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03/23/2019 ~ 03/29/2019

San Francisco and Oak Alley Plantation Combo Admission

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This combo plantation tour of both San Francisco Plantation and Oak Alley Plantation will teach you the differences between the Creoles and the Americans that built, lived, and operated sugarcane plantations outside of New Orleans. Travelers enjoy comparing and contrasting both the stories and the architecture of both antebellum homes, which unfold the stories of both the free and enslaved who called these haunted properties home.

San Fransico Plantation is a colorful Creole plantation home known for its elaborate hand-painted ceilings in five of the main rooms and the stunning Gingerbread woodwork on the exterior of the home. This unique plantation home boasts a history to match, period-dressed tour guides, and is also home to a few of the original antiques owned by the original family.

Oak Alley Plantation is known as the most photographed plantation in all of South Louisiana, mostly due to its grand stature and the majestic quarter-mile alley of live Oak Trees which are over 300 years old. In addition to a guided tour of the "big house", travelers can enjoy the slavery exhibit, Civil War exhibit, and slave cottages on site.

Activity Highlights
  • Guided tour of Oak Alley Plantation and San Francisco Plantation
  • Drive yourself and take in each plantation at your own pace
  • Compare and contrast the lives of both the Creoles and the Americans
  • Great for couples, families and seniors

Duration: Varies

What's Included
  • Guided tour of both plantations
What to bring
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Camera
  • Photography is prohibited inside both plantation homes.
  • Self-guided tours are prohibited inside both plantation homes.
  • Due to the historic nature of the plantations, access to the second floor is by stairs only.
Additional information
  • Allow at least 5.5 hours for tours and driving time from downtown New Orleans.
  • Children under 6 are free of charge.
  • A full-service Cajun-Creole restaurant and bar are available on-site at Oak Alley Restaurant.
  • Walking the grounds is an integral part of this experience.
  • Grounds may be wet from recent rains.
  • Gift shops are available on-site at each destination.
  • Free parking available on-site at both plantations.
  • There are no taxi or ride-sharing services available in New Orleans Plantation Country to provide a return trip back to New Orleans. Please make sure you provide your own transportation.
  • Although not required, it is appreciated and encouraged to tip your tour guides.
Cancellation policy

No refunds will be given on the voucher unless plantations are closed. If for some reason the plantations are closed for a special event or act of god, please call us at 850-424-5125. Transportation is not provided for this tour so please be sure you have transportation before booking.

San Francisco and Oak Alley Plantation Combo Admission

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Verified Traveler Reviews

great combination tour
about 6 months ago
San Francisco was a very colorful home, it is very beautiful. It is one of the least popular of the plantations but I believe it's worth the visit! I especially loved the different rooms with the hand painted ceilings (some even with REAL gold). The tour guide was very friendly and informative and knew a lot about the history of the home. There's a slave cabin and also what used to be a school house on the grounds, which was very fascinating to see. Overall, would definitely recommend if you have the time! Oak Alley Plantation is beautiful. The grounds are self-guided and house is guided. My favorite part is the gigantic oak trees that line up in the front of the plantation that are hundreds of years old. They have some slave houses (not original but supposed to be exact replicas) that give you an insight on what it was like back then to live as a slave. The house is gorgeous, and the guides walk you through the house telling you about the history and families that used to live there. They also have a great gift shop with tons of unique finds. They also have a deli/restaurant and a bar!
Wonderful Time
about 6 months ago
OAK ALLEY PLANTATION -- The parking lot is expansive and the area to check in is very clear as it’s a ticket booth upon entry. The grounds were BEAUTIFUL. The trees and small gardens were gorgeous. They also have a great gift shop with amazing pralines they hand make daily. They have a small restaurant and also a little cafe kind of to eat as well as a bar. They also have BNB’s there which I thought was rather unique. The grounds are large though and it is a lot of walking but at your own pace which I did prefer. The house tour was beautiful. I don’t feel like our tour guide really put much of a personal touch or flair on her tour… She did provide a lot of information about the house and the history. The house is definitely the fanciest set up for the day. They also had a small area for drinks just outside of the door which was nice because it started pouring down raining just before we exited. SAN FRANCISCO -- Had a lovely tour here despite the rain! Phyllis was our tour guide and she was wonderful! She knew a lot of the history of the place and was actually passionate about it which draws you into the actual story and time. This tour is very much focused on the house and the history surrounding it and the plantation.
Amazing Tours and knowledgeable staff!
about 9 months ago
Both tours were very informational and interesting. I had toured Oak Alley in 2010 and got a completely different tour this time! Learned a lot of new things I hadn’t learned the first time.The tour guides were knowledgeable and answered any questions anyone on our tour had. Beautiful plantations, would definitely tour again.
Plantation Tours: San Francisco & Oak Alley
about 2 years ago
The tour of Oak Alley was well organized and very interesting. The tour guide was very engaged and entertaining and provided interesting information on both the owner families and the home itself. Our group very enjoyed our time on the grounds as well as the restaurant and the gift shops - lots of nice, local products. We also enjoyed our tour of the San Francisco plantation, but it seemed to lack the overall organization and pride of the Oak Alley tour. I would encourage the Marathon group to invest more into the overall upkeep of the home itself and the presentation of the tour guides.
Great time
about 3 years ago
We had a great time. The tour guide was very informative, explaining everything in great detail. I didnt like that we couldn't take pictures ib the house but was able to outside.
Tonya J
We visited two different plantations and we review each differently.
about 3 years ago
The best review goes to our visit to Oak Alley Planation. The mansion, grounds and surrounding buildings were all excellent. Also we would rate our male tour guide's information and delivery of that information as excellent. The second review is of San Francisco Plantation which we can not rate as high as Oak Alley Plantation. The mansion itself was very interesting and we could see that at one time it had been very beautiful. We were aware that time had taken its toll, and that was okay, it looked very authentic that way. Our criticism lies with our tour guide. Although she was pleasant to us, she seemed to be in a hurry to proceed and get us through the tour as soon as possible. It was only around 11:00am and there were no other visitors on the grounds while we were there, so we didn't understand the rush. Also, she was difficult to understand at times, and we needed to often ask her to repeat what she had said. She also seemed to struggle at times to remember the history of the house and its occupants. She was our guide only while inside the house and then she escorted us out of the house to only few yards away from the house then quickly announced that was the end of our tour and immediately turned away and walked away without even allowing us to say goodbye. We were surprised by her abruptness and also wondered why she didn't want to give us a tour of the grounds and surrounding buildings. ?
Plantation tour
about 3 years ago
San fransisco plantation couldn't find my reservation even though I had it in my phone. However, the kindly let us in. Tour was first rate! Oak alley did have my ticket info.
Plantation tours
about 4 years ago
This was very easy to use and We enjoyed our trip.
Great way to spend the day!
about 4 years ago
Had a wonderful time visiting these 2 plantations! San Francisco has some beautiful colors and the hand painted ceilings are wonderful! Then Oak Alley, you just can't deny the beauty of those oaks along the front walk, absolutely stunning! Lunch there was quite yummy as well! All and all it was a wonderful day of touring and exploring these 2 different plantations, if you are looking for a day full of beauty and history this is the tour for you!