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Reviews of Oak Alley Plantation & Airboat Combo Tour with Transportation from New Orleans

First time Booking with tripshock
Couldn't ask for a better experience. First time booking with tripshock and very glad I did. Did my research and decided to book the tour with tripshock. Got a good price and the tour with Louisiana Tour company was run very well, from pickup at hotel to drop off at the end of the day. Nice to put them in charge of the day than having to figure it out for ourselves. Will definitely book with tripshock again.
mary s.
about 6 years ago
Great tour
We loved the tour. It’s a must if you are in the area.
Todd B.
about 4 years ago
Great Tour ask for Bryan
The entire tour, from the bus ride to the locations themselves was simply amazing. Our bus driver, Bryan, may be the most joyful person I’ve ever met. The small airboat tour was thrilling and educational. Oak Alley was like stepping back in time. My only mild complaint is that the itinerary Tripshock sent me said we would be back to the hotel by 2:45. It was actually 4:30; this wasnt the tour running late but rather a mistake in Tripshock’s information. It’s a good thing that I didn’t rely on the Tripshock info to catch a flight or dinner reservations or something.
Micah J.
about 6 years ago
Combo tour
Our driver was great! Funny and friendly. Oak Alley plantation was wonderful the oak trees were breathtaking. The swamp tour was fun
Maria C.
about 4 years ago
Tripshock Plantation and airboat tour
❤️❤️❤️❤️ really fun. Meals on you…. Driving hour from NOLA to plantation and then hour to swamp—- hotel pick up and drop off. Had to change dates also with ease and got to talk to real person. Highly recommend!!
Michele H.
about 3 years ago
We did the 16 people airboat tour with Kenny and it was awesome. He was so funny and we learned so much. The tour at oak alley we ended up missing because we chose to get lunch at the restaurant. We walked around the house and property instead and still enjoyed our visit. Worth every penny!
Nicole I.
about 6 years ago
Our pick up was delayed by more than an hour. We told to be ready for pickup between 8:15 and 8:45 am at our hotel. We thought they forgot to pick us up. Called them several times and all the gal at the other end said was there’s traffic and the bus is delayed. We were picked up at 9:15 and then we spent another 20-25 minutes in the bus waiting for other tourists to join us. Finally we reached the plantation at almost 11:00 am. And we were supposed to take the guided tour, walk the grounds and eat lunch all in 1.5 hrs by 12:30 pm!!!!! If you know there is traffic in the mornings on a weekday why are you not better prepared?? So for no fault of ours and after paying full price for a tour we were SHORT CHANGED. The airboat ride was fun
A S.
about 6 years ago
Great tours
The airboat tour was my favorite, but the plantation tour was informative and interesting.
Roger K.
about 5 years ago
Must do tours in Louisiana
The pick up was more or less on time. The drivers were providing us with info along the way. Good energy in the coach thanks to the drivers. The oak alley plantation tour was too short for us but that’s part of the game. The guided tour was very interesting. The airboat was great, we saw many gators, got all info we wanted and the captain even brought a baby gator for us to take pics with! Both tripshock and the Louisiana tour agreed to reschedule our tour because of the weAther which is a plus, as we did enjoy the tour all the more because of the clear blue sky.
lucie L.
about 5 years ago
Do this tour!
This tour was so incredible for so many different reasons! I chose Oak Alley for the plantation tour, and it is incredibly beautiful amd also very sad, but definitely worth seeing this piece of history. We then went on to the fan boat tour which was a BLAST! Captain Brad made the experience exciting and fun, and also taught us so much about alligators! Such a unique experience!
Jennifer S.
about 6 years ago
Oak ally
One of my favorite things me and my sister did while we were in New Orleans! Brian our bus driver was great, his laughter is contagious! A bonus was while driving us to our destinations he pointed out different land marks, gave us some history, and told stories making the drive go by faster and that much better! Also, company gives you a reminder call the day before for pickup and they call you when they are on there way, but be out waiting. When you get to your destinations they give you time to use the restrooms and get situated, I never felt rushed. Ernie was our captin for the airboat and was very good at driving us around going slow for us to check out the Gators(we saw lots up close!) and take in the beauty but also going fast so that we could have some fun. Ernie also stopped a couple times to make sure we were all doing ok and educated us on the swamp and alligator, very informative!! Oak Ally was beautiful and the other plantation looked nice when we pulled up so think it'd be a win win either way. I have friends going to New Orleans in a couple months and I'm definitely telling them to do this tour and to request Brian and Ernie!
Ashley B.
about 6 years ago
The swamp tour was incredible! Loved the airboat ride. Saw many gators. Our guide was great! Knew so much and was very funny. It was chilly but we rented blankets from the dock which was perfect. Bring one if you go when it’s cool!!!!!! The plantation was good but we simply didn’t have enough time to see it all. We ate lunch first so that put us behind. The restaurant is great and I’m glad we ate there but had we known we may have just grabbed a sandwich at the cafe instead and saw more of the plantation.
Elizabeth T.
about 5 years ago
Plantation was lovely. Bibop tour guide on swamp tour was fantastic. Truly knowledgeable and a little folklore mixed in. The small airboat is the way to see the swamp.
Anna G.
about 5 years ago
Very Pleased
Never using and or even hearing about Trip Shock before I was a little skeptical about its legitimacy so we were a little nervous! With this being said we were very pleased with the outcome.
nathan s.
about 6 years ago
A worthwhile trip. Would have liked a longer visit to the plantation to see everything, even if it meant an earlier start to the day.
Valerie H.
about 5 years ago
Super Day!
Our day started with a pickup in a very nice limousine bus with comfortable seating, which is important for 3 hours of driving! We really enjoyed getting out of the city. Our small group air boat your was awesome, mostly due to our knowledgeable guide. He was able to answer all of our questions as he grew up and spend every day in the swamp. The Oak Alley tour was much slower-paved, but interesting none-the-less. The plantations are a must see if you want a historical perspective of agriculture in the South. We were treated super well and highly recommend booking a tour!
Ryan F.
about 6 years ago
GREAT History and Adventure excursion!!
We could have spent much more time at Oak Alley as was extremely informative, insightful, and was a small peak into Southern history of plantation life (lives, crops, slaves, battles). Our home guide was excellent and was very knowledgeable about the home and the people who lived on the plantation. All the exhibits are well worth viewing and be sure to spend time with the lecturing staff by the slaves homes. Ask questions; she is amazing!!! We then were bused to the swamps where we boarded a 9 person air boat. We wanted to go on a smaller boat as figured it to be more intimate and informative and boy, were we right!! Our "driver" was Danny and he has lived there all his life and took us into many nooks and crannies of the Bayou. He often stopped the boat to enable us to take in many sized alligators (fed marshmallows to a very large one that came along side our boat...really cool!), different birds, swamp flowers, and hanging moss. He also carried with him a very young alligator whom we all were able to hold as he explained the details about the life of the gators. I.e: growth, life span, food source, etc. Danny also gave us a GREAT boat ride in the wide waterway and the fun part of that was when he turned the boat in a way that sprayed us to where we were totally drenched. It was a wonderful way to cool down that sunny day! All in all, it was pretty much a perfect day!!!
Marsha P.
about 5 years ago
Easy and amazing!
We had a great time and Tripshock made our excursion easy and affordable!!!
Cori K.
about 3 years ago


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