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04/18/2019 ~ 04/24/2019

Charter Boat Big Deal

Ship off on a big, comfortable cruiser with your closest friends and family members on a private fishing adventure aboard the Big Deal. This charter is 100% customizable--meaning you choose where and what to fish for! Looking at chasing big boys like snapper and amberjack out among the deep? Yeah, Big Deal has you covered there! With over 15 years of experience fishing the Florida Coast, your Captain will make it happen.

Activity Highlights
  • Target snapper, amberjack, king mackerel and more
  • Private ocean fishing trips for up to 6 passengers
  • Bait, tackle, and fishing license included
  • Experienced Captain puts you in the best position to succeed

Duration: Varies

What's Included
  • Bait and tackle
  • Fishing license
  • Experienced captain
  • Fully equipped boat
  • Ice and bags
  • Fish filleting
What to bring
  • Hat or visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Suntan lotion
  • Wash cloths
  • 6 pack cooler
  • Food and beverages
  • Camera
  • Must be at least 18 to reserve this charter.
  • This activity is not recommended for children under 3 and pregnant women.
  • For children between the ages of 3-7, life jackets are available but it is recommended that for your child's comfort you bring your own life vest as the ones provided are not the most comfortable.
  • The boat is coast guard approved for 6 passengers.
  • Glass bottles or items are prohibited on the boat.
  • Absolutely no GPS devices will be allowed on the boat.
Additional information

Is your target species in season? Check for more info

Types of Fishing

Bottom Fishing: The most common way of fishing techniques, used to catch fish that are found near the sea floor.

Trolling: A method of fishing where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water behind a boat. Each paid person will take turns reeling in the fish.

Check the ticket descriptions to see what type of fish you are likely to catch on each trip.

  • Gratuity of 15-20% is customary for crew.
  • Public parking is available for a fee.
  • Longer trip variations than what is bookable online are available however customers must call to book these longer trips.
  • There is a restroom on board the boat.
  • The captain may be required to catch live bait during your trip that may impact trip time. This is customary and part of the fishing experience.
  • The captain or mate will fillet and bag any fish that the customer catches on the trip. Please tip appropriately for all the hard work that is done on the trip.
  • Customers will be fishing on a 30ft cabin cruiser with twin Cummings diesel engines.
  • There are no guarantees that the customer will catch the target species, but the captain has a very high success rate in finding and catching certain species.
  • If it rains, charters will still go out fishing depending on the customer preference. However, if there is excessive fog, wind, or lightning, the trip will not go. Trips are always decided based on the captains discretion. Trip will either reschedule or be refunded to the customer.
Cancellation policy

Customers that cancel more than 48 hours prior to arrival will be charged 1 hours worth of trip time plus a $5 service fee. Cancellations within 48 hours of arrival are not eligible for refund unless the captain has to call off the trip (weather, maintenance, etc.). In this case, another day will be scheduled or the customer may opt for a full refund. No refunds will be given once the customer boards the boat. No shows will not be refunded.

