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Dolphin Cruise

about 16 days ago
The Dolphin Cruise was awesome! The captain and crew went above and beyond to make our experience one to remember!
Laura K

Very Amazed

about 5 days ago
We had an Awesome time! The cruise was Awesome and the crew was Amazing! Can't wait to do it again!
Marcus P


about 29 days ago
We saw many dolphins. Fun time!
Connie L

Great trip

about 15 days ago
Great trip. Plenty of room so it didn't feel crowded. Just wish we had gone all the way into the ocean instead of just the bay area.

Great experience

about 1 month ago
The staff were wonderful. We got to see many dolphins.
Kathy E

Dolphins Show plus!

about 1 month ago
This was the best dolphins cruise we’ve ever been on. We saw many dolphins showing out close-up! The crew did an awesome job directing our attention to where to look. It was great!
Colleen H

We had a great time!

about 2 days ago
we captured an awesome video of dolphins!
Lynn W


about 27 days ago
Me and my daughter had the best time one this cruise! Great captain and assistants!!!
Brittney L

Parents need to control their children

about 1 month ago
The dolphins part was awesome. The staff was very nice. The cruise part was awful. Couldn't enjoy from kids running freely or parents chasing their children. Got stepped on many times by the children.
Karen S

Beautiful Cruise!

about 3 months ago
We got to see quite a few dolphins, including a baby. The captain was very knowledgeable and nice. Would definitely recommend!!
Megan M

Dolphin Cruise

about 2 months ago
My friends and I had a good time, but we felt like we didn’t get to see enough of the dolphins. In my opinion, the captain didn’t seem interested in finding the dolphins for the paying customers.
Chelsea B

Dolphin cruise

about 5 days ago
Cruise was enjoyable, saw a few dolphin, was fun water fight with the pirate ship!!
Patty F


about 13 days ago
I had a amazing time. The dolphin cruise was the best part of my vacation. And l also plan to do the cruise in the future.
Tiffany S

Great experience!

about 1 month ago
The crew was fun and we saw many dolphins! Highly recommend.
Kristin K

Lots of dolphins

about 3 months ago
Very windy day so the cruise started out with the grandboys questioning if we were ever going to see dolphins and Grandma a little worried. But the captain and crew knew what they were doing and soon we saw many dolphins. In the front and on the side and right below. Thrilling. Great cruise!
Sally S


about 5 days ago
This was the best dolphin tour I have ever been on!! The staff was awesome and friendly.I would go on this tour again and again.⭐⭐
matthew C

We enjoyed it!

about 12 days ago
Me and my family enjoyed everything about the tour and what was out there. The dolphins followed us for at least 5-10 miles. We also saw sharks and turtles!!
James M

dolphin cruise

about 1 month ago
What an awesome trip and the dolphins surely didn't disappoint, the crew was great, will definitely recommend it and will do it again next year !!!
mary k

Dolphin Tour

about 3 months ago
We had a wonderful experience on the tour. The captain was very engaging and we saw several dolphins. We would definitely do it again. It was well worth the money spent
Sherry C

Great cruise

about 18 days ago
It was awesome and fun. The crew was knowledgeable and friendly. We got our moneys worth and more. Will definitely go again on our next trip
Kimberly S

Wonderful Experience

about 6 days ago
We have been on several dolphin excursions but by far one of the best !
Cathi W


about 1 month ago
Probably the best sightings of dolphines I've ever seen. There were so many and you could tell that they loved showing off for us as much as we loved watching them! We hope to use your sight again next year.
Bobby N

Really fun!!

about 2 months ago
Had a great time on this boat! Very clean, super friendly staff and cool seeing the dolphins!
Julia C


about 27 days ago
So much fun & saw so much sea life!! The whole crew was great! We will definitely be taking this cruise again when we come back!
Tina S


about 1 month ago
Great experience
Derry I
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