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Reviews of Sandestin (Destin) Fine Dining Dinner and Dancing Cruise

My two Sisters and I were visiting from Texas and so looking forward to this great Dinner Cruise. However, our dining experience was horrible. The Air Conditioner was not working at all so it was terribly hot and humid. Additionally, the food taste and quality was way below what we expected; the three of us had the Seafood and the shrimp tasted boiled with no seasoning or cocktail sauce available and the crab cakes tasted very fishy. We were unable to eat because of the heat so we took it home but threw it in the trash because of the flavor. We had to spend the majority of our time on the top deck where there was at least a breeze. The Captain and crew were very pleasant but our evening was still ruined. We only received a 50% discount. The sad thing is we can never relive our time or Sister Celebration! This cruise is what we were looking forward to the most so, as you can imagine, it was very disappointing. We truly feel we should be fully compensated for the Cruise cost. We only received 50% off our drinks/food as well but we did not have the full experience.
Pamela B.
about 5 months ago
Lovely time!
The dinner cruise was so fun! The food was delicious, staff was friendly and attentive, and it was a relaxing time.
Terri P.
about 6 months ago
Too loud, but great food!
Tha acoustics do not provide adequate sound to the aft of the boat. All we could hear were the other guests. But not the music. I thought it was a sunset dinner cruise. It turned out to be a dinner cruise. Food and service of food was excellent.
Carter S.
about 3 months ago
Very Impressive
The Sunset cruise was very nice. I highly recommend! The captain, the food, the entire was spot on! We are definitely booking again and bringing others.
Annie S.
about 5 months ago
Dinner Cruise
Too long and music was terrible
Shawn S.
about 6 months ago
My church picked the perfect place to give us some relaxation time. I'm already planning the next trip
Roy J.
about 4 months ago
Our dinner was good How waiter Drew was good The cruise was good Band music was
Susan P.
about 1 month ago
Great food , service and entertainment
Chawundra D.
about 6 months ago
it was wonderful
it was wonderful
Consuelo E.
about 6 months ago
Dinner cruisr
Very nice and organized! Met not only the Captain but also his Mother whom just happened to be in line with! Had a good time! Thanks to the crew !
Wade W.
about 6 months ago
Solaris dinner cruise
Food was excellent, staff was amazing, entertainment was great..Would definitely recommend and will be booking again in the future..
Johnathan A.
about 4 months ago
Great experience
I have never had a dinner cruise that was great I will definitely do it again
Jedadiah M.
about 5 months ago
Classy tasty and fun!
Food was top notch. Server was so sweet and took great care of us. Boat ride was awesome and music was great. We had a very wonderful time.
Roberta M.
about 6 months ago
A bit chaotic
We expected a night of dining and a little dancing as we sailed chasing the sunset. Our meal was fine and our server(s) were fantastic! Once dinner was over and music played, out came what felt like a school yard of children, onto the third deck. They were all about running jumping, just being kids. We like kids. We just expected a quieter evening swaying in each other’s arms.
Joe V.
about 6 months ago
Sunset cruise
I would definitely do it again but only in spring because we really didn’t see a good sunset. It just got dark too fast.
Jody B.
about 4 months ago
Should have had a shuttle to the yacht due to the rain.shuttle to the yacht due to the rain
Clothilda D.
about 3 months ago
Owner of 3 boarding houses.
It was relaxing and the music was great. The food was very good.
Trudi T.
about 4 months ago
The experience was great and the food was amazing as well
Jessica T.
about 5 months ago
Fun & Romantic
My sweetheart and I decided to try this out and it did not disappoint. The people, entertainment, food and ambiance was more than what we expected. However, we didn't know that reserving a window seat was a thing until after we were seated and for an extra charge of course.. It was fine as it got dark very quickly and it really didn't matter. Nevertheless, the views from upstairs and overall ride was amazing.
San J.
about 4 months ago
Dinner cruise
We were definitely not happy AT ALL that we were charged $50 extra for a window table when that was all that was available and everyone had a window table
Gretchen G.
about 4 months ago
Romantic, Fun, Beautiful
We loved this for our last night on vacation. Service was great, dinner was good, music/entertainment was excellent. The Captain was very friendly and spent time getting to know us and explaining how Captaining a ship works! I would definitely do this again. Lastly the view was worth every penny!
Nicole F.
about 5 months ago
I went for my birthday and it was amazing. It wasn’t too busy, available parking and the staff was great. They were very pleasant and helpful. The food was great! You cruise for 3hrs. Drinks were pricey but nothing we didn’t expect. I definitely will be back.
Shaveon N.
about 4 months ago
Sunday evening dinner dance cruise
They greeted us as soon as we boarded. Very nice. Took pictures that you can purchase for 15.00. Many varieties for cocktails for your choosing. We ordered frozen strawberry margaritas which were 15.00. 20% tip automatically added to your final bill. No cash only credit cards. Dinner was very good. We had braised beef with mashed potatoes & asparagus. Cheesecake for dessert. Attentive waitress. Ambiance was good. Live music was nice during dinner but more fun and better music selected from the bands DJ.. Band could be improved on. Three levels on boat for you to enjoy inside or on top outside. We loved the cruise. Left dock on time for 3 hours - returned at 9:30pm. Everything was prompt and timely. Once dark it was beautiful on the bay almost magical. I would highly recommend thst you do this!!!!. But i would suggest not to bring babies. Most people were couples or groups of 8. We had 1 baby on board which was a little distractive if you know what i mean. For evening cruises I would not recommend children under 10. You would not regret taking this dinner cruise for a beautiful evening.
Debra E.
about 6 months ago
Dinner cruise
Lots of confusion about billing. A/C broke down.
John M.
about 5 months ago


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