New Orleans, LA > Plantation Tours
05/29/2020 ~ 06/04/2020

Plantation Tour

about 1 year ago
Eye Opener to all the info Best history lesson every!
Brad P

Oak Alley and Whitney plantation tours

about 1 year ago
Great docents! Wonderful tours!
Carole B

Whitney & Oak Alley

about 1 year ago
Very disappointed due to the fact we had to spend most of our time allocated at the Whitney plantation and had next to no time at Oak Alley... Your company should’ve made the tour person aware that because of a wreck on the highway that we were short on time, very poor customer service management...
Sharon Jackson

Incredible history lesson and beautiful plantations.

about 2 years ago
The tour guides were excellent especially our guide from Whitney - he was from Senegal. Great tour all round!

Smart way to park

about 2 years ago
Parking at the Embassy Suites turned out to be a smart decision. Checking in and parking were easy. When I returned, the shuttle picked me up within 15 minutes and the driver was friendly and entertaining. Upon return, I found my car safe and sound. Thus, the process was easy and affordable. My only issue was the shuttle going to the airport. After checking in, I waited for 20 minutes for the shuttle and got a little nervous because I was short on time to catch my flight. I called an Uber. My Uber arrived 8 minutes later, and still no sight of the shuttle. The Uber cost me an additional $10. When I spoke to the driver upon return, he said shared that shuttles generally arrive and leave every 30 minutes, so I'm figuring I just missed the shuttle when I arrived at the Embassy Suites. Great to know. Despite this minor incident, I would use the parking at Embassy Suite again.