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Dolphin Cruise

about 5 days ago
Easy to book online. Staff was friendly and the experience of the cruise was fun, and exciting. We saw several dolphins and the fact that they work with the other businesses that offer dolphin cruises makes it seem like it is all about the customer’s enjoyment! Thank you for the fun and exciting trip!
Joyce Peters

Wouldn't change a thing

about 7 days ago
Captain Jeremy & crew were great. The Sunny Lady was a nice, clean boat. The experience was outstanding. One of the highlights of our trip to Gulf Shores from Iowa
Larry Brennan

Doesn’t Disappoint

about 3 days ago
The evening was great! Seeing the dolphins run along the boat was awesome. They are so playful. Then, feeding the birds Cheetos was great fun. Lastly, the sunset was picturesque.
Daniel Kirkland

Sunny lady

about 5 days ago
It was amazing !! The whole crew was kind and welcoming.The experience was awesome! Had so much fun with family. Would definitely do again.
Mariel Ocana

Sister trip

about 3 days ago
We did t get to see a lot of dolphins but my sister and I enjoyed every minute.
Georgia Terrell

Dolphin cruise

about 3 days ago
We had a cruise booked on Aug 13th in the afternoon. Rain delayed the start but once we git out there we saw a dolphin but the best part was feeding the birds. Never have I seen everyone laughing n having a great time such as then.I'll definitely be back. Do yall do cruises in December?
Andrew Fox

Sunset dolphin cruise

about 3 days ago
I highly recommend the sunny lady for a cruise!! The scenery was beautiful. We saw a mom and baby dolphin as they surfed by the boat. They had great music and the crew was so sweet! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Brittani Kidder

Great trip

about 4 days ago
We enjoyed our cruise! Beautiful sunset, friendly staff, and we were able to see some dolphins!! I highly recommend this cruise!!
Tammy Mann

Great experience!

about 5 days ago
It was a perfect morning and we saw several dolphins. A nice ride through the bays. Fun feeding the birds and seeing pelicans. My daughters, grands and I loved it. It felt like a private cruise! The captain and crew were wonderful. Thank you for a great time.
Marie Campbell

Morning cruise

about 1 day ago
Nice relaxing cruise. Have done other Dolphin cruises where the boat got the dolphins the follow and play in the wake of the boat. Was hoping for that. The outing was still fun and relaxing and the captain and crew were great.
jack Grundy

Wonderful ride

about 7 days ago
It was amazing! Best part of our trip after the rainy weather. We drove from MO. Captain Jack and crew were wonderful.
Shirley Graham


about 14 minutes ago
It was absolutely awesome! We saw so many dolphins up close in their natural environment. Highly recommend this crew!
Laura Rogers

Great way to spend 1-1/2 hours

about 5 days ago
Very fun and informative cruise. Enjoyable for all ages. It had a very friendly crew and the boat had a great atmosphere. Kids are allowed to take a turn behind the wheel and wear the captains hat. Very good experience
David Zak

Sunny Lady

about 4 days ago
It was phenomenal me and my fiance went on date night and cruised it was phenomenal then we went back the next night with our kids and I proposed to her in front of everyone and our kids ,, me the captain talked and he set everything up perfect ! I am 1000000% totally satisfied with the cruise both nights
Jeff Jackson

Great experience

about 3 days ago
Not only did we get to see dolphins but we got to feed some seagulls too. Staff was fun & professional. Relaxing & enjoying for the adults and engaging & exciting for the kids.
Brandon Wooley

Great Crew

about 4 days ago
Always enjoy this outing! Watching the birds is as much fun as the dolphins
William Wilson

Very friendly staff, dolphins were great.

about 1 day ago
Seen plenty of dolphins. Staff was awesome. Have an awesome parrot onboard and let the kids drive the boat. Everyone had a great time. Highly recommend.
Ryan Wilson


about 4 days ago
The captain filled us in on all things dolphins. The crew was super!! Our kids loved it!
Rhonda Parker

Captain Jeremy Was Amazing!

about 7 days ago
We had an amazing time on the Sunny Lady with Captain Jeremy. He is very knowledgeable and his crew is nice. It started off with Cap. Jeremy introducing us to his Co-captain Lucy and letting everyone take a picture with her. Captain told us a lot about the boats, dolphins and Orange Beach. A part in the tour the crew passes out Cheetos to feed the birds. They have snacks and drinks on the boat for a $1 a piece, so very reasonable.
Kelsey Crumrine


about 7 days ago
Great trip with excellent narrator
Carole Sherrill


about 4 hours ago
My wife and I took the Dolphin Cruise on the Sunny Lady. The staff was acommidating and very friendly! The tour guide was entertaining, informative, and interesting! Seeing Dolphins in the wild was amazing! Feeding the birds was a very enjoyable added feature that was almost as fun as seeing Dolphins! The price was very reasonable! I would go again in a heartbeat!
Robert Jansen

Intelligence and Information

about 7 days ago
This trip was great! We we were allowed to make a lot of noice and there fore attracted many dolphins as they are curious
Sviatlana Shyshla

Great Experience

about 6 days ago
The crew aboard the Sunny Lady were excellent! They made sure we had a good time. We saw plenty of dolphins and took sunset pictures. Definitely recommend!
Kelley Rame y

Sunny Lady sunset dolphin cruise!

about 3 days ago
Beautiful evening! Captain was informative, but no Caption Jack Sparrow!!! (Our favorite captain). Only one complaint… felt the boat was overcrowded. Really hard to see scenery with so many people standing.
Allen Teasel

Amazing voyage

about 4 days ago
We saw several pods of the Atlantic bottle nose
Tony King
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