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05/31/2020 ~ 06/06/2020

Cute boy

about 12 months ago
Banana boat boy was cute
Maggie F

The perfect vacation

about 2 years ago
The kids had a blast, even though we arrived earlier than expected they still put us on right away. A definite thumbs up
Michael C

Banana Boat ride

about 2 years ago
My 2 13 yo daughters loved was there 1st time. Everyone was terrific. Best 10-15 ride they had on ocean water! Don't hesitate, book it!

Fell off and was really scared

about 1 year ago
I have no doubt that people come flying off these things all the time, in fact, it might be part of the fun of it, but my daughter ended up in the water after falling right off the back and she said the guy didn’t act concerned at all. In fact, her friend that was with her was the one that helped her back onto the boat. The guy never helped. This was after he told them about a possible Tiger Shark sighting. My guess is that was just to build the hype and a shark wasn’t really in the water or you would not have had them out there...but, it still upset my daughter a lot.
Scott D

Banana boat

about 2 years ago
The service and kindness was great the actual ride lasted literally 8 minutes. I drove an hour and paid 130.00+ for an 8 minute ride..... ridiculous
Georgiana G

Time difference

about 2 years ago
It was super fun but much less time than what was anticipated. It was supposed to b 30 minutes and it was barely 15.
Misty Z