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about 3 months ago
The cruise was outstanding. My Wife and I had an excellent time. I would recommend this cruise to all my family and friends.
Jerome I

Great Experience

about 2 months ago
Had a great time. The food was delicious and the services was wonderful. Will do this boat ride again.
Angela D

Dinner Cruise

about 3 months ago
We had a wonderful time. Food was excellent. Fun!!
Linda A

A good time

about 2 months ago
We really enjoyed the dinner cruise. The music and the food were very good.
Mikala T

Dinner Cruise

about 2 months ago
The food amd service was excellent, and you couldn't beat the atmosphere, as the sun set as we sailed through the bay.
Scott Z


about 2 months ago
First time on a cruise. We had a great time.
Janet I

It was fine

about 3 months ago
Nothing to write home about. Food was fine, entertainment was fine, boat was fine. Way over priced for what you get. Not being mean, just honest.
Justin M

Well planned and good service.

about 2 months ago
Service and food was excellent.
Jack R

Great cruise, disappointing meal

about 2 months ago
We enjoyed the cruise. I sent my food back. The rice was overcooked, the fish was flavorless and needed seasoning. The rice seemed almost burnt or scorched in flavor. I enjoyed my drink and the cruise was soothing and calm. However when they brought me back food it was already cold and my partner had finished eating. So I ended up having my food boxed up. So I did not get to eat on what was supposed to be a dinner cruise, which put a damper on my feelings about it and was disappointing. It was otherwise a beautiful experience being out on the ship. And we had a great server he was very accommodating none of it was his fault.
Nuanna H

I enjoyed it

about 3 months ago
Great time, but there was not any dancing.
paul b


about 2 months ago
The dinner cruise was very good, the food was delicious, deliver was a little long. However, we enjoyed it very much. Entertainment was great, And staff was very friendly and professional.
Rovertus K

Amazing night

about 1 month ago
This cruise was everything. The entertainment was great. The chicken wasn’t so great but the cheesecake was amazing. It was a good time.
Jeannette B

Great Cruise

about 2 months ago
Staff, boat and event were just outstanding. Food was great and everyone in our group had a great time!
Rick S

Solars cruise

about 2 months ago
It was just ok. The food was cold. The music was LOUSY!!!
Steve M

Dinner cruise

about 4 days ago
Very nice nite for may wife and I. Good meal, very courteous staff
Wendell M

Wonderful experience

about 3 months ago
My wife and I had a wonderful time! The overall experience was classy and fun, the service was good, the crew were friendly and proficient, and the food… Wow!, the food was amazing!
Steve S

A great experience!

about 2 months ago
This was a great option for Mother’s Day weekend. The food was delicious and the music was great. I do wish that we had a option for the appetizer and dessert (at least the dessert) but it was still delicious anyways. Overall we had a wonderful time! Would 10/10 recommend.
Jaclyn C


about 2 months ago
We were so excited about taking this trip on our 50th anniversary. The servers and the food was excellent. We were so glad they placed on the second floor because the music downstairs was so loud you could not hear the person next to you speak. We were told we were going to get flowers and champagne we got the flowers but no champagne. When he placed the reservation the indicated we would get tea and coffee. We receive no tea and had to ask to get luke warm recycled coffee. We loved dancing upstairs because there the music was much quieter and we can enjoy each other. We feel there should’ve been an appetizer table set up at the beginning of the trip because it takes so long to get the food and everything….. everything cost extra. This was a great experience and plan to do it again but hopefully we can choose the second floor because we have no intention of bringing earplugs on the bottom for and just look at each other because we could not hear each other speak.
Samuel H

Pastor Tanisha Thomas

about 3 months ago
The very best food and entertainment ever!!!!! The music was amazing!!!!
Tanisha T

Solaris dinner cruise

about 3 months ago
The food was good, the staff was attentive and the music was exceptionally great. Will definitely take this cruise again.
Donna S

A Great Evening

about 2 months ago
Thanks so much for the shuttle back to the car. That was very nice of you. Dinner was great, service was excellent. We had a novice server (his first cruise), he did wonderfully.
Jeff J

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel

about 3 months ago
We never left dock due to high winds, service was ok, food was ok. Then i got charged 30 dollars for a tip. when our sever was just ok at best
James D

Good times had by all!

about 2 months ago
We enjoyed the trip a great deal. Food better than we expected based on other cruises in different locations.
Phillip W


about 3 months ago
Great all around experience
Quardrecus A

27th Wedding anniversary!

about 2 months ago
Amazing night! Crew, staff & other guest were all amazing! By the time the cruise ended I felt like made a ship full of friends! The DJ on top deck was amazing!
Andrew H
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