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So much fun!

about 2 days ago
This was definitely the highlight of our trip. The crew was awesome and everyone was SO good with our kids. On top of that, we saw tons of dolphins and fed birds out of our hands. It was a blast! DEFINITELY DO THIS.
Steven Rogers

Gulls & dolphins

about 8 days ago
Great crew, made trip a lot of fun !
Brad Byrd

Great time!

about 4 days ago
Our family enjoyed our trip so much! We saw dolphins, fed the birds, and witnessed a gorgeous sunset. Would definitely go again!
Lindsey Moss


about 2 days ago
Absolutely amazing the staff and crew were incredibly helpful and very kind! 10/10 recommend!
Charity Brewer

Dolphin cruise is a must!!

about 3 days ago
It was so much fun and very informative! All of staff was extremely friendly.
Denise Smith

Great time!

about 7 days ago
Captain Schmidty and his crew gave us a wonderful experience! Very knowledgeable and we learned info about dolphins in between many sightings. Having the dolphins surf our wake was the coolest!! Feeding the seagulls was pretty entertaining too. I thought it was great that Capt Schmidty let the kids come up to “steer” the boat and gave their picture taken.
Becky Patton-Quigley

Dolphin Cruise

about 3 months ago
Everyone was so kind and helpful. As a teenager, if my family experienced bad service, I would comment that the individual obviously didn't like their job. All the employees acted as if they loved their job. It makes for a better experience if everyone is having a good time.
Deborah Sartino

Great crew, great experiene

about 3 days ago
We enjoyed the whole experience. Crew was super friendly. Captain let kids drive (if they wanted). Lucy the Parrot was a fun addition. So fun to see all the dolphins! The bird excursion was fun too!
Carla Hinz

Dolphin cruise

about 1 day ago
We had a great time on the cruise! We saw several dolphins right away. My 2 year old loved the experience!
Sara Arnholz

Great experience! Friendly crew, lots of dolphins!

about 1 day ago
It was a cooler day, but the crew went out of their way to make sure the weather didn’t ruin our experience. They were turning the boat so the wind wasn’t in our faces. They found us dolphins in three different groups and even got one group to follow behind us and jump in our wake! They took song requests, invited kids to come sit and drive the boat, and gave us Cheetos to feed the birds. A very fun experience for our whole family!
Brittney Lee


about 7 days ago
I really enjoyed my stay and the neighbors were very friendly and informative.
Virginia Davis

Best cruise!

about 8 days ago
By far the best dolphin cruise we have been on!! Will definitely be using them again!!!
Clinton Edwards

Wonderful cruise

about 4 days ago
We had a great time on this cruise with our 2 kids. The sights are beautiful, saw a lot of dolphins, fed the seagulls, and the crew made it super fun!!! Will definitely be back! One of the highlights of our week for sure. Thanks!
Elizabeth Hanson

Sunny Lady Dolphin Cruise

about 3 days ago
This was our kids 1st dolphin cruise. It was so fun.... from the friendly staff to the dolphin views to feeding the birds and especially driving the boat. The cruise was everything we wanted for them and more.
Marquita Leslie

Amazing time!

about 4 days ago
My son and I enjoyed every bit of our cruise! The dolphins have a great show! We also had a great time with our Captain (Jeremy) and his boat crew! JJ was great too and the young lady! The experience was a 10 out 10!
Earnesha Dunn

Family Adventure

about 8 days ago
The crew were attentive,great mannors, kid friendly humor and the boat was spacious, clean and comfortable. We saw a lot of dolphins and some were chasing the boat! Seeing them jump out of water just feet away was a memorable moment for sure. I highly recommend this family adventure!
Micheal Arthurs

Fabulous and Fun!

about 5 hours ago
The guys did a great job finding the dolphins. And Lucy was fun too:). They have a great sense of humor and are fun to talk with!
Tracy Davies

Sunset Cruise

about 3 days ago
Best way to spend our last night of vacation. Lots of fun for everyone.
Angie AKenson


about 2 hours ago
This is my third Sunny Lady Dolphin Cruise beginning in the year of 2018. The entire crew is solid. They are very informative and keep you reeled in the entire all the while giving you tons of information on the wildlife and the area. This tour was over the top! I had a whole new experience on this tour compare to the last two I had with them and I was not disappointed. The crew, dolphins, and birds all blew me away. The cruise was definitely they highlight of this trip and I will be booking again this summer.
Shemeka Watson

Awesome Family Boat Tour

about 6 hours ago
Loved our hosts for the boat tour! We had dolphins jumping the the wake of our boat… AMAZING!!! The kids got a chance to steer the boat and meet a lovely parrot named Lucy. Such fun!
Jillian Block

Dolphin watching

about 1 day ago
The crew and captain was outstanding.I would recommend them while vacationing in Gulf Shores
Wayne Smith

Excellent cruise to beat the storm

about 3 days ago
We were scheduled to go out at a different time later in the day but got timely word, that due to storms, we needed to move our cruise time to a different day or he moved the time up to the morning. We elected to go in the morning and saw lots of dolphins, fed birds, took pictures with the captains parrot, and had a great time watching our kids captain the boat. Would highly recommend this dolphin cruise.
Jennifer Liedtke

Dolphin trip

about 3 days ago
We really enjoyed the crew & the parrot! We saw many dolphins and feeding the birds was a real treat. I would do it again! Thanks for such a great time!!
Sylvia Sleigh

Captain Jeremy

about 4 days ago
We love going on dolphin cruise with Captain Jeremy. We have always had great experiences with him. He takes a lot of time with the younger children. We always see several dolphins. We have gone to Gulf shores for over 44 years and been on many different cruises. Some with no sightings but Captain Jeremy always locates several
Lucinda Thigpen

Dolphin watching tour

about 7 days ago
Had a great time with the crew watching dolphins surf along side of the Sunny Lady.
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