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07/04/2020 ~ 07/10/2020

Family fun Shark fishing

about 12 months ago
My family really enjoyed shark fishing with captain Zach.
Edmund C

Great trip.

about 1 year ago
We had a blast. Captain Zack was awesome. He put us on fish all day. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks for the memories.
James H

Deep Sea Fishing

about 1 year ago
We had a blast! My husband caught a shark and we caught a few red snappers! The captain was super nice very! I would recommend these guys to anyone looking to do some deep sea fishing in Florida
Flossie P

They are definitely "a big deal"!

about 1 year ago
We take a trip on this boat every year and Capt Steve and Zach never disappoint us! Booking is always easy, we get an email and texted confirmation booking thru Tripshock. On this trip we really wanted to catch some triggerfish so we booked a 6hr morning trip. Parking behind Brotula's was easy and the boat was ready for us to board. Your trips are always half travel time, half fishing time so plan accordingly and think smart about what you want to catch and what's in season. You can go to the website to check out the chart. Anyways, we caught some live bait just out of the pass and then traveled for a bit. We moved fishing spots a few times and it wasn't long before we had our limit of triggerfish, white snapper and mingo snapper. Since we still had some time left, Steve asked if we wanted to catch some "photo worthy fish" so we headed over to a hot spot and caught some nice gag grouper, red snapper and amber jack! We couldn't keep them because they weren't in season but they were super fun to catch and we got some great pics out of it. Steve and Zach are always professional, a ton of fun, and they explain things so you can understand them. We are already planning our trip for the Destin Fishing Rodeo in October!

Just ok

about 11 months ago
Our experience was just ok. Our captain (I think his name was Josh, but we were never told or introduced) did not explain anything. We spent a lot of money on this trip for it to be just “ok”. Not recommended for any age kids. We did, however, get to catch 2 sharks.
Bonnie H

6 hour bottom/trolling

about 11 months ago
The captain was a really good dude and friendly. Put us on fish pretty much all day. Caught a lot of stuff that was out of season and had to throw back but not his fault. While everyone was able to reel in fish. Would have liked to fish for game fish a little longer. Went to two spots for amberjack and only tried for about 5-10 mins each. While we did catch little fish all day, I did want to do some trolling, I brought it up to him and he just said that it’s been one of the worst years for trolling. Even if it has been, I still paid for trolling and expected to do a little. Really wanted to fight some actual fish. Could have gotten on a party charter for much much less for the kind of fishing we did. Everyone had a good time though and that’s all that really matters.
Trey M

8hr deep sea fishing trip

about 1 year ago
For an 8hr trip didn’t really catch a lot of fish. This is our 4th deep sea fishing trip and this is the least amount of fish we have caught. We were traveling half of the time so really only fished maybe 3 hrs out of the whole trip. Zach was the captain and he did okay, just wished we would have been on spots that had more action and less time going from one spot to the next.
Kenneth S

Don't pick this one!

about 1 year ago
Captain overslept and showed up 40 minutes after departure time. Deck hand never showed. Boat was a filthy rattle trap. Equipment was worse. My son got one shark up to where to we could get a good look at it but the line broke above the steel leader. Rotten line! There must have been 300 charter boats in the harbor and we had to pick the absolute worst one there. Don't be fooled by the youtube video. The Big Deal is the Big Steal! To the tune of about 650 bucks!
Amanda s

Slow day in the Gulf

about 1 year ago
Overall our captain was professional and very helpful, however we spent a lot of time looking for fish and did not catch very many. We did an 8-hour trip and spent the majority of the time travelling between fishing holes only to find them vacant of fish. Also, the red snapper catch limit is only (2) per- person, therefore we could only keep (12) with 6 people on the boat. It actually makes more sense to take a party boat with 50 folks because the red snapper catch limit would be 100 fish. Just Saying! It was very discouraging to arrive back at the dock and watch other boats arrive with tons of fish of various species. We will just chalk it up to a bad day on the water. It happens! However, we will try our luck with a different captain next time.
Cecil F


about 2 years ago
Awesome trip would definitely recommend to anyone who was looking to go shark fishing.
Jeremy C