New Orleans, LA > Plantation Tours
12/13/2019 ~ 12/19/2019
Rent a car-don't waste your money
about 2 years ago
Don't waste your money - rent a car and visit these plantations yourself. We were picked up in time, but told a bus was broke down and one was in an accident (the driver said) so we would be picking those people up too. We were late, people weren't at their pick up location which made us even later. We were called back to the first Plantation because the driver had left someone behind - he had NOT, dispatch didn't check his name and he was in the correct location - which put us further behind. THEN by time we reached Oak Alley (the last stop) it was 4:15 and they close at 4:30 so we were told to hurry to the big house and don't stop to take pictures. REALLY? We were not offered a refund or an apology. It was disorganized and WAY too much time in the bus. This was not a driver issue, it was a company issue. We loved our driver but I would never recommend this tour.
Randi K
about 7 months ago
Seeing the plantations was exciting and informative. I's like to make a special commendation to Pam, our guide at Laura Plantation. She was entertaining and completely captivating, making the history of the people and the place come alive. I'll recommend the tour to anyone I know who is going to New Orleans.
Kevin Murphy
Plantation tour
about 9 months ago
Our driver Enika was great! She was knowledgeable and accommating. I enjoyed the tours but was under the impression we would have more time at each plantation. We were rushed through Oak Alley and had no time to ask questions.
Joyce M Barrick
about 9 months ago
I am sorry but I can't recall the name of our tour guide at Laura plantation. She did an outstanding historical recount of the times and families at Laura. She was pleasant and blended in humorous comments through out the entire tour. Very enjoyable and educational. Our tour was on Tuesday March 12th.
Gary Lensing
about 1 year ago
The bus driver Demetria was great and accomodating
Beth M
about 11 days ago
Pietro L
about 4 months ago
Rafael A
about 6 months ago
Fernando A
about 6 months ago
Tracey H
Nothing great
about 12 months ago
The tour was too rushed and we could not spend enough time at either of the 2 plantations. Rain made things worse. n extra 2 hours would have been much better.
Spencer Bailey
Plantation tour from New Orleans
about 1 year ago
Both my wife and myself really enjoyed the Plantations we toured. We were picked up @ our Hotel on time by Cajun Encounters. The driver & trainee were very courteous & very knowledgeable about our tour. The entire experience was very enjoyable & we will definitely book tours with them in the future.