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Best experience ever

about 6 months ago
It was mine an my 3 year olds first time flying an it was amazing an the best experience we have ever had together the pilot was amazing at showing us things an down amazing flying an insuring our safety
Shanda M


about 6 months ago
Great little ride. Been wanting to take helicopter ride for years.
crystal d

Amazing Experience

about 4 months ago
This was our first time in a helicopter, and being unsure what to expect, we booked the 5 minute intro tour. It was amazing. Rachel was awesome and super helpful. We called last minute to reschedule our tour for a later time and she had no problems with that at all. The flight itself was really smooth and the views were breathtaking. We were in awe the entire time. Next time we will definitely be booking a longer tour.
Lauren N

Helicopter ride. We all enjoyed it.

about 7 months ago
It was short ride. Wish it had been longer and could have seen more. But it was very nice
Cynthia K


about 5 months ago
It was a total of 5 of us that took the trip, in 2 separate flights. We had never flown before our experience with tripshock!! We most definitely had the time of our lives!!!
Jamie O

Really cool

about 5 months ago
Totally worth it if you've never had a chance to ride in a helicopter. Gives you a unique view of the Gulf shore. A great experience.
Derek F


about 7 months ago
My daughter loved every minute!
Mitchell 0

Helicopter ride

about 7 months ago
Tubular, rad, stoke, epic..
Matthew W

So fun!

about 5 months ago
I loved this experience! Rachel, who greeted us, was fun and spunky. Our pilot was quiet and just let us enjoy the experience. We will definitely be doing it again on our next trip. Next time we will do the flight over Fort Morgan.
Brandi M

Great trip

about 5 months ago
My family early enjoyed the helicopter flight. You can see so much from up there.
Jolie T

A great experience

about 7 months ago
Very first time flying for me and my daughter, but the experience was great! I would do it again!
Clayton M

A great adventure

about 6 months ago
The dolphins are very fun, smart and amazing creatures. The staff obviously care greatly for the dolphins. The staff were very friendly and made sure everyone got to see dolphins. Before the tour ended, we had a water fight with another boat. It was amazing.
Moneaka R

Helicopter Tour

about 7 months ago
It was nice views. The pilot never spoke to us. Didn’t even know his name. He didn’t tell us anything we were flying over The views were beautiful and it was a safe ride so it was fine.
Kelly J

Helicopter ride

about 5 months ago
Awesome experience! Friendly and caring staff. Definitely will be back!
Everett M


about 4 months ago
Was our first time in a helicopter.. didn't know what to expect..was GREAT! only thing I can say..I think the pilot should know areas for people asking questions.
Lawrence L

Lost Bay Helicopters

about 7 months ago
Awesome ride, just wish it was longer!
Candace A

Fun helicopter ride

about 6 months ago
Trip made! The ride was fun and easy to book. Rachel was friendly and the experience was a lot of fun. So glad we got to do this!
Kelley H

Highly recommended

about 5 months ago
We did the 7min trip. Wish we would of done the 12min. The trip itself was awesome. We will be doing it again next time.
Sabrina H

Best service

about 7 months ago
First time riding in the helicopter with my mom it was her wedding gift. The view was wonderful and the pilot knew what he was doing. I’ll be back again to go up in the air again because it was the most funniest thing I ever did in my life and makes me wanna get my certificate to fly. You must try it out. It might sound like nervous but once you up in the air it’s easy because the pilot will tell you what to do.
Dylan M

First time success

about 10 days ago
My son, his girlfriend and I took our first helicopter ride. We loved it!! We took the island tour, gorgeous views. Mike was our pilot, Rachel our host…both excellent!
Wendy V

Bet pilot ever

about 4 months ago
I've Flown many times but our pilot was one of the best I've ever had the privilege of flying with. The hostess that escorted us to the helicopter and back was simply amazing as well 100% top notch service all the way around
john b

No interaction

about 7 months ago
Arrived at the suggested five minutes ahead of time, only to be told they were several flights behind. Think this is a common thing because I saw several others comments about had a long wait time. The trip was super short, shorter than even advertised.y kids enjoyed the experience but I was disappointed The pilot gave zero interaction and was not friendly. Would've been nice just for a word or two of what we were flying over or some interesting facts or something to make it feel like they were happy to be doing business with us! Or even when we got in the copter hello my name is so-and-so I'll be here pilot, will be flying over this and that I won't be able to talk much because I have to keep my radio clear for the tower. Something but he didn't even acknowledge us when we got in the helicopter!
Jackie T

Helicopter tour

about 7 months ago
Great experience for me and my daughter
Derek V

Great experience

about 6 months ago
My 2 adult daughters loved it!!
David B

Exciting views and friendly host

about 5 months ago
We loved every second of it and can’t think of one thing we dislike about our experience. The view was astonishing and our pilot was friendly, funny, and professional at the same time. We took the 12 minute flight which overlooked the beach and parts of the natural landscape in the area. Our pilot showed us multiple hiking areas and we got to view hidden paths we would have never seen without this experience. The price is on the higher end compared to other activities; however, well worth it for the sense of pride and professionalism they take in their business. We will be taking the extended tour next time we are down for sure!
John R
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