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03/22/2019 ~ 03/28/2019

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Pontoon Boat Rental
about 9 months ago
It was fun riding around on a boat and exploring by ourselves. We even followed a family of dolphins which was great. The negative is the horrible condition of the boat. The seats didn’t match, were not anchored down, carpet/flooring missing on the top where the slide was, and the radio was missing from the boat. If you wanted a radio, it had to be rented as an extra expense! Definitely glad nothing happened since our cell service was poor, and we had no radio. Way too expensive to rent with the terrible condition of the boat.
Tina C
about 5 months ago
We had so much fun the islands and water wAs beautiful and the staff was awesome
Tracey B
Pontoon rental
about 8 months ago
i Accidentally booked for the wrong day but they made sure I could get it on the day I wanted
Toni L
Pontoon rental
about 8 months ago
Very nice and accommodating
Jim K
Lots of fun, but have someone experienced drive!!
about 8 months ago
The only reason you don't get 5 stars is because there really was no safety course. We were given a map with lines and told if we mess up we buy them a new boat. Luckily my husband is experienced with driving boats or we could've gotten into trouble. Other than the joke of safety training before hand, we really did have a great time.
about 5 months ago
We were all disappointed in the rented pontoon boat. It was torn up pretty badly. I would be embarrassed to offer this boat to the public. I felt very dirty riding in this horrible craft. I had to cover every seat with a towel. We brought the boat back 1 1/2 hours early.
Kathy B
about 8 months ago
People are not to personel....they treat you like a number and just want to move you in and out to make there money.
Good times!
about 8 months ago
Rental and prep was quick and painless. Staff was easy to work with and younger dock hands were great. I would highly recommend getting there more than the suggested 20 minutes early and use the map they provide of the bay to get a solid game-plan together - as going anywhere of significant interest is going to take some time on the water and will require avoiding a lot of stretches of water you shouldn't go through (and a lot of no-wake zones) -- none of that is OB Watersports/Tacky Jacks fault, though. Ask them for recommendations based on what you're wanting to do: swim, slide, fish, crab, hermit crab, etc.
Floating on the Ocean
about 8 months ago
Enjoyed our 1/2 day on the Bay. Easy process to get started. The boat had a few cosmetic issues but overall a good experience. Wished I would have brought my Jam box since the radio didn’t work. I understand if I let it play it would drain the boats battery. The ladder on the boat was super long which makes it easier to board for the kiddos. Overall a good value & we enjoyed the day as a family.
Pontoon boat
about 8 months ago
Boat was old and manager was rude when return docking of boat as he picked a tight spot to dock when there was easier spots.
about 8 months ago
I paid for the photo package and didn’t receive the photos.
Eric F