New Orleans, LA > City Tours
02/21/2020 ~ 02/27/2020

Very moving

about 6 months ago
This tour is extremely interesting and quite moving, especially if you remember the hurricane and its aftermath when it was happening. One of the best parts is that it allows a tourist to see parts of the city they probably would not otherwise. Our tour guide was Bruce Nolan, a former reporter for the Times-Picayune. He covered the hurricane and does an incredible job on this tour. He's a font of all kinds of information about the city and has many individual stories to relate about the hurricane. We did a lot of things during the five days we were in New Orleans, and this tour was by far the best.
Tim K

Good tour

about 9 months ago
Would help if maps were shown so we would know where we were - passed many sites and along levees and different areas of the city. It was great to have a guide who was passionate about the story being told.
Pam L


about 1 year ago
Our tour guide, Bruce, was excellent, who was a journalist at the time of Katrina for a New Orleans newspaper. This trip is well worth the price for over 3 hours of in depth history, compared to other tours in NOLA. Highly recommended.
Connie S

Good choice

about 2 years ago
Tour was well worth the price! Bill was an excellent tour guide and it went at a nice pace.
Joanne D

Katrina Tour

about 2 years ago
The tour guide Bruce was very knowledgeable and a wonderful guide. BUT if you take this tour please know that you WILL NOT go to the Lower 9th Ward due to a city ordinance. Which is understandable but that is something they should tell you before you take the tour and not half way into the tour. It is fals advertising and when I spoke to the manager Rory or whatever his name was he said it is not his responsibility on what others advertise about his company. I have a photo of the advertising and it say Ninth Ward. He was very rude and had no intrest in trying to resolve the issue. I will never use Trip Shock again and I have already requested my refund from my card carrier. They were not at all simpathetic to the customer and very condisending. I’m not a happy customer but Bruce was great. I had to tour the Lower 9th Ward on my own which I could have done before I spent over a $100 for the tour.
Joanne W

Review - Hurricane Katrina Tour

about 2 years ago
This was very insightful and well executed. It should be made a little clearer that proceeds from every single tour are donated to affected Hurricane Katrina victims.

Good overall trip around New Orleans

about 2 years ago
The bus was nice and clean and the guide was very knowledgeable. It is a long trip but you do make 4 stops to see a levee, the lake, city park and a cemetery. At the park is a restroom and a small cafe.

Hurricane Katrina tour

about 3 years ago
I really appreciated the tour. The tour guide was a native of New Orleans and really understood the flood and the implications. I felt Daniel did an excellent job. I liked his passion for history. I do suggest in the future that you could have a 15 minute video we could watch before the tour. Show us like the breaching of the levy and the water around the Super Dome.
darrel l

Very informative..

about 3 years ago
Very informative We learned so much about New Orleans. it was educational and very heartbreaking at the same time. would recommend this tour to all visiting New Orleans .

This tour emotionally took you to the Katrina expeience.

about 3 years ago
This tour dispels myths and helps you emotionally experience a tiney bit of what happened during Katrina.
Becky W