in character, she told everything so well! The home has so many interesting artifacts that I couldn't decide which one I enjoyed more. After the tour, we went to lunch at the on-site restaurant. The lunch was a little on the higher end ($15-25 per meal), but it's well worth it. We receive great service and the portions were generous. I highly recommend staying for a meal! We HIGHLY recommend coming here.