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No dolphins but. ...

about 14 days ago
Great staff. No dolphins due to the weather, but they offered a second trip for free as compensation!!
Rob Bickel

Sea Thunder

about 1 month ago
Wonderful staff very nice did get wet lived that but didn’t see dolphins really was disappointed but overall had awesome boat ride
Cynthia Craig

Not sure what to put

about 5 days ago
To many people on boat to be able to see and get a picture of them.
Christine Veteto

Honeymoon Activity

about 4 days ago
The staff was great! The captain had such a sweet spirit! We did not see any dolphins which was a real bummer because it was our honeymoon and it said dolphins were guaranteed. I do appreciate the voucher to come back However I am a teacher and live in another state so I don’t know if we can get back.
Renee Rogers


about 10 days ago
We had an awesome time with the family there was 12 in our group and had a fantastic time we did get to see a lot of dolphins that was the exciting part,just get ready to be wet actually soaked!
Angelica Alba

Not bad

about 3 days ago
It wasn't bad, just know that you can get drenched.. so plan accordingly. There was too many people for my liking, if I could pick again I would do the jet ski dolphin tour.
Megan Sherrets

Sea Thunder Dolphin Cruise

about 23 days ago
Although the weather didn’t cooperate, there wasn’t one dolphin in sight! We got a voucher for another trip out, but didn’t use it. Heard since the shrimp boats aren’t running as much, due to increased gas prices, seeing dolphins are hit-or-miss. Feel others should know their chances of a dolphin sighting aren’t as good as in the past.
Tonya Oldag

fun boat ride but no dolphins

about 25 days ago
no fault of the crew but totally disappointing that our family did not see dolphins when they claim a 98% success rate. and nice they offer a free return ride but we have no plans to return to myrtle beach...
Jennifer Frion

Excellent trip

about 8 days ago
It was very funny and interesting sea trip.
Maya Tsanova

Dolphin Cruise

about 28 days ago
All the cruise mates and captain were really nice and friendy

Dolphin tour

about 21 days ago
We didn’t see dolphins and it was very crowded
Senay Ceylan

We didn't see any delphine

about 15 days ago
Ride was great ,but we didn't see any delphine
Mirzeta Kulic

No dolphins but plenty of waves

about 12 days ago
Fun ride out.. no dolphins...second time in a row...still pretty awesome to be out in the ocean...Sea Thunder is a class act offering us a return visit
Bobby Evans

Sea Thunder experience

about 11 days ago
My overall experience was outstanding. The captain and his assistant were very knowledgeable of the sea. The fact that they were very interactive with the passengers were a plus. Although we were not guaranteed to see dolphins (and we did not) they provided us with free passes to return aboard on the next visit to Myrtle Beach. Overall rated out of 10 Sea Thunder gets a 10.
Charles Hairston

Daniels family (6)

about 13 days ago
We had a great time. Very welcoming. Captain was fun and informative about landmarks and the waterways. We enjoyed our selves can’t wait to do it again!!!!
Shatayvia Daniels

Dolphin cruise

about 4 days ago
Crew was fantastic. Really enjoyed the cruise.
Andrew Wilson

Weather issues

about 20 days ago
It wasn’t the crews fault but the weather was horrible, the ocean was so rough people were screaming and begging to just go back. We saw one dolphin for just a few seconds so no refund was offered. The crew was nice and acted like they cared about our safety and happiness but our trip was cut short due to weather and we could not go where the dolphins were actually supposed to be yet no refund was offered.
Billy Chester

Great Experience

about 7 days ago
It was an amazing experience. The crew was totally awesome. They made the trip totally fun. I will definitely return next summer.
Mark Rodrigues

Sea Thunder July 2022

about 23 days ago
We took our family of 11, from 3 to 71 on a dolphin cruise and had a great time. We were disappointed to see no wildlife, but the cruise was an afternoon delight. We were all drenched, which was my grandson's favorite part.
Doretta Walker

Best boat ride ever

about 11 days ago
This excursion was exciting, fun, and entertaining. Looking forward to my next trip to go again. Price was very reasonable for this boat ride. Although I didn’t see any dolphins, it was great!!!!
Charlotte Chavez


about 16 days ago
This was my 4th dolphin sighting trip but first on this boat. I have never been drenched on any other trip but this time it was over and over and over. Should have been a clue when the captain had on a raincoat. We only saw 2 dolphins which was really disappointing. Other boats found shrimp boats to ensure we saw plenty. This boat didn’t do that. Veery disappointed-will not take this trip again. Seas too choppy? Cancel the trip or slow the boat down!
Eileen Tate

Bumpy ride

about 20 days ago
The ship can not control the dolphins or the waves . The experience is priceless
Eugene Reed

So much fun!

about 5 hours ago
Great ride to see the dolphins! You will get wet so be prepared! We got to see several dolphins which was obviously a highlight but the ride to get there was so much fun! Highly recommend for young and not so young.
Nicole Rizzo-Rivera

No Dolphins

about 5 days ago
Didn't get to see the Dolphins. Was promised accredit for a future visit and never received it.
Alina Castaneda

3rd time going

about 1 day ago
Did not see as many dolphins as we have seen in the past.
Maria vargas
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