New Orleans, LA > Museums
07/07/2020 ~ 07/13/2020

Mardi Gras World

about 22 days ago
I know this experience would have been much better, I’m sure it’s only because the country was just coming out of quarantine from COVID-19. However I was very impressed.
Cristina H


about 4 months ago
Shuttle service was awesome and seeing the floats and the process of making them was a blast. Good time for all ages.

A taste of Marci Gras

about 4 months ago
We enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes look at creating the imagery of Mardi Gras and corporate projects.
Debbie M

Mardi Gras World

about 4 months ago
Wonderful art projects. Interesting culture
Yuxuan X

How can anyone make Mardi Gras boring?

about 4 months ago
I expected anything related to Mardi Gras would be joyous and interesting - it wasn’t! They just showed us a movie for 15 minutes - I’m sure I could watch a better one on YouTube without paying $20 for the experience. Then a thin sliver of King Cake (underwhelming). And then a walk through the floats. Close up and without the bright lights the floats looked quite shabby, to be honest. I would not recommend wasting $20 on this.
Namita P

Mardi Gras World is a don’t miss attraction!

about 4 months ago
Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a unique experience. Much like Derby festivities in my hometown of Louisville KY. They make it so easy to get there with the free shuttles and the history and pageantry along with the tour guides presentation was enjoyable for all ages! Totally worth the money!!
Rosanne Z

Mardi Gras World

about 4 months ago
The free shuttle service was a nice bonus. The museum was okay. The tour guide was fun and exciting, but the tour just was not that interesting.
Marie M

Mardi-Gras World

about 4 months ago
Loved the tour & all the workers there. Very informative for all ages. Learned so much. The floats are beautiful and require more work than I ever thought about.
Ellen B

Madi Gra World was was knowageable

about 4 months ago
The Gift Shop is nothing to brag about We were told we had a Free shuttle to and from Madi Gra World.It turns out they quit giving rides back at 4:30....Tell people that info
Tammy H

Floats Spectacular

about 4 months ago
Knowledgeable guide about how the floats are constructed. Fun intro film regarding the history of the floats and the parades...and our first taste of King’s Cake. The shuttle pick up was disorganized- if the pick up points are changed, then update the website so customers are informed
Regan H