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Marci Gras Museum in New Orleans

about 2 months ago
Was never given where the Marci Gras Museum was in New Orleans. Unable to find it. I feel I should be given my money back.
Andrea Bianco


about 2 years ago
It was fun, nice pictures, enjoyable experience.
Shantell Moore

Great place where you can learn a lot!

about 2 years ago
I had a great time at Mardi Gras World. From the King's Cake, to the videos and the intricate artwork of every artist, my family and I had a wonderful time!
India Fordham

Mardi gras world

about 3 months ago
Had a wonderful time love the place
Christine Harris

Mardi Gras World

about 2 years ago
I know this experience would have been much better, I’m sure it’s only because the country was just coming out of quarantine from COVID-19. However I was very impressed.
Cristina Hamilton

Kid friendly

about 2 years ago
We wanted a kid friendly trip to Nola. This was a great way to see the floats. Lots of photo opportunities and sample king cake. We finished in about 1-1.5 hour. Kids enjoyed more than they expected (teens) building leaks in rain so puddles but at least it gave us an indoor activity for our rainy morning
Ann Piehl


about 2 years ago
So many things in NOLA were closed due to Covid 19, but this was fun!
Trula Barker

Great and affordable booking

about 5 months ago
Was very easy to book and price was incredibly reasonable and discounted.
Romaine Williams

Most Memorable

about 5 months ago
This was by far a very memorable adventure. EVERY aspect of this event was amazing, from the video, King Cake, and lastly, the walk through tour on how the floats and props are made, to seeing the finished products. I’d recommend that anyone visiting NOLA, incorporate Mardi Gras World on your itinerary!!!!
Kim Roberts


about 1 year ago
It was easy to use the voucher through Tripshock to get the ticket. Mardi Gras museum was a cool experience.
Darlene Gangloff

Mardi gras world

about 1 year ago
Very interesting to see some of the floats and some of the characters to be attached to floats. Saw a few of the artisans at work. We felt the tour was a bit over priced. Unless of course, some of the money goes into building next year's floats.
Donald Smith

Hidden gem tour

about 1 year ago
Fantastic to see behind the scenes of Mardi Gras…loved the movie and the free King cake…well worth it.
Carri Darland


about 3 years ago
Shuttle service was awesome and seeing the floats and the process of making them was a blast. Good time for all ages.

Very interesting!

about 1 year ago
Mardi Gras World was a hit with my children, especially the younger ones(3yrs old). The enjoyed see the different floats and older enjoyed learning the history of Mardi Gras and how the floats are made. It was overall very interesting and informative
Hannah Moore

Really Great Experience

about 2 years ago
A really fun place to visit. Your ticket is a string of Mardi Gras beads. They give you king cake to eat while watching a film in the beginning. Then you get to see prop some floats up close and personal. If you’re lucky… You will also get to see some of the workers creating and/or painting future props and floats.
Melissa Gibbs


about 2 years ago
We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend to anyone traveling to New Orleans. Due to our own time restraints, we missed the movie. Amazing look at behind the scenes activity and opportunity to take memorable pictures.
Susan Byrd

View from John

about 1 year ago
Not what I was expecting. Was hoping to try on costumes, take photos with more statues and see more recent floats. Overall very nice and clean, friendly staff and king cake was delicious.
John Von achen


about 2 years ago
We thought the artwork was very beautiful and diverse creating a festive party mood for all ages.
Reynard Burgess

Fun experience

about 2 years ago
It was interesting to learn about the history of Mardi Gras and see some of the float items up close. Seeing the artisans working on the pieces was cool too. Our teen children enjoyed the experience as well. Shuttle service was much appreciated in the cost of the ticket!
Heather Lewandowski

It was disappointing.

about 6 months ago
It needed to be better organized ( placement of decorations. Enjoyed the movie--could have been longer.
Catherine Allord


about 1 year ago
We had a great time
Rakefet Sidlik Muskatel

Mardi Gras lowdown

about 2 years ago
This was a great way to learn more about and experience Mardi Gras with kids. We have a whole new appreciation for the floats and for New Orlean’s celebrations!
Betsy Hayes

Mardi Gras world

about 1 year ago
It would of been helpful to have descriptions of float pieces rather than just looking at what was kept in the store room. Self guided word??? Need to hire people to have them leave every 15 minutes and take a group around so that visitors can get a true experience for what we paid.
Janice Jilbert

5 stars across

about 2 years ago
I loved it, so easy to get to and from . Worth it
Lynzi Massingill

A taste of Marci Gras

about 3 years ago
We enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes look at creating the imagery of Mardi Gras and corporate projects.
Debbie Martin
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