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Reviews of Oak Alley & Laura Plantation Combo Admission & Guided Tour with Transportation from New Orleans

We enjoyed Laura more than Oak Alley due to more history of the time vs just the families/, plantations. Very frustrated with transportation since we they changed our pickup location then told us to be there 45 minutes early so arrived at pickup location at 8:45am and didn't get picked up until 9:55am and no where to sit; had to stand on a random street corner.
Deb R.
about 5 months ago
Good, but not great.
Oak Alley was very interesting and our guide's presentation was very good. The Laura plantation? Not so much. Too many uninteresting details about the personal history of the owners throughout the years.
Steven S.
about 7 years ago
Overall experience was fantastic. Had a great driver, Alan, and good local history overview enroute to sights. Tour guide at Laura, Lindie, was exceptional and provided comprehensive historical overview of property. Oak Alley experience was good but not as comprehensive. Mansion and grounds were beautiful.
Larry K.
about 7 years ago
LAURA plantation
If you only see one plantation this us a must. Our guide Rose was exceptional. The plantation his a really interesting history and was run by 4 generations of females. Furnished throughout. The tour guide really brings the story of the family, slaves and history to life. Oak Alley was good too, We did both but if I had only time for one it Would definitely be Laura. The tour company was good too.
Judy S.
about 6 years ago
Seeing the plantations was exciting and informative. I's like to make a special commendation to Pam, our guide at Laura Plantation. She was entertaining and completely captivating, making the history of the people and the place come alive. I'll recommend the tour to anyone I know who is going to New Orleans.
Kevin M.
about 5 years ago
Rent a car-don't waste your money
Don't waste your money - rent a car and visit these plantations yourself. We were picked up in time, but told a bus was broke down and one was in an accident (the driver said) so we would be picking those people up too. We were late, people weren't at their pick up location which made us even later. We were called back to the first Plantation because the driver had left someone behind - he had NOT, dispatch didn't check his name and he was in the correct location - which put us further behind. THEN by time we reached Oak Alley (the last stop) it was 4:15 and they close at 4:30 so we were told to hurry to the big house and don't stop to take pictures. REALLY? We were not offered a refund or an apology. It was disorganized and WAY too much time in the bus. This was not a driver issue, it was a company issue. We loved our driver but I would never recommend this tour.
Randi K.
about 6 years ago
I am sorry but I can't recall the name of our tour guide at Laura plantation. She did an outstanding historical recount of the times and families at Laura. She was pleasant and blended in humorous comments through out the entire tour. Very enjoyable and educational. Our tour was on Tuesday March 12th.
Gary L.
about 5 years ago
Plantation tour from New Orleans
Both my wife and myself really enjoyed the Plantations we toured. We were picked up @ our Hotel on time by Cajun Encounters. The driver & trainee were very courteous & very knowledgeable about our tour. The entire experience was very enjoyable & we will definitely book tours with them in the future.
David B.
about 6 years ago
Plantation Tour
Cajun Encounters rushed us along. On the phone I was told we would return around 5:30. That extra hour would have been nice to spend at Oak Alley. We had a nice tour at Laura's Plantation and the tour guide, Logan was great. Very enjoyable but we couldn't even visit the gift shop and use the restroom afterward as we were rushed out to make our tour at Oak Alley. We get to Oak Alley and immediately rush to our tour. I still had to use the restroom so we got left behind and didn't know where to go. Rushed frantically after roaming around trying to find our tour group. Afterward we had -0- time to explore the grounds and there was a lot that we missed. The Oak Alley tour was only to see the house and rush to the restaurant to meet our driver. No time to explore the grounds.
rosalind h.
about 7 years ago
Nothing great
The tour was too rushed and we could not spend enough time at either of the 2 plantations. Rain made things worse. n extra 2 hours would have been much better.
Spencer B.
about 6 years ago
Oak Alley and Laura Plantation Combo a great experience
The plantations were beautiful and the tour guides were very knowledgeable! Some of the horrific details of our American past are often overlooked or accepted as "that was how things were." The Laura Plantation tour covers the reality of slave life on the Southern plantations and the wrongdoing that was committed. Learning history increases our knowledge, and knowledge is power. Hopefully we as humans use this power to not repeat the wrongdoings of the past.
