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02/18/2020 ~ 02/24/2020

Mardi gras world

about 1 day ago
Great tour. Excellent guide.
Lana Y

mardi gras world

about 14 days ago
booking was easy peasy!! the shuttle was great!!! the actual mardi gras world tour was very disappointing!!!:(
James H

Awesome Place, Terrible Tour Guide

about 16 days ago
This place was fun. We were there during Mardi Gras crunch time so it was a lot of fun to try to guess parade themes. The artistry was amazing and learning about the process was interesting. We had probably the worst tour guide. While native, she didn’t seem knowledgeable and constantly repeated herself. We played a game to determine if she would introduce herself more often than she told us the best place to watch the parades. 28 to 33. We learned nothing else from her. Even the artists were shaking their heads as she explained what they were doing. I recommend it regardless. It is a good time and more affordable than most New Orleans destinations.
Elaine D

Satisfied customer

about 1 month ago
The booking process was simple. Worked like a dream at our event which was Mardi Gras World. We are very satisfied with the whole experience and will be looking to TripShock in the future. Thank you!
Suzanne Y


about 1 day ago
Raymond V


about 2 days ago
Philip M


about 11 days ago
Katie R


about 11 days ago
Maribeth F


about 12 days ago
Kalee G

Kris was very nice and cordial.

about 18 days ago
I don't believe it was worth the $50 for 2 hours. Seemed to be rushed. Loved the fact that there was pick up and drop off to hotel. Cemetary was the highlight.
Lisa H