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06/03/2020 ~ 06/09/2020

The MAXIMUM MAGIC Show Starring Noah & Heather Wells

about 8 days ago
A Magical Magic experience. This is a Live and close to the stage magic show no one should miss. From baffling card tricks, to a bowling ball falling out of paper (Yes! it happened), to people disappearing into thin air...All the magic in this show is fantastic and will leave you shaking your head that the great illusions on stage must be real!! Noah Wells takes a backseat to no Illusionist and Wife Heather can see into the future and can tell you Month, Date and Year you were born! Do not miss this will want to go again...Me and my wife are.
Paul J

Noah and Heather

about 2 months ago
This was a great show and a pleasant surprise. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something fun to do in Destin
Willard T

Fun evening

about 3 months ago
Enjoyed the Noah and Heather show, would recommend it.
Gerri G

Great time

about 3 months ago
Great entertainment for the whole family
Robert W

Maxiuim Magic Show

about 3 months ago
Thought the show was very good and funny. Only complaint was the music was to loud.
JoAnn W

Noah is tired if his own jokes

about 7 months ago
Noah seemed tired of performing. He had heard all of his jokes before and he didn't think they were funny anymore. It came across in his delivery. Heather got into her character - dressed the part and had the proper cadence when she set up a joke. I would love to see noah when he was on top of his game
Karen C

Fun Family activity

about 8 months ago
Our entire family enjoyed this show! 4 kids ages 9-12, who are generally unimpressed with anything, all had a great time! Come prepared to participate (lots of audience involvement) & be wowed!
Lana C

Great show!

about 8 months ago
We had so much fun! Lots of crowd involvement. So glad we went and the kids loved it!!!! We laughed and laughed! What a great show!
Sarah C

Excellent Family Fun

about 8 months ago
Noah and Heather put on a great show! Tons of crowd interaction which made it so much fun. Worth checking out!

Maximum magic show

about 8 months ago
Extremely entertaining show. I highly recommend it
Gwendolyn H R