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Reviews of Semi-Private Group Fishing Charter

A great time! Great crew
We had a great time. The crew was awesome. We caught fish constantly and brought home a cooler full!
deanna s.
about 8 months ago
Half of the people got sick. Maybe shouldn't have gone so far out in choppy water. I didn't even touch a pole. All fish caught was the same. Over half of the time was spent to and from the dock. Would not recommend, a waste of money.
Diana B.
about 10 months ago
should have been postponed
when 5 out of 7 get sick due to 6-8 waves and one hooks himself due to excessive rocking of boat due to the waves. this trip should have been postponed
Daniel B.
about 10 months ago
Expensive 4 hour boat ride.. barely fished
Bryan K.
about 2 months ago
Great fishing trip!
Great trip on the Gulf Breeze, Capt put us on lots of fish! Colton one of the deck hands was great help and made the trip even better.
Zachary L.
about 9 months ago
Amazing fishing experience!
We had the best time with John and Kolton. They were amazing and we caught a bunch of fish, including a 12 pound mackerel! Best experience fishing. We cannot wait to go back.
rachael l.
about 8 months ago
Great Charter
Took my son out for his first charter we had a great time on the water, perfect weather and Jack and the rest of the crew were great!
William R.
about 8 months ago
Great 6 hour in October
Booked a party boat ticket and ended up upgrading to a semi-private charter. This was essentially a party boat with less people and you paid more for not being as crowded. Kolton and John were attentive deck hands. Boat was acceptable and we caught some basic bottom fish. Crew filleted our catch and we went home with a mess of mingo fish tacos. On par for expectations but I’d recommend a 8-10hr if you really like fishing party boats
Brandon H.
about 8 months ago
The crew was great they tended to your every need Very fun caught a lot of fish
Jeanne H.
about 10 months ago
Worst teip i have ever had by far. My wife and I were only able to fish for maybe 5 minutes and when we asked for someone to come get us they told me that it would cost me to much money and I asked to speak with the Captain, i was ignored and the Captain never came by to check on us. A total waste of money and we will never book another trip with them again.
John H.
about 8 months ago
Our Guide was amazing. It was a blast!
Caden K.
about 8 months ago
Excellent experience
This was a perfect, family-friendly vacation experience. All the kids caught one or more fish and regardless, loved the boat ride and holding the fish. A great crew that was very patient with our crazy crew. Highly recommend.
Amy C.
about 8 months ago
Great fishing trip on Thanksgiving day
Great crew and experience. Bites was non-stop.
about 7 months ago
Great fishing
Caught a lot of fish. Crew did a great job
Jeff T.
about 8 months ago
Great Fishing!!
2nd year to go with Olin Marler’s and just a first class good time. This crew could not have been better. Very attentive and so many fish!!!
Suzanne C.
about 16 days ago
4 hr trip took 1.5 hours out 1.5 hours in fished 1 hour in about 8ft waves was terrible in the while boat only 3 keeper fish were caught
Thomas D.
about 2 months ago
Best day ever!!
First time for me, my fiancé, and our best friend. Staff was super friendly and was never than a few seconds away from helping in anyway! Capt. was spot on on putting us on the fish!!!! Highly recommend!! 10/10
Amber R.
about 9 months ago
Simi-private charter
We had an excellent fishing trip with only 6 others aboard the Gulf Breeze! The crew was great and Captain Stone did his job putting us on the fish!
Martin K.
about 9 months ago
Deep Sara semi private party boat
Had an amazing time. Colt really did an amazing job and got a shark on the line for us to reel and and see. Definitely recommend
JonMarc J.
about 8 months ago
Great trip despite the weather
It was a freezing cold day but we had a great time and caught a lot of fish!
Kevin M.
about 6 months ago
Great day at sea fishing!!
Absolutely a fun day fishing caught our limit great crew would definitely do again!
Linda P.
about 6 days ago
Awesome First Deep Sea Fishing Experience
Enjoyed this trip so much. Wasn’t sure what to expect but had a lot of fun out on the water once I got use to the way we were fishing. Definitely a memory i’ll hold forever!
Alexis B.
about 23 days ago
Great crew we had fun!!!
about 9 months ago
My group had the best service and best Time ever. Thank you for the great service.
Frederick F.
about 9 months ago


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