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Great trip!

about 5 months ago
Jack and Sean were the best!!!
Julie Chambers

6 hr group fishing

about 1 month ago
Some of the best fishing I’ve ever had. Deckhands were great!
Frederick Myers

Fishing in Destin

about 3 months ago
Although it was cold and a little rough, my wife and I had a great time. We will do it again cause the crew was very helpful and did a great job.
Edwin Aquino

Nice trip

about 6 months ago
Had a nice time.Fishing good catching slow. Deckhands did a great job. Capt tried putting us on big fish. Wish we could have caught and tried live bait.
Jonathan Mackey

Great trip

about 6 months ago
Had a great time caught a lot of fish
Travis Coleman

Fishing with the family

about 2 months ago
Great trip. I took my sons and four grandchildren who had never been deep sea fishing for a short vacation. Didn’t catch much but the trip was not about catching fish but spending a wonderful few days with the ones I love. Worth every penny.
Joe Gaines

Not worth the money

about 3 months ago
With it being quite windy which was our fault for not checking first … the captain started out and we all were starting to catch fish and after 15 min the captain moved and then moved and moved … did not get us to a good spot to catch fish. I would not recommend this captain!
Terrence Adam Watts

Fun, fun, fun

about 4 months ago
Coleton and John were helpful with novice fisher like me. Coleton demonstrated what needed to be done and I was fishing like a pro! John, the quiet type, yet very helpful with detangling lines, and extremely attentive. Love the fact there were only 9 people on board making deep sea fishing fun and enjoyable. Thank you for making my first deep sea fishing experience memorable!
Magdalena Fremin

Caught fish!!!

about 5 months ago
Did a 6 hour trip. Spent 1 hour and a half just riding to the first spot. I’m not sure how these captains determine where they take us, but it seemed like a predetermined route. It seemed like even when we were quickly catching keepers the captain would say bring ‘em in. We would ride to the next spot and start catching out of season fish and seemed like we spent the same amount or maybe even more time there. I loved catching something I had never caught before but after seeing everyone around me reeling in the same out of season fish and myself also reeling in the same out of season fish multiple times and no one hardly catching keepers there I would have loved to move on to the next spot earlier. I caught more out of season fish than keepers because we didn’t just stay where we were clearly catching fish. Other than this (not really complaint, just didn’t make sense to me) I think everyone should experience this at least once. It’s a different kind of feeling being out in the middle of a body of water and not seeing land while fishing for who knows what you’re gonna catch out there. Good Luck to those who do take this trip or any other trip. I still had a great time doing this and will be doing it again but may be a longer trip next time or may be a shark trip. Thanks to the Captain and the crew!!!
Jacob Trantham

Excellent Experience!

about 6 months ago
Sean and Jack were great and gave us all expert guidance and direction to give everybody a chance at catching fish! They were great at reminding everybody to check their bait and if they weren't biting Captain would take us to different spots. All around it was a great experience and we would recommend this charter to anybody. We plan on going out with them again the next time we are down here!
Mark Brown

Big King

about 5 months ago
Cape Randy put us on the fish and Sean and Jack were at our side thought the trip. Great Time and the King Mackerel was a fighter.
Darrell Conrey

Fishing trip

about 6 months ago
The fishing trip was excellent. The captain put us on the fish! The 2 fishing assistants were very helpful and very good to work with. They were very nice knowledgeable. Overall great trip. Thanks. Will be back.
Alton Townson

Family trip

about 4 months ago
I went you with two of my kids, we had a great time. The crew works hard to ensure that everyone is fishing and having fun.

Best day ever!

about 2 months ago
We caught so many fish! The captain and the crew were so helpful. I was reeling in my fish and a shark jumped on the line….. so fun trying to reel him in! I will definitely do another trip.
Barbara Vaske

Amazing Trip! Amazing Crew!

about 25 days ago
We will absolutely do this again! The attention and time the crew gave my family was amazing and we had so much fun! Caught plenty of fish and highly recommend these guys!
Keitha McEvers

Fishing trip

about 4 months ago
Fish didn’t cooperate very well, but had a good time. Crew was excellent!
Ricki Turbeville

Great crew

about 4 months ago
We had a very good time. The deck hands were great especially Sean. We appreciate the great experience.
Jonah Sutton

Amazing time

about 4 months ago
My husband said the fishing trip was the best day of his life...we were on our honeymoon
Amy Wenzel

Great time!

about 4 months ago
We had such a fun time with our 3 kids! This is an excursion we won’t soon forget! The crew was super helpful.
Miriam Kasprzak

Fishing trip

about 3 months ago
We booked our trip at last minute and were not disappointed. The team called and asked if we'd move our plans up a day. We didnt mind at all to ensure we didnt end up having to cancel. Anyway the deck hands and Captain were all top notch. I loved the way they made every person feel special especially the attention they gave to one small kid make his first experience very special. Way to go!
Darrell Coleman

Great Service

about 3 months ago
Captain put us on the fish and the deck hands offered great service from baiting hooks to advice on what depth to fish at. Lots of fun
Philip Karp

Great experience

about 5 months ago
It was my first time to go deep sea fishing and it was a great experience, the crew was awesome and got us on the fish and kept us on them for the whole trip!
David Smith

Exceeded Expectations

about 2 months ago
Engaging and knowledgeable crew had us on fish all day. Boat is spotless and gear was top notch. Will definitely book again soon.
Benjamin Fox

Tropical Winds trip

about 4 months ago
This was my first eight hour fishing trip, the Captain and deck hands were great and experienced. We just experienced a weather change the day we went and the waves were up and bigger causing it hard to stand on the boat and staying on the fish. The only reason I didnt give this a five was due to the extremely long boat ride out creating less fishing time, but we did catch fish in the time given and was satisfied at the end of the day.
Dale Carver

XMAS in Destin

about 25 days ago
Import to start from beginning. Trip shock was professional,friendly, and knowledgeable about the deep sea fishing trip we were interested in. We had a large group so the amount was a lot which alarmed them to possible fraud so they called to make sure legitimate. Great communication also because our trip was cancelled due to weather which was communicated immediately and instructed us to call to reschedule. The fishing trip itself was fantastic. We were on Olin Marler’s semi private boat. Maximum of 15. We made up 9 of the 15. Crew was great great. The guys really knew what they were doing. Captain did a great job as well navigating the rough seas we were experiencing and finding the fish. We ended catching over 40 keepers and as many throw backs. The crew cleaned and prepped our fish and we went home and had a great fish dinner with plenty that we froze. Great experience and we would do it again with Olin Marler’s crew and Tripshock again.
Susan Greiner
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