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07/05/2020 ~ 07/11/2020

Jet skis

about 21 days ago
2 guys working was awesome
Ashley W

Jet Ski

about 29 days ago
Very fun for all of the family!
Michael B

Jet Ski Rental

about 1 month ago
Friendly and professional. Excellent experience for the family
Stanley P

Jet ski rental

about 1 month ago
Great experience from start to finish. Staff was knowledgeable and friendly all the way through the process. Need better signage on the dock and road, we just asked questions until we found the right place.
David B

Turned out to be fun anyway

about 14 days ago
Arrived at 9:30 for 10:00 reservation. We filled out the on line waiver but had to do everything again on paper. We booked four machines. Three other people checked in after us. They were one short machine when time to go so the sent the others out. (A dolphin tour accidentally went out with one of the hourly rental machines) We waited until 10:20 then they pulled in one machine thought to be out of service. Turns out it was out of service and it died about 30 minutes in. Had to bring out a replacement. Things happen and it was a great day so it all worked out. Fun and fast machines.
Dale M


about 9 months ago
We had a blast riding the skis. It was during off season so we had to book when we wanted to rent them. The phone number on the advertisement we called no one answered. We had to book through an online thing. But it was a good trip once we finally got everything settled in and we had a ball riding skis. Was hoping we would get to see dolphins but we didn’t. It was a little pricy in my book but it was our honeymoon and we wanted to have fun.
Jami H


about 10 months ago
We had such a great time! Thanks Drew!
Jami H


about 11 months ago
The workers were great! The jetski died while on the water but other than that it was a great time.
Brooke F

Amazing experience

about 11 months ago
It was such an amazing time! It was my first time on a jet ski and the guys were super helpful getting me set up. It got a tad confusing when he was explaining the map to me about where I could go on the jet ski, so I ended up just staying close to the marina lol but other than that, it was awesome!! I can't wait to go back!
Shae T

Awesome Experience!

about 12 months ago
Super easy booking. The staff at AE Watersports was so friendly and helpful. They were great with instruction, where to ride and the best places to see dolphins. Great Jet Ski's and fun place to ride. Highly recommend!!!
Wayne C