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Not much

about 1 year ago
Reason booked for 2 hours so we can enjoy and we can swap kids to ride but not sure why not allowed. This is not 1st we were renting jet ski, rented at others places and everywhere I was allowed
Her S

Jet skis

about 9 months ago
The person helping was soaked and it had stormed at our time slot. I called and they said we could come an hour later, we sensed he wasn’t happy about our delay. I felt bad for him but, the weather was not permitting for us to go and we are sorry he was wet and had to wait on us…it was my husband and our two adult children. We are grateful for the memories.
Deana A

So much fun!

about 9 months ago
We had a great time and even saw some dolphins!
Renee K

Jet Ski

about 12 months ago
Crew was very professional and helpful. Great Experience!!!
John M

Jetski experience

about 11 months ago
We really enjoyed....will be returning soon.
Sharonda P

Won't be Disappointed

about 11 months ago
It Was Great You Won't Be Disappointed.
Catlyn B

Smothers trip

about 11 months ago
Very helpful friendly staff!
Michael H


about 11 months ago
The representative at trip shock was very helpful and the people that helped us jet ski were great too! Would highly recommend
David S

Great rental experience

about 11 months ago
So easy to book and pickup the jetski,. Machines only go 40mph, but thats plenty fast for people with kids or who have no experience on skis. I'd go back! Aaron was great,
Christopher B

Great time

about 1 year ago
We had a great time jet skiing! Great service!
Christy T

Incredible time

about 9 months ago
Wonderful time on the wave-runners with family- saw lots of dolphins playing and hunting, as they worked together to push fish toward the shore. Amazing memories made!
Debbie E

Had a blast!

about 9 days ago
The crew was super knowledgeable and kind. Got us out and riding quickly. Within a minute we were on open water and riding as opposed to many of the other places that have huge no wake zones. 10/10 will do it again if we ever visit again.
Amanda K


about 2 months ago
My experience was cut short about halfway through because the battery went dead on my jetski!
Anthony G

The best

about 11 months ago
An awesome service with best jet ski experience!
Marlon F


about 11 months ago
We was not informed to stay away from each other and we collided 2 jet skis and had to pay a fee
Angie T

Jet Ski

about 11 months ago
It was my first time Jet Skiing and it was a blast. I really enjoyed it.
Mark T

Fun and well-run

about 11 months ago
We had a great time! Highly recommend this rental spot. It is easy to find, the staff there did a great job, and we had no problems whatsoever. We even went a second time because we had so much fun. Will be back!
Erica H

Awesome Time

about 9 months ago
Great staff. Good times. Very helpful staff.
Hernan A

Beware! Pay for Gratuity up Front!

about 11 months ago
The ride was great, we had a great time on the jet skis, but before you go you MUST pay a 20% fee up front! This was a big "BOOOO" for me because you should be paying a gratuity IF you had a great experience, THEN you pay the gratuity. If we did not have a great time, then you are out the money! Buyer Beware!!
Jeni R

Seadoo rental

about 11 months ago
Great crew...awesome seadoos...for me and my son to rent for an hour..
Hayden H

Jet Sking

about 11 months ago
Was Awesome had so much fun riding never rode one b4. Will do it again when we return again. The guys running it were super nice.
Nhan D


about 2 months ago
First time on jetskis great time and the people were great that helped us get situated.
Xzavier B


about 10 months ago
Great experience. Friendly staff and fun fun fun
brandon j

Great rental

about 11 months ago
Fun ride. Great place to rent.
Nicholas D


about 14 days ago
Jet ski rental is only for the people that leave out on it you can not switch out
Michael B
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