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Fantastic experience

about 11 months ago
Brian was extremely knowledgeable with the history of New Orleans and super fun too! My group was so fun and intrigued by his fun facts. The tour itself was excellent. We walked to different bars in the neighborhood and experienced the cocktails that each bar featured. We will definitely do this again if and when we come back! Great job, Brian!
Samantha Y

You must do this tour!

about 12 months ago
Elizabeth was a wonderful tour guide! Full of knowledge, funny, and took us to places we would not have gone without knowing the history behind them. We would do another tour with her!
Angela L

Perfect tour with Joe

about 2 years ago
This was our fourth cocktail tour and we learn more history each time. We went to 4 bars( 2 for first time). Joe was our excellent guide. He is so much fun and knowledgeable about all the history and cocktails.
Bradley T


about 3 years ago
Sandi did an awesome job and we truly loved hearing about New Orleans from a natives perspective. She was a ton of fun.
Kristie Ondracek

Just ok

about 2 years ago
Our tour guide was a really nice guy and shared interesting facts. He only took us to 3 places, all were good, but our group would have enjoyed a more classic bar tour with more stops.
Stephanie K

Grayline cocktail walking tour.

about 4 years ago
Our tour guide, Joe, was excellent! He told us a lot of history and took us to fun bars. This cocktail tour was great.

HORRIBLE tour guide...

about 4 years ago
I picked this tour specifically vs going with Dr. Gumbo Tours because this one didn't include all the drinks like most of the other cocktail/drinking walking tours do. My mother doesn't drink so I didn't feel it would be worth the price of $60 plus to go with a tour that included a drink at every stop. With this specific cocktail tour you had the option to buy a drink at each stop and you received one drink complimentary before the tour starts. Our tour guide was Joe and the other guy that was there at the beginning was Brian...First let me start out by saying we were originally a group of 6 and had one tour guide. They tell you to be at least 30 minutes early to the meeting location. Everyone was there 30 minutes prior except the tour guide, who got there exactly at the start time of the tour at 4pm. Around 4:15pm 5 young ladies decide they want to be included in the tour and go to the window to pay for their tickets. They took almost 45 minutes to pay and get situated while the remaining parties sat around and waited. The tour guide complained the entire time that it was too busy to do this tour because of how busy the city was and that the company he works for shouldn't have allowed tours on this day. My second big problem with this guy was we were already an hour late leaving for our 2.5 hour walking tour and at one of our stops a few off these young ladies in the group decided they were hungry and wanted to grab some pizza. Tour guide said oh yeah sure go ahead we have plenty of time, so they left while myself, my mother and a few others just waited while they got their food. He took a smoke break and it was like no big deal at all. Third, he advised us after only two stops he had to let us go because he had to met up with another tour he was doing. We only went to three places and got no history of any of them, it was you can buy this or this drink and thats it. Lastly and the most funniest part, not only was this guy kinda of sloppy but his pants zipper was down, he smelled like smoke and he was just unprofessional overall. I would NOT recommend this tour off course because of the experience we had. There were two guides working this evening and they were grumpy, unhappy and complaining the entire time. Better off paying a bit more and going with Dr. Gumbo Tours for the cocktail walking tour :)

Cocktails Unlimited

about 5 years ago
Once a teacher always a teacher. That describes our outstanding tour guide. He did just what we wanted and more. With a great personality and personal relationships with the establishments he took us on a historic walk to the private/exclusive back rooms as he described the origins and cultural backgrounds that formed the stories of iconic bars and drinks.

awesome time!

about 5 years ago
My group of 9 went on the New Orleans cocktail tour a couple days ago for a bachelorette party. We had the BEST experience! Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and kept it really fun. I also feel like I learned a lot and tried some fun drinks that I otherwise would not have tried! Would highly recommend!
Nicole S

Best way to learn the bar and Restaurant Culture of New Orleans

about 5 years ago
Fantastic. Our tour Guide was awesome. She was very informative about the history of new Orleans and went into great detail about the Culture of the Bar and Restaurants that we visited. Great way to learn the history of New Orleans ... fun