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Reviews of The MAXIMUM MAGIC Show Starring Noah & Heather Wells

The show was amazing and Noah and Heather were so nice to show our kids how to use the magic tricks they bought! I highly recommend everyone to go check them out!!!
Allen M.
about 3 months ago
Totally great nite!!
The show was awesome! It's a small and intimate theater. The talent is immense!!
Kimberly M.
about 2 months ago
Wonderful show!
Y’all we took our tween and teens to this showing. We paid for the vip package and we’re able to go backstage. The magician did a few tricks with us and my 13 year old asked to learn the card trick. The magician told my son he would show him after the show. Well, sure enough after the show the magician took his time and walked my son through not one but two magic tricks. My son was so excited to do show me what he learned. And the show was phenomenal! There is only one illusion I think I figured out. Everything else leaves you shocked. Wonderful show and very very kind family (the magician, his wife, and daughter were all apart of the show)
Tamara R.
about 3 months ago
Fun magic show
Speakers too loud for small room. Bit heavy on selling stuff. Good tricks!
David N.
about 21 days ago
Not what expected
This show was not for adults only looking for a fun night out. This is focused on kids at best and very cheesy.
Brandi P.
about 1 month ago
Fun for all
Show was great, had it all, humor, magic and jokes for all ages. Affordable entertainment and just not another night at the beach.
Frank I.
about 17 days ago
Noah and Heather
The magic show was great and we had a great time
Deon L.
about 1 month ago
Great time!
The directions given made the show easy to find. Small theatre so all seats were great. The show was entertaining and the magic was amazing. It was a lot of fun and a warm inviting atmosphere. Definitely would recommend for couples and families!
Laura T.
about 1 month ago
Great show for kids and Adults. Every bit of it was worth it.
Hector A.
about 2 months ago
Great family show.
Joseph G.
about 3 months ago
Great trip with good weather. Great crew. Trip could be about one hour longer
Joseph M.
about 10 days ago
Great family-friendly magic show! We took our 5-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter and they loved it. We bought a kit of magic tricks in their gift shop and my kids love performing them now.
Trevor S.
about 4 months ago
Magic Show
Very fun experience! Highly recommend!!
Jenny E.
about 12 days ago
This show is great and it’s great how Noah included customer participation. Also loved the video about his family!
Ruth B.
about 1 month ago
It was fine.
First, let me say that my nephews really enjoyed themselves and that was ultimately why we went. But all in all, the tricks were a lot of the same tricks you see most magicians doing. It was definitely very much like a cruise ship act. They were definitely entertaining in the end, but you've probably seen the acts on TV or another magic show. The fashion choices by the magician were definitely suspect. Didn't people stop wearing Affliction stuff in the early 2000s? One of the main turn offs for the night was that there were several moments where you were suddenly watching a commercial. They literally were selling product from the stage. I get it, they're trying to make as much money as possible, but it seemed a little heavy handed and definitely interrupted the flow of the show. If you're looking for something to kill some time on a night in Destin, it's worth checking out. But don't expect to see anything especially new or exciting.
Brian W.
about 2 months ago
Overall Good
We really enjoyed the show however we were just disappointed in the space provided! I think the show should be moved to a bigger stage so that people can truly enjoy the show. These two are great together and their daughter was fantastic!
Danielle P.
about 3 months ago
Must seeeeee
This show was awesome !!! My daughters loved it as we did as well
Angela f.
about 1 month ago
Great show!
My family thoroughly enjoyed this show. I’d recommend seeing this to anyone who visits. Definitely worth it.
Nicole P.
about 3 months ago
Fabulous family experience
This is a must do when in Destin. Great family environment. Our 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son loved it !! I high recommend this to experience !!
Jennifer A.
about 2 months ago
Excellent Magic Show!
We got to see Noah and Heather this past week in Destin. The show was so much fun! Our children thoroughly enjoyed the show( ages 10 and 14) as did I and my husband. It was in a small theater which made it very intimate and many volunteers from the crowd got to participate. Noah was extremely entertaining as he is a great illusionist and added humor to the show.. Everything was very professional, well thought out and impressive. I would highly recommend the show.
Kelly M.
about 27 days ago
Great show
We had a great time! The show was very funny and entertaining. The magic tricks were unbelievable.
Jeffery S.
about 3 months ago
The show was fantastic. We got to speak to Noah and Heather after the show and they really are a dynamic duo. A must see while visiting Destin. Great job! I
Anna R.
about 4 months ago
Great family time
This show was excellent! My whole family loved it, adults and kids! I absolutely recommend this show when visiting Destin!
Tara H.
about 2 months ago
This was an amazing experience!! It was very fun and engaging and perfect for all ages. Noah selected many people from the audience from kids to adults throughout the show. It was very enjoyable and would highly recommend to anybody and everybody! Definitely a must see for anyone in the Destin area!!
Jihan F.
about 4 months ago


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