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Reviews of Rise & Reef Snorkeling Trip With Breakfast & Unlimited Mimosas

Was a good experience
The crew and captain were very good. The drinks were also good .
Charles s.
about 4 years ago
Key West must!
If you only do one thing in Key West, this is it. It’s fun, relaxing, and always a great time. The trip was beautiful and the staff was amazing!
Sara B.
about 10 months ago
fun snorkel
the snorkeling was from a coral reef in the sea. We were fine with an open water snorkel others on the boat were not and the lifeguard on the boat had to jump in and help one guy back onto the boat. breakfast is mini muffins and cereal.
Hollis B.
about 5 years ago
Fun people! They are good vibes!! They also were willing to take videos for me under water!! Definitely will do again!!
Deneathia D.
about 4 years ago
Experience was good. Expected a lot more from a breakfast that included free tiny muffins. I wish we knew so we could have actually had breakfast some place else. Our 9 year old didn’t have a small enough mask to fit him, so his snorkeling was cut short. Also would be nice to know ahead of time there are sharks swimming next to you, even if they are harmless (hopefully)
Iliya B.
about 5 years ago
Nice time
The boat was clean, and the staff was great! The spot for snorkeling was perfect. The “breakfast” is a little deceiving though. It consisted of pre-packaged muffins.
Bobbi C.
about 4 years ago
Worth it
Great experience. The staff was friendly and thorough in their instructions. Easy trip and a lot of fun.
Laila P.
about 5 years ago
Great Time!!
The Captain & Crew wete terrific, equipment was newer and clean, the drinks were the best! Thanks!!
Birgit D.
about 3 years ago
Incredible experience!
What an amazing time! The crew were so great and beyond helpful! Doing a sunset snorkel this with them as well! Highly recommend!!
Oleta A.
about 4 years ago
I wish we knew how unstable the waters were going to be. Ride out was rough, getting in the water was even worse, and could not see anything. Not a good experience. Staff were absolutely amazing though!
Laura R.
about 4 years ago
Best time to snorkel
The absolute best time to take a snorkeling trip in the Keys is Sunday morning. Our boat, which will often carry over a 100 people, had about 20 making this a phenomenal experience. Great crew Very knowledgeable and engaging.
John G.
about 2 years ago
Great Experience
The crew was fantastic! Knowledgeable, personable and made sure everyone had a great time. This activity is great for everyone whether you enjoy snorkeling or not. So much fun and I would definitely do it again.
Celia T.
about 10 months ago
Be warned, you are on your own
1st time ocean snorkeling, but have snorkeled off coastlines several times. The instructor could have communicated ocean swimming/expectations better when selecting life vests (thinner vs standard). Luckily I selected the standard. Once in Ocean I had a very difficult time and needed to come back on the boat. No support other than being told to swim towards the back, granted I was yelling I was having a hard time swimming/navigating/and drifting. Crew seemed amused and no one helped me. I went on my back to avoid the salt water and still no help. Crew did keep eye on me but a little help/line/rope could have really helped to pull me in. Once on the back no one was there to help me up, out of the water even though I was asking for help. It was rough and not what I expected. The crew could have been more attentive all around (like Fury for example). Not booking again.
Gabby F.
about 3 years ago
Very good
Enjoyed the day! Gorgeous snorkeling trip with a great attentive crew!
Christina N.
about 5 years ago
Great time and value
Unfortunately the seas were more rough than expected so we didn’t get to go to the reef we were supposed to go to which is no fault of the crew. Their priority was safety which is great! We had a larger group and from start to finish, it was a great experience! The staff was a lot of fun and the boat was beautiful. Thank you crew for an amazing time. If you’re on the fence, I would definitely book. Well worth the money. Best value we found around!!
Courtney E.
about 4 years ago
Awesome snorkeling experience
Took my boyfriend snorkeling for his birthday. Jimmy & Kelsey were awesome.
Savannah D.
about 4 years ago
Nice snorkel trip
Reef was OK. Beautiful fish. Wear skin to avoid numerous jellyfish stings. We had our own snorkel gear. Good crew. Had cereal and mini muffins but not fruit as advertised. Overall nice trip on catamaran and they gave us a little more time to watch a nurse shark.
Angela F.
about 5 years ago
Morning snorkel
Had a great time. The check in point was easy to find, process was quick and we were straight in the water. The crew was amazing, light breakfast and mimosas just as described, returned on time.
Lloyd C.
about 4 years ago
It was okay because of the amount of time we spent in the ocean… only 54 minutes. Wish it was a little longer. The instructors were great though very energetic.
Badal M.
about 3 years ago
Great snorkel trip
Captain and crew were awesome! The boat was beautiful. Served juice, coffee and muffins on the way out. Full bar with free beer and mixed drinks for sale. Great snorkeling and saw dolphins on the way back. Such a great trip and well worth the $40!!
Deb P.
about 6 years ago
It was beautiful day, not a lot of people on the boat which was good. We didn’t have a lot of direction as to where to find the best fish at the reef. The reef was 45 minutes out in the ocean, waves were a bit choppy. If you are a small person or not confident in the water you may get scared or see nothing. A guide in the water would be Good really pinyin gout things. The water wasn’t super clear for visibility either. Breakfast was cereal, drinks and mini muffins. We expected better seeing of fish.
Tracy M.
about 5 years ago
Enjoyed the excursion, operators were very good.
Minal J.
about 3 years ago


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