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Double Decker Bus

about 10 months ago
Our guide was knowledgeable and fun!!
Sharon Hein

Need translation to their languages

about 1 year ago
The tour in general was good, and the guides where great, the only problem is that it doesn’t offer translation in different languages and being a tourist bus, it should assume that not everyone speaks English. Also, the guides spoke so fast and with a lot os slang so it was hard to understand what they were explaining. I hope this actually help you to offer a better service
Alina Rodriguez

Great tour Great people!

about 21 days ago
Zelda’s crew did awesome and made the whole experience of New Orleans great for us!
Philip Mcghee


about 3 months ago
Great info very entertaining
Ellen Hamburg


about 3 months ago
All good, very easy to use. Clean. Air conditioner not working in one of the buses. Interesting to listen to tour guides but hard to hear/understand them. Speaking very fast.
Fran Forte

Loved the tour guides

about 5 months ago
The guides were very entertaining
Margaret Perez


about 3 months ago
We waited at stops for 45 minutes at least,at one point we just gave up and walked employees were not that friendly but in general we did not find New Orleans that friendly unless we were waving money at them to sum it up we found the city dirty smelly and uninviting won't be coming back
Theodore stazak


about 3 months ago
Samantha was great. She made it easy to register. She was knowledgeable and efficient. Bus was on time. Tour guide was excellent also. He was funny, smart, and safe conscious. We had a good time. Thank you for your services.
Orlando Manriquez

Best for ever!

about 4 months ago
My wife and I travel a lot and we always take the roundabout city tours to get the last of the land before deciding where we want to visit. Our New Orleans tour was the best one we've ever been on. Joel,our guide, was excellent. He was very knowledgeable and gave great insight to the history and interesting tidbits about the New Orleans. We highly will recommend to anyone that they should take this tour. -Michael Kidd
Michael Kidd

Was a nice time

about 10 months ago
The waiting in between busses was the killer. Never knew how long you’d have to wait.
Adrienne Harrell

Sightseeing bus experience

about 25 days ago
We had such a hard time getting on the bus initially. They kept coming by full and made us wait 1.5 hrs outside until finally one picked us up. I was with both my kids (2 and 5) waiting in the heat with no water. Very bad experience.
Ines Helou

Very informative. Learned a lot

about 1 year ago
We enjoyed the tour around the city. Our tour guides were excellent.
Geremy Tan-Torres

Hop on hop off New Orleans

about 2 months ago
I love taking these bus tours because I can learn about the city and many sites from the tour guides. One criticism I had was the directions from stop #12 to the Garden district walking tour. The bus guide said that guests should go one to two blocks down to meet the tour guide which is what I did. I walked blindly about three blocks and didn’t see anyone and walked back and called the 800# and they didn’t know what I was talking about. I made it back to stop#12 and there was a red tent that someone from Hop off was there with other tourists. I told them that the bus driver told me to go down two blocks, and he said he never heard that before. And Dave who was my tour guide didn’t want to hear anything else that I had learned on my previous days bus tour. He was very knowledgeable about the city but didn’t want to hear about my tourist problems. I was by myself and didn’t feel like getting lost in a strange and hot city. I just think there could have been mention of the red tent waiting area from the bus tour guide, making it convenient for new tourists. Thank you for your service.
Jennifer Streetman

Hop on Hop off bus

about 3 months ago
The HoHo bus did not disappoint us! We love to learn the local history and enjoy the convenience of not driving ourselves.
Patricia Peters

Hop on hop off bus trip

about 10 days ago
I liked Jeffery who explained everything to me and made it easy. I liked Linda the tour guide who made things fun. The tour showed me the area and I was able to use the bus to get around.
Linda Shaw

Hop on hop off

about 9 months ago
We bought the two day pass. The guides were very informative and helpful. We saw a lot of the city this way. We’ll worth doing.
Chris Ice


about 9 months ago
We loved using the hop on hop off in New Orleans. The guides shared stories that made our trip so much more enjoyable
Shelley Miller

Highly recommended

about 9 months ago
Friendly, knowledgeable tour guides. Buses ran often at convenient locations, near our hotel.
Kim Mileham

Bus tour

about 9 months ago
Wonderful really enjoyed the whole tour
Christina Norman

Great tour

about 9 months ago
Great driver and tour guide.
Melissa Langmaack

Great way to get around!

about 1 year ago
The bus tour was a great way to get around the city and see as much as you can. Stops were convenient to the attractions and it was super easy to hop off and hop on another bus.
Matt Markus


about 1 year ago
I had my 50th in Nola The worker in the office was very nice One man and two women Helped me out tremendously 44 tickets to print out This was the 1st team Awesome The second the instructor or tour person Wow no words for her Friendly Fun she went beyond to provide Nola history The second tour person Omg Really loves her job Lots of energy and very entertaining The entire staff I can encounter with Was unbelievable nice Group of 44 I strongly recommend
Jeanneene Cooley

Very nice Hop on Hop Off bus tour

about 3 months ago
We rode the bus three times. Each time the tour guide was different. In general they were entertaining, though one focused more on history while other on architecture, and third one on entertaining. Bus covers good ground. It was also convenient that they issued paper ticket ગ્રીન my online voucher in the bus itself, no need to go to the main office. Upstairs was partly covered with roof that helped against the hot sun, but downstairs the a/c could not keep up. Overall it was very enjoyable.
Nainan desai

Fun to ride

about 1 year ago
we use the hop on hop off for several places to go

Don't know

about 3 months ago
Very informative, good accommodation and attendees
Simone Rich
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