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Le Cirque

about 3 years ago
Excellent show!! Such a good ticket price. All of the acts were outstanding! Such talented athletes- had to respect their training and discipline. Our hands hurt from clapping and our throats hurt from cheering! I would suggest better publicity and advertising of LeCirque. If I hadn't know about it from friends, we wouldn't have gone and I had to search for it. Didn't see it on things to do in MB on Trip Advisor. Great affordable family entertainment.
susan brock

Great show

about 3 years ago
The performance was Great.
Shane Windsor


about 3 years ago
Most excellent presentation. Return visit from a few years ago recognized players and saw vast improvements in everyone’s skill level which says a lot as we were mesmerized the last time. Looking forward to seeing it again next year.
Theodore Valentie

LeGrand Cirgue

about 3 years ago
Enjoyed the show. The only issue I had, I had problems accessing my voucher.
Sidney Harper


about 3 years ago
It was a great show. Scary at times thinking someone performing might fall from above stage.
Eugene Krajewski


about 3 years ago
Entertained the entire show
Scott Mueller


about 3 years ago
The performers were very good at everything they did.
Gabriel Gennarelli

Wonderful performance

about 3 years ago
Amazing performances
Kris R Arney

Entertaining and excellent

about 3 years ago
Very , very good show, all respect to the performers for their skill and bravery. Had a barrel of laughs too. Definitely one to put on your to-do in Myrtle Beach.
Stephen Szikora

Seats moved to much worse area than purchased

about 3 years ago
We were issued tickets in the front row, and, unknowingly to us, moved to "house seats" (i.e., additional chairs) in the back of the "platinum" area. Essentially, we were moved from the best seats in the house to the worst seats in the house (because the "platinum" area is not stadium seating but rather a level area with chairs, and we were in the back of it; the stadium seats behind us definitely had a better vantage point). This was not clear to us until we were seated by an usher, and there was no feasible opportunity to investigate or argue. The show is great, though.
Tony Dremsizov

A great experience for the whole family

about 3 years ago
This was the first time I used Tripshock and I didn't know how it was going to turn out, but the process was very simple. They had our tickets ready at the venue. All I had to do is give them my name and show them my ID. It ended up being one of the most memorable events of our vacation. Thank you!
Peter Hwangpo

Le Grande Cirque

about 3 years ago
Our family had a great time watching le grande cirque..had no issues getting our tickets
Miguel Mosquera

Well worth it

about 3 years ago
All I can say is wow I would of paid more than I had to, so i could see the show. It was fantastic and full of energy I left amazed will do again
Patrick Valentie


about 25 days ago
The show was very good for the price of the tickets.
Lisa Williams

Good show

about 3 years ago
Its a good show but it's a shadow of its former self. The first time I went to that show. It was over the top. It was grand. It was a show well worth the money but it's been downgraded so much I can't even recognize it anymore but it still a good show.
Detrick Harris

La grande Cirque

about 3 years ago
Great show! Very nice family night out
James Aslinger

Le grand cirque

about 3 years ago
It was an unexpected delight!
Marcia Leonard

La Grand Cirque - Myrtle Beach

about 3 years ago
I was shopping around for tickets and so glad I found your website!! Great seats at an awesome price!!! The show was amazing, only complaint was it was too hot in there after the show started. Otherwise it was great!!!
Erica Clark

Le Grand Cirque

about 3 years ago
Not interesting enough, and seats were uncomfortable.
Sharon Vereb


about 3 years ago
The show was awesome! It was entertaining the entire time and kept me on the edge of my seat. There was an unexplainable amount of talent on that stage! 10/10
michael howard

Family Fun

about 3 years ago
Le Grand Cirque was an unexpected surprise. Great talent combined with a lot of humor. Our whole family, from age 4 to 68, enjoyed the evening.
Melissa Ortiz

Great Show!

about 3 years ago
Fantastic Show! Better than I expected. Tickets were waiting at the counter, I just showed them my voucher.
Michael Bentley

Must see

about 3 years ago
Enjoyed the show very much. Thrills and laughter throughout!
Margaret Mccann

Great title

about 3 years ago
It was a fabulous show. Having a daughter that was a gymnast in her early years gave be a true sense of the strength needed to perform such acts as well as the energy the performers have for their talents
Jean Lisiecki

Stage small- performance GREAT

about 25 days ago
We both enjoyed the show! The Jackal was fabulous! The balancing acts took a lot of training and was amazing! I believe the stage restricted them so for me it took away! Again, we both totally enjoyed the performers! Well worth the money!
Tamara Wilhite
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