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Dolphin cruise

about 16 days ago
Me and my family had a wonderful time especially seeing the dolphins and the boat was huge and our captain. Micheal did a wonderful job
Nita Fausnight

Good and fun

about 15 days ago
Easy to find and fun ride . Lots of dolphins
Ana Gaytan

Pensacola Beach Daytime Dolphin Cruise

about 1 month ago
I had no trouble finding the dock location where the cruise vessel was located. The staff members were super nice, very I formative, and very professional. It seemed that the passengers’ safety was their first concern with passenger enjoyment being their second. I really enjoyed this cruise! I hope to do it again some day.
Darla Raynes

Dolphins trip

about 2 days ago
Staff was so nice. And an excellent customer service.
Alba Romero

Great boat ride- no dolphins

about 1 month ago
The boat ride and staff it’s self was good. Although I was unhappy because we didn’t see a lot of dolphin interaction. I know that’s not their fault and they can’t control that but I wish we could have seen more dolphins for what we paid for.
Cristal Baez

Great experience!

about 27 days ago
My family and I really enjoyed this activity!! We saw sooo many dolphins! The crew was great! They were very informative, kind and kept us entertained. I definitely recommend this Dolphin Cruise!
Kimberly Tschannen

Wonderful trip over two hours

about 14 days ago
We saw dolphin and enjoyed the boat ride all very nice!
Donna Weidelman

Dolphin Cruise

about 20 days ago
We LOVED our dolphin cruise! Our captain and crew were amazing! They made sure we had many opportunities to view dolphins and made sure our family was comfortable and having a great time! Would definitely go again and would highly recommend!
Aubrey Auel


about 4 days ago
Captain Mike was very entertaining and knew a lot about dolphins and other things. Seen a lot of dolphins too
Harry Walker

Cool little trip

about 11 days ago
Easy to book, pleasant ride for the family. There ought to be more clear signage in front of Felix, the very place we needed to traverse to get to the dock. Also parking is a challenge.
Arnaud Wauters

No dolphins

about 17 days ago
Didn’t really see any dolphins so was more just a long boat ride. Folks were nice though.
Kimberley DuBose


about 1 month ago
We did not see any dolphins when the website states dolphin cruise.
Taneshia Black

Dolphin ride

about 24 days ago
A nice and reasonable ride. The dolphins were active on this date.
James Holden

Wonderful tour

about 1 month ago
Wonderful boat ride. We didn't see any dolphins at the usual spot but the boat captain made sure to take us somewhere that dolphins were reported even if that meant staying out just a little longer than usual.
Dana Hopper


about 15 days ago
It was a peaceful ride! The winds and the waves are always! The boat showed up on time’ The ride was really nice! We really enjoyed going on the top deck, you could see the dolphins better! Well worth the price and time!!
Lisa Stone


about 1 month ago
I love it it’s very nice
Charlotte Broussard

Daytime Dolphin Cruise

about 2 days ago
Boat ride was exhilarating, yet relaxed at same time. Tour didn't disappoint! We definitely saw dolphins! Captain was informative about the water and dolphins. Captain and crew were very friendly, and had jokes! Constant music was a nice filler. Boarding and unboarding is mostly easy, unless you are nervous to walk dock without rails across small stretch of water. Would highly recommend for tourists, and for all ages!
Vanessa Conner

Dolphin cruise

about 1 month ago
Very nice people. Good price. Would recommend
Michael Ryan

Book a different excursion!

about 1 month ago
The directions was not clear as to where the boat was. There was no signs for the cruise. There was no interaction between the staff and customers. No alcoholic beverages as advertised. The tide was low so the boat sat low and there was a super steep step down to get on the boat. It was dangerous for everyone. My 75 year old aunt fell getting into the boat. No apology or fix for the rest of the passenger’s. They did get a step stool for everyone to get off of the boat. We did see dolphins. That was the only good thing. Not impressed and will never book again. I do not recommend this excursion.
Racheal Barrie

2 Great experiences

about 19 days ago
We enjoyed everything throughly and booking was very easy
madison Mire

Great time

about 12 days ago
Great time, crew was friendly and knowledgeable. Saw dolphins. Would go again
Jacob Zamora

Family Trip

about 14 days ago
Everything was excellent!!
Wendy Watts

Awesome time!

about 11 days ago
My family and I had a blast doing this dolphin cruise! All the crew were so kind and made it so fun for the kids! We not only saw tons of dolphins, but jelly fish and a sea turtle! Loved it!!
Katie L

Family Fun!

about 14 days ago
Great crew! Fun guests! Relaxing boat ride with great music. The captain was funny and adorable. The dolphins weren’t always cooperative but we were able to get some good pics.
Ginnie Pruitt

Great Experience!!

about 28 days ago
We went for this dolphin cruise with my five years old and 2 years old. It was such a great experience. Our trip was about 2 hours long from the time of leaving and come back. We got to see wild dolphins in several different places. My kids loves it. The crews always in alert to make sure everyone are safe. I would recommend this dolphin cruise. Be sure to leave cash tips for the crews before you leave.
Mokhamad Noval
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