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05/29/2020 ~ 06/04/2020

Awesome experience!!

about 8 months ago
This was absolutely amazing experience!! Our girls loved the royal swim! I would highly recommend this activity!!
Anthony S

Dolphin swim

about 11 months ago
I absolutely loved it!
Candle C

Royal Swim at Gulf World

about 11 months ago
We had a fantastic time at Gulf World. It is a small facility, but well run and the staff are attentive and helpful. Our time in the water with the dolphins was fantastic and loads of fun. They took pictures the whole time and the price to purchase the full digital set was reasonable. The cost overall was not cheap, but definitely worth the experience, and the work they do there to rehabilitate stranded and hurt wildlife.
Mary Helen M


about 1 year ago
Had a awesome time. My family enjoyed the park.
Teresa C

Swimming with dolphins

about 1 year ago
Great experience
Flossie P


about 1 year ago
I have always wanted to swim with dolphins-i never imagined I could go with two! Getting to Gulf World from Fort Walton Beach was an easy drive right up Highway 98. When we arrived, parking was a breeze as they have their own paved lot. When we walked in, the attendant directed us the way and we made our way back to our swim. We all got right in the water, after we got fitted for our life jackets. The dolphins seemed just as excited as we were! The trainers really do their best to make sure everyone gets their time with the dolphins, and had lots of fun. All in all, the encounter was about a half hour. Definitely one for the books! Thank you Gulf World for an amazing day!!


about 1 year ago
My grandkids absolutely loved it. They could not have been more happy with the experience. It’s an experience they will never forget.
Ora V

Dolphin swim

about 1 year ago
My daughters will never forget it!
Ora V

Amazing Experience

about 1 year ago
It was the highlight of my vacation. So well orchestrated, so much fun and very educational.
Patricia Z

Gulf world coupon

about 2 years ago
Great deal! And well worth it.
Jill T