Destin, FL > Deep Sea Fishing Charters
07/11/2020 ~ 07/17/2020


about 2 days ago
We caught fish. Deck hands were excellent. Dolphins were out in force to steal our fish. But there is nothing the crew can do about that.
Jeanette M


about 2 days ago
We went out on Gulf Breeze and had a wonderful time. We left during a storm so almost everyone was sea sick and we didn’t catch many fish for the first few hours but the Captain let us fish late once we found a spot where they were biting. Overall me and my wife brought home 16 fish.
Alexander F

A Great Experience

about 3 days ago
It was beautiful and a perfect day to go deep sea fishing. The mates were very helpful and worked fast. It was just a great experience overall! I definitely plan on doing it again.
Elaina H

Fishin For Mingos W FiShawn! And Brody!

about 4 days ago
Best experience ever. Never thought I’d be on the ocean fishing. Was the best time I’ve ever had. Certainly doing it again soon! I’m 950 miles away though! ????
Brett S

Excellent Crew

about 4 days ago
We were passengers on Monday, June 29th @ 2:00 on Trail Winds. Capt. Steve Bradley, Cody and Shaun. Crew was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the whole experience. Will definitely do this again!
Jenny M

Great time

about 5 days ago
Best deep sea fishing we ever had,sure going to book another trip when we come back down.the crews was excellent and the captain know how to find fish.i would recommend this boat to anyone who want to go deep sea fishing.
Angela C

Don’t know what this means

about 7 days ago
Had a great time fishing with Olin Marler. Would definitely use your service again.
Dwayne R

Just what we needed

about 9 days ago
My wife and I just lost our business to corona virus. We were looking for a good time deep sea fishing. The deck hands were friendly and helpful. The captain put us on the fish. We had a great time!
Abel L

Deep sea fishing with Olin Marler

about 9 days ago
Trip was fun, but we’d fish for 10 minutes, then drive for 15, then fish for 10, then drive for 15 more. I know the captain was just trying to find better schools of fish, but felt like the actual fishing time was maybe 1 hour of the 4. Guides didn’t really do much to help you learn. Gave a quick overview on baiting and would then help take a fish off the line, but they seemed disinterested and didn’t care if you had a good time or not. We didn’t catch much, but still fun. Just a little disappointed with the service.
Cameron S

Good day fishing

about 9 days ago
The crew was very good and we were able to catch over 25 fish including red snapper. Very good with instructions and if a fishing spot wasn't good then the captain made sure to keep trying spots until majority of the people were catching fish. Had 12 on the boat and crew members were quick to help with anything. My only complaint was at the end when the crew was filleting our catch. We were given the option for skin on or off which was good but they did a very poor job on filleting the fish properly and didn't realize until the next day when we were preparing to fry them and noticed they all still had the rib bones on. It was a free service as they kept mentioning, however they were tipped very well by everyone. So at the end they were rushing the cleaning and filleting of the fish and it was noticable despite the very generous tips. Other than that very positive experience. If I have to pay more for the fish to be properly prepared that's fine, but very disappointing when we were told it was free but pretty much had to tip the crew only to find them doing a very bad job of cleaning and filleting the catch. Would give a 5/5 but the end of disappointing.
Darryl S