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Reviews of Hourly Jet Ski Rentals in Orange Beach

It was extremely enjoyable and very fun. Will definitely do it again
Greg C.
about 3 years ago
Jet Ski
It was the first time that we have ever rented Jet Ski’s. It was absolutely great! Both my son and I had so much fun. We would definitely do it again!!
Chad W.
about 3 years ago
First time on jet ski
Everyone at the marina was so nice and accommodating!! Our daughter loved it snd the guys setting her up were very thorough but kept her at ease!
Monica C.
about 3 years ago
Jetski rental experience, Great!!!!
experience was Awesome and the employees were professional. The jetski was no joke and fast ,my boys had blast!!!!
John M.
about 3 years ago
Jet ski Rental
Great time. Great service. Would recommend this to anyone.
Chris P.
about 3 years ago
Great time!
The jetskis were brand new and the best I've ever used. The guys at the dock were super helpful and respectful young men! The lady at check in/out was also very sweet. 10 out of 10 will rent here again.
Tim E.
about 1 month ago
Wonder Time
We had a blast!! All the employees were top notch! We will definitely be back. Thanks for such a great experience
Dena T.
about 3 years ago
Jet Ski Rentals
I'd recommend this place to my friends visiting Gulf Shores
Lisa S.
about 3 years ago
Help was great
One of the three jet skis not up to par. Would not open up like the other two. Still had fun
Bradie D.
about 2 years ago
Vacation fun
The staff was very professional and friendly and accommodating
Brandie F.
about 2 years ago
Fun! Fun! Fun!
Very helpful and knowledgeable staff, excellent equipment. Enjoyed ourselves so much AND dolphins were swimming along NEAR us part of the time we were jet skiing!
Lara G.
about 2 years ago
Jet Ski Rentals
Would highly recommend if you're ever in the Gulf Shores area!
Nathan N.
about 3 years ago
The staff was very helpful and sweet. My boyfriend and I wanted to do something fun at last minute and for this to be last minute it felt like it was already planned. It was super easy to set up my reservation and it was an easy experience with the staff when we reached our destination at caribe marina. I loved being out on the water and enjoying the environment.
LaNatra S.
about 3 years ago
Great people and very helpful.
Thomas C.
about 1 year ago
Not impressed
We had to wait on staff for over 20 minutes when we got there just to ride the jet skis. Not sure if place was understaffed or not. It was Memorial Day weekend and water was super busy. We learned our lesson not to go jet skiing this particular weekend.
Jessica G.
about 3 years ago
Fun trip horrible customer service
Jet ski experience was definitely fun. Customer service was horrible.
Jeff K.
about 3 years ago
Jet ski
Everything was explained thoroughly and in detailed. We totally enjoyed ourselves on the water. Excellent customer service!
Lori B.
about 2 years ago
I enjoyed riding the jet ski, I rode with my husband it was my first time but not his . It was a great experience and the staff was friendly and thorough with the rules/ safety. Overall I will definitely come back !
Natasha C.
about 3 years ago
Great day out on the water!
It went amazing. It was my wife and daughters 1st time on a waverunner. All you need is an hour and thats enough. Was an amazing time.
Gage C.
about 3 years ago
The staff was very helpful and nice. However that was my very first time jet skiing and I’m not sure if I’ll do it again! I was done after we flipped lol! Everything else was nice and well worth it. I just may bring my children back! Also this city and the location was beautiful!
Shon S.
about 3 years ago
Jet ski rental
Hey this was a lot of fun with my teenage son riden for one hour and everything when good just let the front desk people to be more attention when any customer arrive at the second floor for everyone else the first impression is the one will be the best thanks
Arturo R.
about 3 years ago
Jet ski
The area was to congested with boats and it took 30 minutes to reach the wake area where you could actually pick up speed on the jet ski, but the customer service was amazing.
Isha J.
about 3 years ago
Jet Ski
This was an awesome experience!!!!
Keith W.
about 3 years ago
We had to ride 5 miles per hour for 15 min just to get to an area where we could actually have fun so that took half of our time. Staff was absolutely great! Just a bad area to rent jet skis.
Lauren D.
about 3 years ago


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