210 Harbor Blvd, Destin, FL

Charter Boat Big Deal

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Verified Traveler Reviews

good fishing
about 9 months ago
we had lots of fun! we did really want to fish for different kinds of fish. we werent really looking for fish to eat but to try and catch like a cool fish like a shark or something! but we still had a blast would definitely come and do it again! thank yall so much!
Tucker T
Awesome trip
about 10 months ago
Zach was amazing he helped all of us everytime when being needed, we got to catch some really good fishes. Great experience will recommend this crew to anyone!
Martin F
BEST DAY ON THE WATER! Do your homework!
about 10 months ago
I spent a lot of time researching boats and companies until I found one that had great reviews in our budget! I read the information on the listings like 12 times, checked facebook to see what's been catching and called Tripshock to ask additional questions. I did my homework so that I knew what I was getting into, I'm a researcher. I like knowing stuff. Even though I have experience fishing in my hometown, I didn't come in with a ton of expectations. Every place you fish and visit is different. The fishing down by the Keys is NOT the same as Destin. Our group is super laid back anyway so it always makes for an easy trip. I have to say, we had the best day on the water! Catching bait was fun, trolling was even better and the deep sea fishing was amazing! Caught our limit on dang near everything! Weather was iffy but it didn't matter bc the fish don't know when it's raining! Thank you to the captain for taking care of us! Our 8 hr trip was worth every penny!!!
Trigger Fish and a good time
about 10 months ago
Boat Captain made maximum effort to try to help us go for a big catch. He did a great job and next time we are in the area we will use the Y’all again. Thanks for the great time.
Raymond C
about 11 days ago
Caren B
about 4 months ago
Melvin S
Horrible deep sea fishing
about 10 months ago
We booked a 4 hour excursion costing more then $700. I brought my 4 year old son who has been begging to go deep sea fishing for 6 months ever since he found out we were going to Florida. I understand that fishing is not guaranteed. I have been on several excursions. In some of them we caught a lot of fish, and others we caught only a couple. This trip we only caught 2, and they were both trash fish. The biggest problem was the captain. He had no interest in being there, and that was obvious. Right off the bat before we even left the dock, he told us if at anytime we wanted to quit he would bring us back. Once we were out there he threw the lines out to catch bait and just left us to try to figure it out. We only caught 3 bait fish. Then we started trolling with lures. After 3 hours he decided to troll with the live bait. That is when we caught the 2 fish. I told him on many occasions I was not concerned with catching big fish I would just like to catch something for my son. I told him we did not anything to keep, we were just there for the experience. I asked if we could try bay fishing or anything else to just try to catch something. He just kept trolling. My issue is that he would not try anything different or communicate with us what was going on or what we could try. He just threw the lines out and trolled. On 3 different occasions he reeled the line in to find out there was no bait or lure left on it. If at the very beginning if he just told us that it was too rough and offered to give us a partial refund I would have been OK with that. The very least he could have done is stopped and said this is what is going on, would you like to try something different. He just trolled and did not interact with us at all, or give us any options. His plan was to go out and do the bare min, get the 4 hours over and drop us off.
Paid for one hour fishing and a three hour boat ride
about 10 months ago
Purchased a 4 hour fishing trip. Arrived a half hour early. Captain Zach had the boat ready to go. He told us that we would start by catching some fish for eating and then cut himself off and didn't finish what he was saying. We took about 30 minutes to get to our fishing spot. We bottom-fished with frozen cigar minnows and cut squid; no live bait. There was no deckhand; however everyone in our group was experienced in baiting hooks and removing fish. Zach attempted to help, but he had to keep returning to the steer. We would fish for about 10 minutes and then be told to reel in because we had drifted off our spot. Zach then decided we needed to move somewhere else, so we spent 30 to 40 minutes moving to the east. Once we arrived, it was the same thing: fish for about 10 minutes and then be told to reel in because we had drifted. Around 7pm, Zach told us to reel in. He came down to the deck, removed the bait from our hooks, and put the poles up. He then threw a bucket of chum in the water which led me to believe that we would try for some shark (one of the reasons I had booked the trip). Instead, he returned to the steer and took us back to the boat dock without saying another word. While at the dock, I did notice that several other cleaning stations had some decent catches. I've been on several private charters and have to rank this one as "poor." We spent less than an hour actually fishing and over 3 hours with our poles out of the water. Zach either lacks personality or didn't want to be there. Any questions we asked were responded to with a brief answer and then he would look away. He spent more time taking selfies on his phone while we traveled around he gulf then he did speaking to us. We did catch a few small fish. If the big ones weren't biting, we could've lived with that as long as we were actually out there fishing. If Zach didn't speak a single word, it wouldn't have bothered us one bit as long as we were doing what we wanted to do: fish. Again, I've paid for several private charters in the past, and this is not the "normal" I could never recommend this charter to anyone. I spent over $700 dollars for less than one hour of fishing. Either purchase a cheaper dolphin cruise or book a different fishing charter.
Highly unsatisfied
about 11 months ago
No deckhand, nothing premade, and then the captain only put 50 gallons of fuel in the boat. We head out to get bait from the bait boat, but no boat around. We had to catch our own bait and after we catch 7 bait fish, he said reel everything in, we have to head to the fish. The surf was a little choppy, but when we all noticed larger and smaller vessels passing us, I knew that this wasn't going to be a good trip. But then when he wants to hook up his Bluetooth to the speakers on the boat and asks me to take the wheel and keep us on course, when I did, I noticed that we were already off course by 15°-20°. From the time we left from getting our very few bait fish, to the time we get to were we start fishing was just about an hour. My brother asked how far out are we and the captain said 16 miles. We all had to bait our own hooks and within 2-3 minutes of us getting our lines in the water, the captain turns the boat and gets everyone's lines tangled up. After everyone gets their lines in and he cuts 3 out of 4 lines, we were told to not put our lines back in the water because we're drifted so far away from the fish. That's when we said that's why we needed a deckhand. After circling around for about 15 minutes, he moved to the next area. After circling that area 3-4 times it was finally time to drop our lines in. Couple of fish caught and it's time to move to the next spot. Circling around again. Couple more fish caught. Time to move again. After a few areas he tells us to reel them in, it's time to start heading back. I looked at my phone and check the time, it was 10:32 AM. 10:35 we are heading back with only 5 red snapper and one small but keeper vermilion snapper. As you can tell, he had no intention of taking us out for grouper. After he cleaned our fish, we almost didn't give him the gratuity because of everything going wrong. But I did. I will never book another trip with Real Deal Charters. This was my first and last time with them. After we get back, I made several attempts to talk with their office, I left 2 messages asking for them to call me back. Still no response.
Rodney S
What a fantastic day!
about 11 months ago
We had the best trip with Captain Zack. He was very professional a lot of fun and knew where the fish were biting. We look forward to our next trip again with him
Michael J