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about 1 year ago
The staff was great and very professional. For the price I just wish the ride was a little longer. I highly recommend them if you want to go parasailing.
Bryan W

Awesome Crew

about 10 months ago
We had a blast! The crew was hilarious and made our experience amazing
stephanie H


about 12 months ago
It was awesome! Took a banana boat to the big boat, then up up and away. Super great fun!
Mary J M

Fun fun fun!

about 1 year ago
My 2 girls had a great time!! We will back in a week for cousin camp and the kids will probably do it again!
Ginger Penney L

Great experience

about 1 year ago
The crew was great! This was our first time para sailing and it was a great, first time experience!!
Tyler P

Fantastic Fun

about 11 months ago
It was very organized, everyone was knowledgeable and experienced and kept us safe so we could have a blast.


about 11 months ago
The crew was great & made our parasailing adventure top notch. Highly recommend!!
Charity N


about 12 months ago
The nice lady that booked me over the phone was super, wish I could recall her name ( had family back in Arkansas).The site was 5 minutes walk from condo,super sweet girl checked us in and all the staff were friendly,the banana boat ride to parasailing boat was fun,the ride exceeded our expectations, definitely recommended!
Kim R

Memory with my son

about 22 days ago
My 15 year old son and I enjoyed this very much. The ride just isn’t long enough, but we received a good explanation from the crew members as to why they can’t let you ride any longer.
Joyce H

Great experience

about 11 months ago
My family and I has a great time parasailing. The crew was very professional and kind. It was my 9 yr old son first time and he was a little scared. The guys on the boat made him feel so comfortable. We had a great time.
Corlis A

Boat Issues

about 12 months ago
Booking was easy, and everything looked to be heading in the right direction for a great day! After the fun banana boat ride out to the boat, the Jet Ski driver made a wrong turn and got the rope to the banana boat wrapped around the prop. The crew dove down and worked for 30 min trying to cut it and get it undone. Meanwhile, we sat and rocked on the boat getting sea sick. Another ski came and returned us to shore. They called another boat to come and replace the one that was broken. We were rescheduled. When we returned, the other boat had arrived, but instead of using it to parasail, it was parked next to the broken boat and they were still trying to fix the broken one. We waited some more, and finally they cut their losses, attached the parasail to the new boat and started flying again. Except now, all of the their appointments were delayed. So we were PACKED onto the boat, and were given very little flight time, as they seemed to be in a rush to get everyone in. The crew was grumpy because of their eventful day. The parasailing itself was great for the short time we were able to enjoy it. The rest of the experience left a little to be desired.
Chad O

Great time

about 11 months ago
Everyone was super nice and we had a great time
Greg M

Fun, exciting and professional!

about 21 days ago
We loved parasailing with these guys! So fun, professional and safe!
Nancy P

Awesome experience

about 1 month ago
My adult kids and teenage grandchildren had a great time. It was the first time for my 40 year old son and two of his kids. They came back to the beach house full of excitement to tell this grandma all about it! The raved about the banana boat ride too. My teen granddaughter and grandson that flew last year in Destin said this ride was better! Thanks for a great experience.
Lisa P

3 for One!!

about 11 months ago
Kids had a blast, you pretty much get 3 rides for one price. Banana boat ride, boat ride and parasailing! The people working it were amazing and fun!
Angela C

Great Staff!

about 12 months ago
The staff onsite was amazing and fun! Weather got us. We didn’t get to parasail and we couldn’t reschedule, the manager was willing to refund us. We will go back to them and try again next time!
Jennifer W

Great Ride!

about 12 months ago
Everybody had great customer service and knew how to entertain the guests!
Tom K


about 12 months ago
These guys were great! Would highly recommend them to anyone!
Jaclyn C


about 11 months ago
Very short for the amount of money you make. Boat driver was hitting on my wife when I was in the air.
Gregory H

Great experience!

about 11 months ago
Parasailing is always fun! But I wanted to take a moment to commend your staff, every single person working was so friendly. They went out if their way to talk to us and make us feel welcome, much appreciated!
Mindy M

So much fun!

about 11 months ago
4 kids - 2 adults, best afternoon ever. Thanks for a fun and exhilarating experience!
Whitney P


about 11 months ago
It was great. They were professional, careful and fun. Glynn
Glynn S

Parasail Perdido Key

about 1 year ago
Highly recommend!
Dan F


about 1 year ago
It was fantastic!! The crew was wonderful. A group came in while we were waiting and unfortunately one of the members of that group had a bit too much to drink so the guy politely told them he wouldn’t be allowed to ride and of course they were upset but the crew remained professional. The boat ride out was enjoyable and parasailing was fantastic!! My son and I loved it!!
Martha L

Awesome experience

about 12 months ago
This was one of the highlights of our trip!! Highly recommend it. Three of my children, ages 6, 15, 17 parasailed and totally loved it. The banana boat and boat ride were fun, too!
Amy D
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