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07/05/2020 ~ 07/11/2020

Really tried

about 9 months ago
The captain really tried to get us more fish but day was a miss. Other boats had much larger catches in same time period. Left with enough fish for dinner but not enough to really be satisfied.
Brian K

Awesome Trip!!!!

about 12 months ago
Booked the shark trip. Captain Zach had no issues putting us on some huge sharks. Took 3 tries but we finally got a 7ft Sandbar shark to the boat. It was massive. Blew the kids mind. Buckle up they at super strong. 30-45 min fight.
David S

Big Deal fishing with Capt. Zach

about 1 year ago
Charter was ready to go on time, Capt Zach was personable, knowledgeable, and kept my family engaged. We trolled, with nominal results, then progressed to bait fishing. He put us on fish, when they stopped biting he moved to other proven spots. We didn't land any whales, but had a lot of action and a great time.
Shane B

Great Experience!!!

about 1 year ago
I have always been to cheap to book a fishing trip but I did this time at the suggestion of my wife. Man-o-man what a trip, we hooked a Hammerhead Shark that was over 7’ long and 170#. We had to fight the Shark for over 45 minutes to get it up to the boat. Great experience, great memories, great pictures..... I will book with Reel Deal from now on, I can’t see a trip to Destin without a fishing trip being part of the plan.
Richard K

Lazy non energetic captain

about 11 months ago
Captain Zack was lifeless and didn’t not show any interest in helping us with catching fish. He just gave a bag of cut squid and told hook it and throw it in the water
mohammed b

Terrible experience

about 11 months ago
We knew almost immediately it was not going to be a good fishing trip. There was only ONE young 20 something year old guy running the entire boat. We were told we would bottom fish and troll. He had bait for bottom fishing, but we never once dropped a line to bottom fish. He said we would go 45 miles out but we made the same nonproductive circle over and over. Our dolphin cruise went further out than we did!!! We maybe went out 1-2 miles. He could not answer our questions and did not seem knowledgeable about the area and local fishing. He seemed more concerned about what was on his cellphone than us! We were really looking forward to our fishing trip. It was scheduled on our last day and we had previously walked the docks looking and admiring all the catches the other boats were bringing in. Unfortunately that was not the case for us. Only brought 5 fish back for our 6 people that went. I understand that every fishing trip is different and will not always bring in a lot, but as described above we barely left the shoreline and went in the same circle! When we asked when we were going to bottom fish, he mumbled something that none of us could understand. We do not recommend this fishing charter! And am very disappointed that this is how our vacation ended!
Rocky R

Great trip

about 1 year ago
It was absolutely over the top fantastic ! We caught the fish of a lifetime. A 12 foot 500 pound Bull Shark. It took the three of us and the boat captain 35 minutes taking turns to get the fish to the boat. I would surely recommend Captain Zack and the Real Deal to anyone.
Larry G

Great trip

about 2 years ago
It was a great time. Zach was a good captain. We hold a shark but didn't get it to the boat. We'll try again next year.
Drew D

Best time on a Charter Shark Fishing

about 2 years ago
Great trip , thanks again to ZACK we caught two sharks ( well one for sure the 6 foot 150 pd Sandshsrk other one was close but I tell all my friends we got him 12 foot Bull shark ) we had an entry in the Destin Fishing Rodeo Spanish Markell . I will def be back 5 + stars for the Big Deel charter guys Thanks Gable
Gable V


about 2 years ago
The big deal is much bigger boat than the reel deal which was a nice upgrade. This was our 2nd trip with this crew & our first trip was much better. We spent way too much time trolling for fish & after an hour caught nothing. We fished for some small snapper but didn’t catch anything bigger than a few pounds. Wife complained about captain smoking constantly. Zach was great & worked hard ! Wished we had more time reeling in fish instead of trolling though
Justin H