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Reviews of Sea Screamer Dolphin Cruise Myrtle Beach

Dolphin cruise
Such a fun experience. The boys loved it. Not to mention we saw dolphins. We would definitely do this again
about 3 days ago
It was great and easy to book.
We had a little bit of trouble. I called TripShock and it was sorted out. They were super friendly and solved the problem quickly. I’d book with them again for things to do
Kyle R.
about 11 months ago
Seeing the Dolphins was awesome, but the way the crew cares about there passengers was even more awesome. I am physically disabled and the crew went above and beyond to assist me! They are true heroes in my book!
Kathleen M.
about 9 months ago
I was supposed to receive a text to my phone for 6 complimentary tickets because we did not see any dolphins during our tour. I never received the text.
Charmagne H.
about 9 months ago
We are supposed have a free trip due to not seeing any dolphins
Dawn R.
about 9 months ago
Fun but no dolphins!
We had a fun time on the boat, but we’re disappointed that we did not see any dolphins. They tried really hard to find some for us, but we just were not lucky enough to see any. They did give us a free ticket for a return trip.
Debra S.
about 10 months ago
While we were not able to see any dolphins the boat ride itself was great!!!! It was a lot of fun, even the getting wet part!!!! The squeals when the water would splash people was so much fun! The crew did an awesome job and were very friendly!!!! I would recommend this activity to others. Hope to come back and do it again!!!
Sandra P.
about 10 months ago
Sea Screamer
Really amazing worth the $$!
Rocio C.
about 2 months ago
If you love the thrill of being potentially waterboarded for 2 hours, this is the booking you’re looking for. We should’ve been paid to get on this boat instead of the latter. Save. Your. Money.
Daniel E.
about 23 hours ago
Wonderful experience
The boat ride was a great experience was able to see dolphins and enjoyed a great ride
Beatriz G.
about 10 months ago
We loved it! Our boat directors were great and we would definitely do it again!
Charity R.
about 12 days ago
Need for speed
We had a great time.
Donald M.
about 7 days ago
Dolphin tour customer
It would have been better if other tours didn't chase the dolphins away
Donna G.
about 10 months ago
Sea Screamer Dolphin Excursion
Our family had an awesome time! We homeschool and had just finished an oceans unit, so seeing dolphins in person was the ultimate field trip! The crew was so wonderful and they even caught a jellyfish for us to hold before they returned it. I’d definitely recommend this tour to others!
Katie M.
about 2 months ago
Awesome experience!! Saw alot of dolphins & crew was excellent!
Janet A.
about 2 months ago
Dolphin cruise
Best boat ride I’ve ever had on my vacations to SC. Loved seeing the dolphins! Fun times
Kim K.
about 10 months ago
Sea screamer
awful. no dolphin sighting. quite boat ride the entire ride until the last 10 minutes when we were close to docking they told us they didn’t find any dolphins and would send us a free ticket to come back. never received anything.
bryan c.
about 9 months ago
Sea Screamer Dolphin Cruise
Great experience, highly recommend
Patrick D.
about 8 months ago
Dolphin Cruise
Great.ride, lots of dolphins, very friendly crew.
Hubert H.
about 27 days ago
Sea Screamer Dolphin Cruise
The dolphin cruise was fine, with the exception that no dolphins were seen. I understand that there is no guarantee and that dolphins are wild animals, therefore, no control over what they do. The boat trip was nice. I appreciated the fact that vouchers were given for another trip due to no dolphin sightings.
Michele S.
about 10 months ago
Dolphin tour
Beautiful weather, great crew. Worth every cent!
Joan A.
about 28 days ago
I have been on many boat tours but this one has been the best yet! From the friendly Captain and workers to the beautiful ocean view. We wanted to see dolphins and boy did he deliver. We saw 4-5 different pods throughout the trip totaling in a minimum of 40 dolphins. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. It was such a beautiful site!
Tiffany F.
about 8 months ago
What an awesome experience! Lots of Dolphins!!
Rachel A.
about 1 day ago
Great experience, good crew
David A.
about 8 months ago


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