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Reviews of Pirate Ship Adventure at John's Pass

Great Experience
Great crew, really fun and personable!
Morgan C.
about 7 months ago
Super fun! Seeing the water at night was an amazing treat
Nikki W.
about 3 months ago
Great Crew and fun for the kids
We just spent 10 days in St. Pete. Out of everything we did- this was our kids (10, 4, and 10 months) favorite thing we did. They LOVED the water guns, stories, treasure hunt, peg leg Pete, and boat ride. The crew was excellent with the kids and made it fun for the whole family! We will definitely have to do this again!
Beth M.
about 2 years ago
Awesome time
Perfect for kids and adults
Rhonda Y.
about 1 year ago
Pirate ship
Fabulous children/family centered experience . Excellent friendly happy staff-kept children engaged with a variety of activities. Excellent experience
about 1 year ago
Great for kids of all ages.
It was interactive and a creative experience.
Vivian C.
about 7 months ago
Took my kids and wife to enjoy a nice sail. Captain and crew ship were super friendly and definitely played the part. Will do again next year !
Jose T.
about 7 months ago
Royal Conquest Pirate Ship
The Royal Conquest pirate ship adventure was great! Adults and kids had a wonderful time. The crew was so cool with all the kids, limbo, storytelling, a treasure hunt and the water fighting especially was really the best fun too! Great time at St John’s Pass!!
Lynn B.
about 2 years ago
It was fun listening to the story and watching the kids do the water fight. Boat was cool - my son loved being on the pirate ship!
Katherine S.
about 10 months ago
Pirate cruise
Everyone had fun. Wasn’t sure what to expect. It said face painting but they’re want any. The crew was great with the kids.
Annamaria A.
about 3 months ago
Excellent for Kids and Parents with Unlimited Beer and Wine
Great trip, kids had a blast and we didn’t have to pay no extra for Beer and Wine! Win win for all!!!
Michael C.
about 1 year ago
It was a great time!!
The crew was amazing! They did a fabulous job with the kids and my kids had a wonderful time! Highly recommend checking this out!
Andrea D.
about 2 years ago
Great time!!
Three young granddaughters loved the trip. Crew was fantastic. Adults had a great time too. Perfect for under 10s. Thanks!!
John D.
about 1 year ago
The grandkids had a great time.
Linda M.
about 8 months ago
Loved it! This was our first boat tour since moving to Florida and it was perfect. We’ll definitely be back with our daughter and more friends!
Catherine W.
about 10 months ago
This adventure was fantastic , we enjoyed the caption and crew's ability to entertain the kids.. I will highly recommend this adventure to families and friends.
Ginger B.
about 7 months ago
Not for adults at all
I should have really read more before booking this. This is an activity FOR CHILDREN. DO NOT GO WITHOUT KIDS. Period. Thanks for wasting my money.
Heather T.
about 1 year ago
Best Pirate Ship Adventure
We went with 4 Adults, a teen, and two kids. We all had an amazing time. Kids had activities through the entire ride. Adults had drinks and amazing views. Would definitely recommend. Great staff. Don’t forget to Tip. They really go above and beyond.
Patty S.
about 1 year ago
Amazing Pirate Adventure!!
This Pirate Ship Adventure turned out to be a fantastic treat!!! The trip FAR surpassed our expectations!! The crew, Kaiser, Mike, and Steve were amazing! My grand children, two 7 year olds, and a 3 year old, were entertained the entire 1 and half hours by Kaiser and Mike with interactive activities starting with a squirt gun battle!!!! They arrived in the ship and were hovercraft a pirate hat and wooden gun to start. Then they listened to pirate stories and searched for treasures. The crew was dressed in pirate gear and smiled and laughed with the kids. They had a limbo contest, dance party, they got a gold pirate necklace, then involved my adult son to play the party as Pegleg Pete!! That was the high light of the day!!!! The is free water for the kids, free beer and wine for adults. And on of the most engaging adventures around! I can't say enough great things about this experience!!! It was worth every penny!!! I highly recommend for kiddos and adults alike!!! Kaiser, Mike, and Captain Steve, thank you for making it a wonderful day as Pirates!!!!!⚓️
Helen M.
about 8 months ago
The Pirate ship is great for both kids and adults. We love how the crew interacts, and I even got in on it being asked to play Pegleg Pete! Weather brought an early end to the trip, but we will definitely do again!
about 9 months ago
Excellent experience for any one with kids!
Dave R.
about 10 months ago
It was amazing. The grandkids had a fantastic time. The youngest asked if we could do it again! Definitely recommend this experience.
Nancy S.
about 7 months ago
We were so impressed and happy!
The staff made sure that we were on our way when we were running late and got us on board right away when we got there. The ship itself is super fun and we were really thankful for the on boat drinks! The crew was incredible, they had so many activities to keep our almost 3-year-old busy and having a blast the entire time! I highly recommend this experience to anyone traveling with small kiddos. I will definitely do this again when we come back. Thank you to the crew for being so friendly and accommodating!
Stephanie J.
about 10 months ago
Great for 5yr olds
We were kind of disappointed that there was no ongoing narrative during the trip, like other Pirate Ship cruises we have taken. Basically the only activity was drinking and watching little kids shoot squirt guns. There was no great sunset, which can't be helped, but there was nice scenery of the homes on shore.
Christina G.
about 4 months ago


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