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06/02/2020 ~ 06/08/2020

Swimming with mermaids

about 10 months ago
My girls loved it. It was grear
Sachin M

Mermaids are real!

about 10 months ago
We took our daughter on this cruise to celebrate her seventh birthday. Imagine her surprise to find out not only that mermaids were real, but that she could talk and play with them! It was a very exciting, unique and fun way to spend an afternoon with our daughter. She loved getting to see real mermaids and the idea behind this is so cool!
Michelle O


about 10 months ago
We all enjoyed this adventure as a family! It was fun. The mermaids were very interactive and the staff professional. We will definitely do this again.
Marshal K


about 11 months ago
My daughter wasn’t too interested in the mermaids, but some of the older girls were. The mermaids had good imaginations to answer the little girls questions! One thing I wished I would’ve known before arriving is that the crew members allowed the kids to bring their own life jacket. They also allowed another girl wear her puddle jumper. I think my daughter would’ve been more comfortable in her own life jacket or her puddle jumper. She really enjoyed the boat ride. We stayed in the bay. After meeting with the mermaids the boat captain gave us a tour around the bay. I’d definitely recommend this activity for children who are interested in mermaids!
Rae P

Honest review

about 10 months ago
This was something we were looking forward too and it was way less then expected . You arrive and board the boat and cruise maybe five minutes to the side of the Marina area ( not a secluded island ) basically a small sand bar with other boats , jet skis and people hanging around , then you get off the boat and “ swim” aka walk around on the sand bar with three mermaids - they were not overly friendly or attentive to the kids I thought - it was fun how all the parents played along but there was no real story and telling mermaid tails from the mermaids it was honestly kind of awkward- you stay for about 30 min and then board again and cruise the Bay Area with no real tour guide talking or anything - you just sat there - then they brought you back . Was very disappointed and almost pissed off at how much I paid for such a waste of time !
Whitney A


about 11 months ago
Our girls had an amazing time! We even saw dolphins, which was so cool.
Jesseca W

Mermaid Cruise

about 11 months ago
Our girls loved it. The only complaint we had from our 4 year old Son was there were no Mermen. With The new Movie coming out it would be fun to have a King Tritain or male mermaid. Wish we could have boat closer to the dolphins but we were able to see them. Our Captain and Deckhand could not have been any nicer! Loved that it was shaded as well!!
Katie W

Great experience for our family!

about 11 months ago
Our mermaid cruise was great! The crew was friendly and helpful and the mermaids were magical! It was great experience and we highly recommend it for families! Thanks for a fun time!
Jennifer C

Best day ever

about 11 months ago
My kids are 3 and 7 and they had the best time. Crew was very friendly and accommodating. We would definitely do it again.
Lidija I


about 11 months ago
It was awesome my daughter had a blast. Thanks
Valerie S