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Reviews of Jet Boat Fireworks Cruise

Highlight of our trip!
Out of all the experiences we had on vacation, this was the BEST! T he boast captain, Brad and his wife were funny and so kind.
Kathryn C.
about 3 years ago
Step & Music
First of all, could not find the kiosk the directions were horrible, second I fell and hurt my knee trying to get on the boat because there was a deep step which they told us about but it was dark and couldn't see anything and after we got on the boat he turned lights on which he should've turned lights on while loading so you could see where you are going and also put a step stool or something there that would help tremendously, third it would be nice to play some music while just sitting there waiting for the fireworks, I thought that was awkward and rather boring
Blinda L.
about 3 years ago
Not a Jet Boat
The boat we were loaded on was not a Jet Boat (Speed Boat). We were informed to arrive at 7:30, the boat was to leave at 8:00 and last for 90 min to include the fireworks. Unfortunately, the boat did not leave until after 8:30, the boat we loaded was not a jet boat, we made a circle in the marina, went by the bridge on the boat and watched fireworks and came right back to dock and was off boat by 9:15. This was a total waste of money and the advertised purchase was not what we received. Would not recommend!!!
Kristen L.
about 3 years ago


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