New Orleans, LA > Bus Tours
11/21/2019 ~ 11/27/2019
Well... things could have gone better.
about 13 days ago
The bus broke down and prior to that the guide’s microphone kept failing and we had a long wait for “repairs” on the mic- but the guide was good. We were enjoying the top of the double decker bus (we WOULD NOT have gone on an enclosed bus tour) but when the first bus broke down we had to wait for another bus which was enclosed, extremely cold, and had a narrator who mostly repeated the number of the upcoming stop in a repetitive manner with not much interesting info. We couldn’t wait to get off the bus. We paid a lot and used most of a vacation day for a disappointing experience.
Janice S
Great Highlights of NOLA
about 16 days ago
Tour guide was great. Bus was very comfortable. It was fun!
Janice M
good but not what we expected
about 20 days ago
It was very nice tour but part way through it we had lost our ticket and had to get new one, then one of your busses broke down so we waited for a replacement
steven g
Great way to see the city!
about 1 month ago
This was our first time ever to be in New Orleans! The hop-on hop-off tour not only provided transportation around the city, but the bus narrators provided a wealth of information about things we never knew. We got the 3-day pass which also included a free narrated walking tour of the French quarter and the Garden District with a guide. Our tour guide was wonderful and really knew her stuff!
Jackelyn C
about 21 hours ago
Tim W
about 2 days ago
Todd T
about 2 days ago
Dave H
Inconsistent narration
about 3 days ago
We enjoyed most of the service. The stops are well planned and easy walking distance to sights and attractions. The 3 day pass is reasonably priced. The narrations were quite inconsistent in quality. Creole John spewed from a scripted presentation that was at times hokey, other times inaccurate (the trams aren’t even running and the price is not 30 cents for 67 y/o. It is 40 cents for 65 y/o). Joel was silent for many blocks at a time while traveling through very historic areas. Zelda was pretty good but spent way too much time on Katrina and did not seem to know that WWII did not start as a result of an assassination. Ellen was, by far, the most entertaining and knowledgable of all tour hosts. We tried to book for an additional day since one day of our 3 day pass was so cold it was miserable but we’re told that to do so required an additional $39 per person. We opted out.
Dianne R
about 4 days ago
Meytal B
about 9 days ago
Joseph S