M J.
about 8 months ago
Very somber
It’s a must for everyone especially in the hotter months to experience just a tiny speck of what the slaves felt! I was very put off that they offered weddings and overnights where so many were miss treated and abused. But as I stated above everyone should see and feel how disturbing these plantations were operated. I wish they talked less about how rich the owners and families were and more memorials of the slaves that were sold like commodities and abused.
Chad M.
about 10 months ago
Mostly Enjoyable
The tour was very enjoyable. It is a great way to get to the plantations without renting a car and the buses are comfy. That being said, a little bit more information on the plantations on the drive out would be amazing, maybe the history or talking about other plantations or more history on the slavery aspect. Also, dropping people off needs to be improved, once we got back to the city, it was an hour and half before we dropped at our hotel, we circled it before being dropped of, we asked twice if we should get off and the bus driver just said we would get there.
Elizabeth G.
about 6 years ago
Plantation tour
Our driver Enika was great! She was knowledgeable and accommating. I enjoyed the tours but was under the impression we would have more time at each plantation. We were rushed through Oak Alley and had no time to ask questions.
Joyce B.
about 5 years ago
Great tour
Friendly driver, knowledgeable driver and tour guides, punctual. We would highly recommend this company.
Juliana S.
about 6 years ago
Very good. ...very informative. Would book with them again
Regina R.
about 6 years ago
The bus driver Demetria was great and accomodating
Beth M.
about 6 years ago
We had a wonderful day at the plantations. Our driver, Miss Lorraine, was a wealth of information. We were very glad we booked the double plantation tour. Laura Plantation was the best. Our guide Katie was phenomenal. Everyone could hear her and she had much to share with us. Oak Alley was certainly beautiful with all the southern charm of its day and we were glad to visit it. Interesting to compare the two places. Just a great day and worth the trip. Thank you.
margaret l.
about 7 years ago
Oaks Alley and Laura Plantation
The tour was worth the price. Driver was on time and very courteous. The trees at Oaks Alley were incredible. The mansion and tour were just okay. However, the Laura Plantation tour was special. The story behind the plantation was fascinating and really gave one a real sense of history. I would definitely go again.
Jerry F.
about 6 years ago
Oak Alley and Laura
Both tours were wonderful and insightful. The tour guides Rocky at Laura and I can’t remember her name at Oak Alley, were very knowledgeable and open to questions. Emika was great on the drive to and back from the plantations. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting the area.
Tamara G.
about 6 years ago
Perfect tour
This tour looks perfect to me. We visited both plantations and learned a lot about their history. Even the drive itself was enjoyable because of the scenery around. The roads built in the swamps are very impressive! The only suggestion is regarding the pic up procedure. Standing for 30 minutes on the street is not very comfortable. I believe that the driver (or the company operator) could send messages to the participants to indicate a more exact time. Alternatively, we could wait in a hotel lobby and the driver would call us when required. Such practices are used in Cancun and elsewhere.
Vladimir B.
about 3 years ago
We'll organized
Good crew. Great tour guides
Kevin R.
about 2 years ago
Underwhelming Tour
Cajun tour company is not only disorganized (we called twice to confirm pick up address and both times they gave an incorrect address but they also had no way to tell you what time you'd be picked up...they essentially gave an 45 minute window) but their itinerary was so tight that it did not provide adequate time at either Laura or Oak plantations to learn it's history or explore the grounds. Additionally, the guides they arranged for were cold (no emotion at all) and provided limited information. And the final straw was that the tour group was so large, those of us in the back could not hear or see anything. It was a waste of money. Much better tours are provided by competitors.
David P.
about 6 years ago
Laura plantation
The tour was the crown jewel of our New Orleans trip. The grounds and building were stunning, but the content of the tour itself was incredible. Our guide, Pam, interwove stories about the house, the owners, and the enslaved people held there. It felt like we were on a walk-through movie and made the tour a million times more valuable for her contextualizing the lives, decisions, and experiences within the time frame. She provided information on everything from family drama to illegally selling the children of slaves to how the homes were build and maintained over time to the process of harvesting and grinding sugar cane, creating a cohesive narrative that was informative, educational, and funny despite the frequently awful subject matter. I can’t recommend this tour enough!!!
Lisa L.
about 2 years ago


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