Destin, FL > Dinner Cruises
11/20/2019 ~ 11/26/2019
Amazing food
about 3 months ago
We were seated at a beautiful table right at the window. We ordered our drinks and appetizers and was enjoying the view. Some one came up to us and said we were at the wrong table and made us move to another table. It started our experience on a negative note. I’m not sure how someone seated us at the wrong table but it was very disappointing. The food was amazing and The boat was nice with beautiful sunset views. Over all we had a good time.
Benjamin S
Romantic setting
about 9 days ago
Had a great evening
Lavell J
It was our 23rd Anniversary
about 21 days ago
We really liked the boat and we received alot of recognition for our 23rd Wedding Anniversary! The food was really bad. The meat was rubbery. The portion aof vegies & Potatoes was very small. It was the worst Filet Mignon I have ever had! Thank goodness the people were nice and we still had a Great time. I wouldn't recommend it because of the poor quality of food.
Janice G
Dinner & Dancing on October 12
about 25 days ago
The Solaris could've picked a better entertainer for music. Ed Moe & Gwen are a DYNAMIC DUO!
Shanna J
Awesome cruise
about 27 days ago
This was a very nice evening out with my husband! We enjoyed the music, dinner, and the ride!
Kathy M
about 14 days ago
Andrew L
about 23 days ago
Phillip N
about 27 days ago
Ronald S
about 30 days ago
Jane W
about 30 days ago
Shyná C
about 30 days ago
Beloun J