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Great Value

about 3 years ago
Great value. We were able to do so much on our visit because of this! Totally worth it!
Matthew K


about 3 years ago
Good value, plan your days!
Monica H

Power Pass is the way to go!

about 5 years ago
I bought the 5 day Power Pass through tripshock for a better price than I saw on any other site, including Groupon. I was able to visit 70-80% of the attractions in the 5 days and I don't feel like I rushed to get it done. I picked the sites I wanted to see most and did some planning to maximize my time efficiently. The different tour options are really nice. I do see how fewer days could make getting your money's worth more difficult. I strongly recommend the Power Pass...and the tripshock website.

Getting these passes is a joke

about 3 years ago
The passes are awesome! The customer service it took to get them was ridiculous!!!!!! The information was misleading on what to bring, and not once, not twice, but THREE times we were sent AWAY to go and print the right information from the email provided! They didn’t even offer to let us print the right documents we needed!!!!!
Sierra P

New Orleans power pass

about 5 years ago
The power pass was very handy and a good value. There were a few times where pass said was invalid although it wasn't and we were still let in. We believe it is the way the card is scanned at the place you visit but mostly it was just fine. Would definitely recommend if you plan to visit a lot of the sites.
Mike R

Passes are to expensive

about 3 years ago
It is cheaper to pay as you go the passes are not worth the money because there is only so much you can do in a day
Ryan P

Best Intro to NOLA

about 4 years ago
The tour was AWESOME. Ask for Howie if you can. It took planning and not wasting time but we were able to do the Insecterium, Aquarium and zoo in one very full day. The zoo was the best of the three and great even compared to other large zoos. Day 2 was the tour and WWII Museum. The museum will take as much time as you have-you need a minimum of 3 hours. Cost of the pass saved us a few dollars.

Okay but not incredible

about 5 years ago
When you get this pass, you have to make all of your own reservations and provide your own transportation to activities (unless you want to pay more $$$). Also, the tour times are restricted for pass users which they don't tell you. So if you're really fast and motivated you can probably do 2-3 things per day max. If the tour times were all available, the pass would've been a good value. For us, it was okay but likely won't get it again.

Loved using the pass

about 2 years ago
Excellent experience for its value.Thumps up.
Naronda J

Good deal

about 5 years ago
Good selection of things but I recommend starting very early and sticking to it.
Patricia F


about 4 years ago
Thank you tripshock. Everything was perfect...the ease of website, the price and the tours. We saw the best of NOLA without the rough prices thanks to you. My daughter purchased through TRIPSHOCK as well and we are all HAPPY to be repeat customers in the future

Power Pass

about 4 years ago
Great way to tour the city I am very pleased and will recommend this site to others.
Sharita T

Best rate

about 3 years ago
Same product-best price we could find!!
Holli S

Power pass

about 3 years ago
Easy and economical!! Highly recommend!!
Laura D

Awesome card

about 3 years ago
Purchased the 5 day pass, found a discount code. It was very convenient and saved us almost $300 Canadian if we would have paid for individual entry.
Christine G


about 5 years ago
I purchased the New Orleans Power Pass from tripshock and saved about $150 in the purchase. I was able to see all the attractions I wanted with the power pass and wasn't charged anything to enter the attractions saving me even more $$$. I was very satisfied with this purchase and had tons of fun on my trip. I will be back. :-)

New Orleans Power Pass

about 5 years ago
Great value if you are motivated to see the city, as the more you see the greater value the pass provides. You need to reserve bus and boat tours so reserve early to fit your schedule. Best to wake up early and plan your day out. The paddleboat and bus tour are excellent. The WWII and Civil War Museums were outstanding. We had 2 day passes but far exceeded our value even though we would recommend a 3 day pass for a more relaxing experience. Recommend using Tripshock as we we received a 10% percent discount on the power pass.

Nola power pass

about 3 years ago
Overall the tours were very informative and tour guides were personable. Not sure I would do it again, difficult to try to fit in multiple activities and get your money’s worth for the pass, while trying to enjoy the vacation. Next time will book activities separately.
Natasha Chater

you need to get the word out

about 4 years ago
I would not have known about tripshock if I'd not been given a flyer at the airport shuttle reservation desk. I made my reservations for the city sightseeing bus as well as the attractions pass, and no one with whom I spoke had heard of tripshock. The service was amazing, and the deals are incredible. You really need to do a better job of advertising. People need to know that you are out there, and they need to know that they can see a city like New Orleans for a lot less money with your service.

It was worthless for me

about 4 years ago
This is a great deal for tourists who are in town for more than two days , i was In town for two days but one day was for family so technically i only Had one day for attractions and i wanted To start early and end the night with so much fun but just a heads up , everything needs a reservation ahead of time , most attractions are two hours long , transportation no included with card, and oh yea everything ends at 5pm ... no joke. I was Only able to go to the swamp tour bc everything else was booked so i spent $144 for two adult passes for nothing and probably can’t get a refund. So book tours in advance make sure it’s attrations the card offers

New Orleans Power Pass

about 4 years ago
Highly recommend. You definitely need to do some planning in order to get the best value. We thoroughly enjoyed every tour we took. Would absolutely do the power pass again.
Chris A

Excellent Value

about 5 years ago
The New Orleans Pass that I purchased for our group of 11 from Trip Shock was outstanding value. It was no hassle to choose the attractions, and get them booked in advance. Everyone accepted the pass without questions. We saved a lot of money with the pass, as against paying for each of the attractions separately. You will get great value if you plan your trip.

New Orleans Power Pass

about 4 years ago
While I enjoyed saving the 10% offered by Tripshock, it prevented me from getting a reservation on the main attraction I wanted to do. You can’t make the reservations until you have the cards in hand. We had to pick them up when we got to New Orleans, and by then the bus tour was already booked. Enjoyed all the other activities we did. It was a very busy couple of days. Not sure that you save very much since most of the activities close pretty early. It’s hard to fit it all in.

You need this!!!

about 5 years ago
We have used these and seen as much as we could in 3 days. It saved us a lot of money. If you want to see these sites and want to save money it is a great deal.
Troy A

Happy in NOLA

about 3 years ago
The Power Pass was very convenient. We enjoyed every attraction we planned in the 2 days we had.
Pablo P
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