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Reviews of Pontoon Rental from Broad Creek Marina

Pontoon rental
Tim was great thank yu
Ted M.
about 2 years ago
The check in was very easy.
Scott W.
about 2 years ago
HH resident
Excellent experience!!! Staff was friendly, helpful & efficient. We got rained out one day & they were more than happy to reschedule us at our convenience. Highly recommend them!!!
Douglas W.
about 11 months ago
We had a great time on the pontoon boat at Hilton head. We got to see several dolphins and the area was beautiful . It does need better signage for where to check in. We had to keep walking up and down the pier because there was not clear marking for where to sign in
Tracee P.
about 3 years ago
Great time; however, boat gauges didn’t work and one of the doors was broken…..
Todd H.
about 2 years ago
Smooth easy transaction. Nice boat, great staff-we had a great time
Michael B.
about 1 year ago
Boat is unsafe to be on the water
Good evening, we recently rented of your pontoon boats for the day yesterday August 5th. We have a pontoon boat up on Lake Norman and also live here. Our family came into town, and we always do a day on the water at least once during the summer. My daughter's family has a boat they usually brig down but is currently having mechanical issues, so we had to rent a boat. This is not the first time we have rented a boat as we have lived here on the Island over 25 years. The main reason we rented from your location was the location, we live off Spanish Wells, so it was very convenient. Once we arrived the girl that met us at the window was very nice and helpful. The young man who brought us the boat and explained everything was also excellent. Thats where the excellent part ends. As soon as we got onto the boat it didn't look like a $700/day boat. I know that's the going rate, but the others are brand new compared to yours. After we took off, we realized the gas gauge was broken, radio didn't work, Bimini top wouldn't latch, speedometer didn't work, horn didn't work, and the front door the panel was missing. As a boat owner I know you are not allowed without a horn and also with the front panel missing. We had a 3-year-old on the boat, and she could have fell through that very easily. We did mention this to the young man when we returned the boat and he said we wouldn't have been held liable for any tickets we would have gotten, because it was a rental. We also have no idea how filled up the boat was with gas, because the gauge was broken, and they didn't put any gas into the boat until after we were gone. I honestly can't give your company a good review except for the two people we met when we arrived and the young man when we got back. For $700 it was totally not worth it. You really need to inspect your boats have them repaired on a more frequent time manner. I just read a revie after we got back from a customer they had the same boat a year ago, non-working gauges and missing door panel. Your boats should not be allowed on the water and after renting from Outside Hilton Head, there is no comparison, and we will be returning to them from now on. It definitely wasn't worth the convenience of the location. I truly hope you address these issues before someone gets in an accident or gets hurt on one of your boats. Thanks, Jim Hewitt
James H.
about 11 months ago


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