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Reviews of Key West Day Trip & Snorkeling Adventure

The trip felt longer than it really was. Not good for anxious children who couldn't wait to go snorkeling. I would not go again until my children grew up a little bit. Otherwise, it was fun once we got there.
Annonymous T.
about 14 years ago
The trip was cool, you just have to remember it's around 4 hours to the keys from Miami. If you sit back and relax, take in the sights, it's not too bad. Snorkeling was fun. I always seem to have trouble getting my mask on and such, but the crew on the boat was very helpful. I'd recommend this tour to anyone looking to do something a little more adventurous while in the keys.
Annonymous T.
about 14 years ago
Excellent Day Trip to Key West from Miami !!
I was traveling with my 18 year old daughter recently and we were staying in South Beach Miami but wanted to experience Key West and snorkeling for the day so we booked a trip. We were a little bit nervous because we had no idea what to expect and the thought of a long bus ride was not my daughters idea of fun. However, this was one of our best life experiences ever! The bus was very comfortable- staff was awesome and we stopped in Key Largo for breakfast and the sight seeing along the way was incredible. Once in Key West we had a snorkeling trip booked through a company called Fury —- and let me tell you the staff was amazing — and we have traveled all over the world and experienced snorkeling in many islands but this group was extra special!! Extremely helpful to all of their guests- extremely helpful with telling you where to go once you are in the water to see certain fish. My favorite moment .... seeing a 8 foot shark swim right beside me and the guide in the water told me to stay calm and enjoy the moment and that’s exactly what I did!!! And I am incredibly thankful for him!! It was the perfect experience and highly recommended. We will defiantly be back!
Quenna M.
about 3 years ago


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