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Reviews of SeaQuest Sunset Dolphin Sightseeing Tour

Loved every bit! I would add a “night cruise” at the 25 dollar rate to more nights. I loved the sunset cruise as well:)
Wendy C.
about 8 months ago
Incredible, wonderful and fun experience. I'd do it again!
Matthew S.
about 10 months ago
It was fantastic and would want the same captain and crew: Blake and Remi
Kristina W.
about 9 months ago
Best sunset boat crew and ride ever!
The two men crew was wonderful! They made the sunset and dolphin watching ride very enjoyable, entertaining, funny and memorable. The crew knew how to make everyone on the boat have a blast. They catered their DJ skills, sense of humor and talking skills to ALL aboard the boat. They genuinely care and love to entertain! It was cloudy so we didn’t see much sunset, however, this was the best boat ride that we have been on from Cabos to Florida by far! Highly recommend this boat ride especially with this crew (Sunday 8/27 5:30pm)..
Grace P.
about 6 months ago
Excellent Trip
The family has been on multiple sunset tours and this by far outranks all of them. Excellent crew, an outstanding dolphin show, and seagull fun with complimentary drinks.
Melony S.
about 2 months ago
loved it!
whole family had so much fun. the captain and the assistant captain kept us entertained the whole time.
Michelle G.
about 7 months ago
We had a wonderful trip! Addison and the Captain were great, very attentive and enjoyable! They made the trip so much fun!! We will definitely go again and will recommend it to all our friends!
Deana B.
about 9 months ago
Best time I've had in years!!! Thank you!! ❤️
So....we had flown from WV for my dad's 80th birthday....1st time on a plane for him. On our first night there I decided to surprise them with this trip. This is the absolute best time anyone would have!! The music...the captains. ..they made the trip so much more enjoyable!! They even played a song I requested and I danced and sang like a fool!!!
Lori M.
about 2 months ago
Fun Trip
The crew was fantastic! They made the experience fun and memorable!
Susan B.
about 6 months ago
Fun for all ages.
Teresa L.
about 9 months ago
This was the most fun dolphin cruise ever!! We loved the music they played and getting to have fun and cut loose! Cody & Daniel sure knew what they were doing. We had so fun seeing the dolphins, drinking the complimentary beer and not worrying about anything! The guys always made sure everybody knew where the dolphins were! The music like I said was awesome and so much fun getting to walk around the boat and dance! We would go here again and again!! 100/10 recommend!
Sydney S.
about 3 months ago
Sunset Dream tour
My fiance and I were taken to a most exciting, fun sunset Dolphin tour and even included Whale shark. Most excellent crew made this memorable.
Veronica R.
about 7 months ago
AJ Seaquest Dolphin Cruise
We had a great time the captain and crew mostly Austin he went around talking to everyone and handing out drinks telling stories and letting us know when dolphins were around for us to look at and get pictures of hopefully. The music was great we were a small but lively bunch. I would highly recommend this to anyone it was lots of fun.
Kimberley R.
about 2 months ago
We had a great time and the host and captain made it a fun evening!
Kayla M.
about 11 months ago
Sunset dolphin cruise
We had a GREAT time and saw lots of dolphins. Captain and first mate were both all about us having a good time. I saw a lot of bots coming in and out of the harbor but none were having fun like we did!
Michelle K.
about 3 months ago
AJ’S SeaQuest
My experience with AJ’S Seaquest (Sunset) was amazing, Nick and Dany were the captains , we fist didn’t know who to go with to see the dolphins but we went to the restaurant at AJ’S and the food was good there and as we saw people lining up infront we were like what’s going on and so we saw people going on the sunset seaquest and so we booked are trip and don’t regret a single second ,and the vibes were awesome, and yes we got see a lot of dolphins 08/15/2023.
Sebastian V.
about 6 months ago
Excellent adventure!
The Seaquest Sunset/Dolphin cruise was so much fun! Saw many dolphins and got to watch them "surf" the boat's wake. Captain Cody & Daniel were fabulous hosts and guides. Verry peaceful sunset viewing, as well.
Louanne H.
about 3 months ago
Amazing dolphin cruise
Best experience, especially with kids! Very interactive and all around great time!
Jennifer R.
about 8 months ago
It was a lot of fun!!! Saw a lot of dolphins and watched a beautiful sun set! Our captain Cody and his crew Addison were amazing!
Miriam J.
about 4 months ago
We were looking for a sunset cruise and boy I lucked up finding this one!! I have been on several in the past in different places and this was the best yet!! The crew was fantastic and kept us entertained with music and keeping the crowd involved. They went to the perfect spot to see dolphin and we saw a ton of them which was great on top of the perfect sunset spot! You would not be disappointed taking this tour I promise you, it is the best in Destin
Davette S.
about 4 months ago
Worth the Money
The staff of the boat was very attentive and accommodating to everyone onboard. They helped celebrate an upcoming wedding and allowed the younger kids be the captain. Due to a slight shower, they also handed out a poncho. I would highly recommend and definitely would do another tour with them!
Samantha N.
about 11 months ago
We liked it
Good time! We did see dolphins but I had hoped “Flipper” and friends would swim beside the boat! Maybe next time. I thought it was cool all the kids on the boat had a turn at steering.
Bettilynn F.
about 4 months ago
This was so fun. I loved riding in the boat. We saw lots of Dolphins which was awesome. I thought the 2 guys were incredible. They helped so much and made it fun. I also really liked the music. The sunset was beautiful. This was a wonderful time.
Jolyn R.
about 3 months ago
Captain Cody and First Mate Addison made this Sunset Dolphin Cruise one to remember!!! These guys know their stuff and did an AMAZING and professional JOB! Not only did we see many dolphins throughout the cruise, patrons were treated to drinks, encouraged to dance around (safely) and many facts about the area were provided while getting out to the sighting location. To top it off the kids were allowed to drive the boat towards the end of the cruise!!! Our kids are grown but what an awesome experience and moment for those youngsters. Cody and Addison rock!!! Do yourself a favor and book a Sunset Dolphin Cruise with AJ Water won't be disappointed!!!!
about 7 months ago


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