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Oak Alkey Plantation Tour

about 2 months ago
Overall our trip was Great.The bus driver was a tour guide so this made our ride to the Plantation fly by. We learned so much about new Orleans from him. So pleased that we took this tour..
Anne Lyons

Oak Alley Tour

about 11 months ago
Kendrell was a great chauffeur on Gray Line Bus. Very personable. He did well dealing with A/C failure & accommodating the passengers. 2 hours is not enough time to see ever at the plantation, that was disappointing.
Susan Mann

Oak Alley is Great Tour.

about 5 years ago
Really great, knowledgeable tour guide/driver. Beautiful plantation with gorgeous trees and interesting.history. Restaurant and gift shop near plantation. Golf carts available for those with limited mobility.
Melody R

A historical gem

about 6 years ago
America has some unfortunate histories associated with enslavement and oppression, but the Oak Alley plantation tour guides were quite respectful as they shared their knowledge of this controversial time period. The architectural restorations of the beautiful Oak Alley home to the simple slave dwellings are incredible. The oaks are massive and picturesque. Our bus guide, Daniel, is a native to New Orleans, and his historical knowledge and enthusiasm made the trip extra special. Our bus driver, Aldo, was super too. If you're ever in New Orleans, make time for this trip. They have a restaurant on location, which is not the case with other plantation tours. You won't regret the experience.
Brenda R

Lovely Day

about 8 years ago
This trip was great and my group of 10 enjoyed it! The pickup location was easy to find and everything went smoothly. Our only complaint would be that the bus ride was too long, but there's not much you can do about that. Our bus driver was awesome. He definitely knows his stuff and you can tell that he loves his job. We lucked out with the weather and had a beautiful day to explore the grounds of Oak Alley. Our tour guide in the house was wonderful too. All around this was a fantastic trip and I would recommend this to others.
Jessie Sommers

Journey Back in Time

about 6 years ago
Tour the grand house and grounds of Oak Alley. Definitely worth your time and money.
Shannon H


about 4 years ago
The guide Mary was great! Informative Driver was excellent as well
Donna Fannin

It was Good!

about 6 years ago
Engaging driver - great property!!
Athol gibson

Plantation Tour updated and corrected.

about 5 years ago
The tour at Oak Alley has significantly improved. It now looks at all the residents of the plantation. The last time I came slaves or slavery were not mentioned. Now they have built 8 slave cabins with lots of information and replicas. The house tour includes information about the slaves.
Katherine Kunnes

Oak Alley

about 9 months ago
Very moving and educational
John Dyess


about 4 years ago
Excellent tour very knowledgeable of history
John Peden

It was very disappointing because they didn't give us enough to look around

about 6 years ago
We had no time to look around the grounds only had a tour of the house. We should be entitled to a partial refund
Elieen Paul

Worth the trip

about 5 years ago
The tour is worth it. Beautiful area, lots of history and you are able to do it at your own pace. Our guide was really nice and knowledgeable.
Sarah Nachtigal

Oak Alley Plantation Tour

about 11 months ago
It was a great experience, and our tour guide was super knowledgeable and fun/funny! I highly recommend this service to take an excursion in New Orleans!! Thank you!
Leigh Stern

Plantation tour

about 5 years ago
We enjoyed this tour very much our driver and tour guide Were great. The tour guy gave lots of great information. I only wish we had booked the longer to her and seen more plantations. I would definitely recommend.
Patrice L

Oak Alley

about 5 years ago
Oak Alley Plantation was really cool! Super old house with a lot going on! Tour guides are very knowledgeable! The trees lining the walk way are magnificent! About 400 years old! They have slave houses set up like they used to be. Definitely a must see!
Kacie White


about 5 years ago
Beautiful place, very interesting. Recommend to see
Krystyna C


about 4 years ago
Had been led to believe that there was wheelchair service with Grayline for this trip based on chat with Tripshock service rep. Also called Grayline directly and told the same. Was not the case. My husband had to climb steps into the bus--extremely difficult for him. I applaud the bus driver for all his help in getting him on the bus despite this and off back in his wheelchair so that we could take the tour. I would rate higher if it weren't for this. Very stressful.
Catherine Doggett

Jude, the driver/guide was great

about 5 years ago
Very entertaining and informative best describe Jude. He made what could have been a boring bus ride an enjoyable time. Oak Alley is a must see, our guide had actually played there as a child so she was great and informative as well
Cynthia Marshall

Oak Lane Experience

about 8 months ago
We enjoyed the trip! It’s an excellent choice to get out of the madness with f the French Quarters! The tour guy was excellent and knowledgeable. He even showed us the other plantations around the area.
Johanna Gomez

Oak Alley Plantation Tour

about 10 months ago
Alton was a wonderful driver. He was funny and very informative. Aton = 5 stars!
Karen Lemley

Oak Alley Plantation

about 4 years ago
It was an interesting tour of the plantation. The bus host was extremely informative and added a great deal to the overall experience. Only thing was that the bus window in front of our seats was loose and rattled the entire ride to and from the plantation.
Melissa Reed

Great time!

about 8 years ago
This was a great tour experience! It is true that the time at the plantation is a bit rushed, but if you are efficient, it is great. Oak Alley itself is beautiful and my group chose to wander the salve quarters (self-guided tour) as well. We learned a lot and had a fun time.
Asha F

Oak Alley

about 5 years ago
It was a lovely tour and beautiful grounds. The history of it was sad but a must see.
Adriana Williams

Rattling Coach, disinterested driver.

about 11 months ago
The old bus with noisy air conditioning rattled wearily to our destination and the return trip was worse, pothole jumping lifting us out of our seats several times. The driver was honest about having no interest in being a tour guide (or not allowed, I could not hear him all that well because the sound was not great, or affected by the noisy yet amazingly ineffective air conditioner. We did get delivered at destination and very nearly at drop off point (road repair affecting that so not blaming driver). So, please retire that bus. Other people paying the same had a much better experience with other busses and companies. The driver did not really work for me but if you want to be left to your own thoughts as you desperately cling to your seat, he might work for you.
Anette Carnes
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