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Reviews of New Orleans Food Demo - Crawfish Etouffee, Shrimp & Artichoke Soup, and Bread Pudding

Great each time...
Every year during our annual vacation, we book the 10:00 cooking school. Each year it is a different chef instructing. It is entertaining, educational, you get instruction sheets on how it is being made, then after watching the chef prepare it, you get to eat it! You learn about local food tradition and history of the people that brought those food traditions into the area. I highly recommend this activity even if you don’t do the cooking in your household.
Judy N.
about 6 years ago
Demo cooking
Good experience. William was a little windy in his talks and too long Was VERY unhappy with all the noise coming from the kitchen. Finally he put and ear piece on when I told him Also. Was hard to follow him on the recipes. He jumped around too much and we could tell which one he was on But overall the food was great and we enjoyed it
Carin B.
about 3 years ago
Loved this History of NOLA through Food Culture
Our chef Pat was just great, giving us great cooking tips as well as a history of New Orleans food culture. The whole experience was very enjoyable, including chatting with other guests at round tables. When you figure that you also get lunch, we felt it was a good value. For me as a celiac (can't eat wheat/flour), the eating part was a bit unsatisfying. The 'dietary restriction' meal seemed to be the same for vegetarian or celiac. So I was served a veggie gumbo and a veggie creole sauce on rice. Meh. This is the only part of things that could be a lot better.
Sherri R.
about 6 years ago
Cooking Class- NO School of Cooking
Pat did an amazing job of sharing New Orleans rich history while teaching us the delicious dishes she made. Wonderful morning of food and fun!
Susan T.
about 6 years ago


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