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Reviews of Cruise OB Dolphin Cruise

Just a boat ride
Just a typical two hour boat ride. Seen very few dolphins.
Dominic B.
about 2 years ago
Lots of dolphins!
The sunset cruise was super fun! We saw lots of dolphins, sharks, pelicans and jellyfish. The captain and crew were very entertaining. Highly recommend.
D C.
about 10 months ago
This tour lived up to its reputation we seen Dolphins ,Excellent tour company
Niketa .
about 1 year ago
Dolphin Cruise
I loved, loved, loved it!! One of the highlights of my trip. I highly recommend it!!! Best time.
Kathy M.
about 1 year ago
We had a great time! We loved watching the dolphins jumping and playing. Definitely will book this dolphin cruise again!
Christina I.
about 9 months ago
What a great event! Even on a cold day it was great !
Rich j.
about 7 months ago
Great crew Fantastic trip
The crew was so nice. We had a 7 month old on our trip and was so afraid she would not like the boat noise . The crew members all played and talked with my grand baby. She loved every minute of the trip. And we saw so many dolphins jellyfish and even a school of sharks. I will definitely do this trip again.
Jami D.
about 10 months ago
lots of fun
we really enjoyed our sunset cruise . Lots of fun and made a lot of memories
Mary E.
about 11 months ago
Summer Fun
Dolphin cruise was so much fun. My husband and I took 4 of our granddaughters. They loved it! Unfortunately the two youngest started feeling queasy, but the crew immediately saw this and took action. They moved them to the back of the boat and gave them some ice. Great crew!
Connie W.
about 11 months ago
It was a good day a wonderful time
Donna R.
about 1 year ago
saw dolphins, and staff was friendly! saw a beautiful sunset too. great trip!!!
Jo H.
about 12 months ago
Short cruise
Advertised as 2 hours long. Cruise was only 1 hr 25 mins. Staff did not really talk much or provide any information about dolphins or the surrounding area.
Tracy K.
about 2 years ago
Great experience
The crew was great, we saw alot of dolphins I would recommend this group to anyone.
Jachell M.
about 8 months ago
We saw dolphins
Yesterday we went for the sunset trip and we were glad that we saw many dolphins. On the bay side we could see a dolphin chasing our boat and was playing around towards the middle of the trip. Also while coming back we saw many dolphins going up and down. Suggest everyone to go for sunset trip at 5 pm
Sanju A.
about 9 months ago
Top tours!
Wonderful, this was an awesome tour, great service!
Craig S.
about 1 year ago
Dolphin ride
Everyone was pleasant and informative on any questions we had. It wasn’t the experience we thought it would be we didn’t see any dolphins well I didn’t there were two out there but I couldn’t find them. That’s ok I totally understand there wild animals and you can’t make them be somewhere at a certain time. The captain of the boat keep us out longer and we went further then we were expecting, It was not from a lack of trying the captain just keep chasing trying to chase them down but they we’re gone by the time we got there. We still had a great time!!! Will do it again if we come back thank you
Tracey M.
about 2 years ago
What a great experience! The ride was enjoyable and seeing the dolphins was exciting. We will go again the next visit to the area!
Lynita D.
about 9 months ago
Totally worth it! Loved every minute of the trip!
Greg N.
about 10 months ago
Wonderful evening of watching the dolphins play.
Leslie S.
about 11 months ago
Dolphin cruise
Excellent experience
Jeffrey J.
about 4 days ago
We had a great time we got to see Lots of dolphins and shark on this Cruise
William T.
about 10 months ago
Sunset dolphin cruise.
It was wonderful. We enjoyed the deck hand. She was very knowledgeable.
Tammy L.
about 2 years ago
Dolphins cruise
My best friend and I had an amazing time. It was so nice to be on the water and see the the dolphins. I would definitely recommend if you like dolphins.
Nicole A.
about 10 months ago
Excellent Dolphin Cruise!
We had a fantastic time and loved seeing the dolphins play in the wake of the boat. The yacht is very powerful and able to generate a huge wake that draws the dolphins. We appreciated that we could be inside the warm cabin, outside on the bow or stern and the side walkways, or up in the open roof deck if we chose. And we took advantage of that and moved around during the cruise. The yacht is a good size that feels just right and able to accommodate a nice amount of guests. The Captain and crew are friendly, funny, and kind. The company provides excellent communication through text and gave us reminders and tips on exactly how to find them for checkin. My family highly recommends this tour.
Frank F.
about 2 years ago


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