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05/28/2020 ~ 06/03/2020

A Great Experience

about 1 day ago
My daughter and I went on the 4 hour fishing trip and had a great experience. The crew was helpful and friendly. The only downside to the day was that we didn't catch anything in season so we went home empty handed. I would recommend Olin Marler.
Cynthia F

Worth every penny!

about 2 days ago
This was such a fun experience. They made sure if the fish weren’t biting they took us to a better place to catch them. We took home numerous fish to eat which was exactly what we wanted. Highlight of the trip is the guide hooked a big fish and let our soon reel it up. Turned out to be a 6 or 7 foot shark!!!! No worries everyone the shark snapped the line as soon as it got close to the surface and swam away. Everyone on the boat was reeling in fish and having a great time.
Maghan S

Amazing Fishing trip

about 2 months ago
Great crew! Amazing fishing trip. Highley reccomend them!
Steven N

Tropical Winds

about 3 months ago
The Cptn and crew were 5+. Everyone caught fish and had a great time. I'll do it again on the Tropical Winds next year!
James d

Semi private charter

about 3 months ago
It was a fun fishing experience, captain and crew were very accommodating. Keep up the good work!
Matt E

had a good time

about 8 months ago
the deckhands were great. the dolphins were pretty busy stealing our fish but we still had a good time.
thomas h

Deep sea fishing

about 8 months ago
Staff very helpful and friendly. Had a wonderful time. We were able to take our catch to a nearby restaurant and have it cooked for dinner. Perfect for a first time fishing experience.
Angelia T

Not as good customer service this year

about 8 months ago
Not as good as previous years. Been fishing with Olin Marler since 2003. Not nears as good trip.this year, you can sure tell it is not the same since Mr Marler passed and the family sold. New owners not as interested in customer service.
Lawrence S


about 8 months ago
It was great and the crew of the tropical winds did a good job
Jonathan R

Great day on the boat

about 9 months ago
We had a great time. Definitely the way to go if not a private party. Good balance of deck hands to fishers. Deck hands were very attentive and provided clear instructions and assistance as needed. Rough weather to start and some rain, but we were able to have a successful day on the water. Dolphins took about 1/2 of our catch. Stupid dolphins. There all cute and adorable until your trying to fish and they keep stealing the catch off of your hook.
Scott S