New Orleans, LA > Bus Tours
01/26/2021 ~ 02/01/2021

Hop On Hop Off Bus

about 11 months ago
The bus was informative and a good way to get around easily. The sound system was spotty so sometimes we had difficulty hearing the guide depending on where we were sitting and where he was located. That aside, everything worked out well and I recommend this.

3Day Hop On Hop Off Experience

about 11 months ago
Each of the Guides were knowledgable and shared their own personal level of experiences.We took full advantage of the hop on hop off availability and the buses were usually prompt at the pick ups. The drivers gave a smooth ride.
Shirley A

Overall a Great Experience, Some Tour Guides Better Than Others. Well-Organized and Convenient!

about 11 months ago
We especially enjoyed Dustin as a tour guide - his knowledge of the city and its history was impressive and the commentary with facts and trivia all very interesting - plus his delivery was entertaining and fun, he really involved and engaged the passengers. His voice and volume were easy to understand, other tour guides, not so much. Overall a great experience and well-organized!
Lori B

Great tour ride.

about 11 months ago
The ride was great, just limited by time & days running during weeks upto Mardi Gras. They were informative and knowledgeable about the history & various sites.
Deborah A

No one there never using this ever again

about 11 months ago
I am out $25 for two tours... I’ll never do this again.
Tausha L


about 11 months ago
I realize that it was mardi gras but we should have been told there was going to be long waits! We paid $150.00 for 4 tickets and only got back on once as all buses were full.
Diane M

Hop on hop off bus

about 12 months ago
Very easy and convenient
Nancy M

Broke down

about 1 year ago
Overall a very good tour, great staff. Most of the trip, the sound system was not working, bus broke down in the middle of the tour, had to switch busses. Quite expensive for the mishaps.
Wendy C

New Orleans

about 1 year ago
No problem everything was as expected
Peter H

Inconsistent narration

about 1 year ago
We enjoyed most of the service. The stops are well planned and easy walking distance to sights and attractions. The 3 day pass is reasonably priced. The narrations were quite inconsistent in quality. Creole John spewed from a scripted presentation that was at times hokey, other times inaccurate (the trams aren’t even running and the price is not 30 cents for 67 y/o. It is 40 cents for 65 y/o). Joel was silent for many blocks at a time while traveling through very historic areas. Zelda was pretty good but spent way too much time on Katrina and did not seem to know that WWII did not start as a result of an assassination. Ellen was, by far, the most entertaining and knowledgable of all tour hosts. We tried to book for an additional day since one day of our 3 day pass was so cold it was miserable but we’re told that to do so required an additional $39 per person. We opted out.
Dianne R