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Reviews of Myrtle Waves Water Park

Was good so much fun.
Daphnee B.
about 3 years ago
Review the myrtle waves water park
Good food , service was good and great rides.
Janae H.
about 3 years ago
Easy and fast
So easy to purchase the tickets, and get right into our day of fun. The water park was great!
Mabel S.
about 4 years ago
Great potential, but miss managed.
The Waterpark as a whole is an awesome place with the potential for lots of things to do. That being said it is grossly understaffed as most places are post covid, so I can't place the entire blame on the park. In addition the park seemed to be highly miss managed. There were lots of attractions that were not in operation and it's the middle of summer. Add to that they were shutting down rides in the middle of the day when people had been standing in line for over a hour. The park had plenty of restroom facilities so that is a positive note and the lifeguard staff was great as well. They were very attentive to the crowd which we certainly appreciate as parents. The lazy river and tower slides (non tube slides) seemed to be the most popular attraction due to being n full operation the entire day. One complaint about the lazy river is the lack of tubes to float on. The majority of people had to just wade in the river or wait for the rare opportunity that a tube would become available. The consessions is another miss managed opportunity. They were highly understaffed and handing people the wrong food orders. We waited in line for an hour to order the simplest of items and by 4 in the afternoon, they were running out of everything. All in all, the park was fun, the kids got to ride a few slides and float in the lazy river and hang in the wave pool. We would definitely try the park again to get a fair comparison, but would not have the same high expectations.
Dustin B.
about 3 years ago
Did not get to experience the park
Arrived to the park around 2pm….30 min later there were signs of lightning - not able to rate an experience I didn’t have. Didn’t even get a chance to ride anything. Park ended up closing & now I am out of $100 none of the attendants were able to advise me on a rain check or refund. I live out of town and this was my families last stop before we headed back home. I know that we can’t control the weather but a refund or rain check would be great!
Margie R.
about 3 years ago
Many fun things to do, the kids had a blast!
David W.
about 4 years ago
Can’t wait to go back !
It was super fun for allll my kids (ages 16-1) we can’t wait to go back next year !
Courtney M.
about 3 years ago
An "Okay" Waterpark
I took my 14 year old granddaughter and her best friend to this water park. I did not participate in any of the activities there. With a little bit of hassle, I was able to get a wrist band that allowed me into the park without paying to watch over and pay for the girls' activities. They accessed the park activities while I read a book on a lounge chair. Their assessment of the water park was that it was"rather tame and not worth the money." They spent about 5 hours there, of which 3 was spent in the lazy river.
Eileen M.
about 3 years ago
Excellent service
Latonya B.
about 3 years ago
Birthday vacation
It was very nice
Caprice A.
about 3 years ago
All good. Kids had fun. Several slides were closed, but overall good
Walter M.
about 3 years ago
it was ok
The park was fairly clean and a lot of things to do. The lines were long but it IS during the season. The biggest thing that should be remedied is so many of the inflatables were unusable because they needed to be more inflated.
Rita M.
about 3 years ago
Very unpleased
Was at the park for 1 hour and rode 1 ride. It was over packed, there was ZERO social distancing and the food/drinks were over priced!
lucas g.
about 4 years ago
good time
had a good time would recommend any bring beach shoes to protect feet from rough surfaces and very hot concrete
Matthew K.
about 3 years ago
Myrtle waves
Flawless transaction, beat everyone’s price by a few dollars! Great to work with
Joey D.
about 4 years ago
Great time
We had the most amazing time, even though was a cloudy day. The water park was great
Dc C.
about 3 years ago
Great time at the water park
Ordering the tickets online was very simple. The water park was great. Lots of shade. The rides were great and the park was very clean.
Pamela P.
about 3 years ago
Myrtle Waves
Totally enjoyed the waterpark. It is a repeat event for our family every year. The online ordering experience was smooth, no problems. Getting through via phone is challenging, but possible
Andrea R.
about 3 years ago
Great service
Excellent time, No troubles at all
Timothy L.
about 3 years ago
Myrtle Waves
It was fun, not crowded, but they had limited water rides, and the lifeguards could’ve been more helpful.
Lady A.
about 3 years ago
Service was slow
alveta c.
about 3 years ago
Plan to open earlier than 11.00am
Job N.
about 2 years ago
Great place. Small and beautiful
Shreyas S.
about 3 years ago
Water wave pool and the kiddie pool
Enjoying time with my kids and grandkids
sylvia g.
about 3 years ago


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