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Great trip

about 3 months ago
Captain put us on the fish. The deck crew were amazing!
Stephen Goad

Our fishing trip

about 3 months ago
We enjoyed ourselves
John Williams

Tropical winds

about 3 months ago
The maids were very good. The capitan should take us to spots where are the fish, looked like he was sourcing for them.
Pete Bodnar

Fishing trip Tropical Winds Olin Marlers boats

about 2 months ago
Olin Marler tropical wind s fishing trip awesome
Marilyn Roberts

Fishing trip

about 2 months ago
It was my first trip out an I loved it
Anthony Kelsoe

Caught fish!!!

about 10 days ago
Did a 6 hour trip. Spent 1 hour and a half just riding to the first spot. I’m not sure how these captains determine where they take us, but it seemed like a predetermined route. It seemed like even when we were quickly catching keepers the captain would say bring ‘em in. We would ride to the next spot and start catching out of season fish and seemed like we spent the same amount or maybe even more time there. I loved catching something I had never caught before but after seeing everyone around me reeling in the same out of season fish and myself also reeling in the same out of season fish multiple times and no one hardly catching keepers there I would have loved to move on to the next spot earlier. I caught more out of season fish than keepers because we didn’t just stay where we were clearly catching fish. Other than this (not really complaint, just didn’t make sense to me) I think everyone should experience this at least once. It’s a different kind of feeling being out in the middle of a body of water and not seeing land while fishing for who knows what you’re gonna catch out there. Good Luck to those who do take this trip or any other trip. I still had a great time doing this and will be doing it again but may be a longer trip next time or may be a shark trip. Thanks to the Captain and the crew!!!
Jacob Trantham

Great trip

about 2 months ago
Had a great time caught a lot of fish
Travis Coleman

Charter Trip

about 2 months ago
Me and my son had the best trip Shawn and Jack the deck hands were awesome. Captain Randy put us on some good fish. We are definitely going on the Tropical Winds again.
Tony Marlowe

Great experience

about 15 days ago
It was my first time to go deep sea fishing and it was a great experience, the crew was awesome and got us on the fish and kept us on them for the whole trip!
David Smith


about 2 months ago
It was one of the best chartered fishing experiences I've had. The entire crew was GREAT!! They weren't just mates, the were teachers. I learned so much and they were so attentive to form and pole position. Will definitely be back.Thank you all for the experience.
Tangela Campbell

Gotta Catch’em All!!

about 2 months ago
Had a great time minus the rough sea, motion sickness, and dolphins snatching our fish. The fishing was fun and hitting as soon as the bait reached the bottom. Captain and his crew were great and attended our needs and made sure we were always ready to drop line. Would definitely do again! Yes we caught Fish to bring home!
Jessee Yang

Nice trip

about 1 month ago
Had a nice time.Fishing good catching slow. Deckhands did a great job. Capt tried putting us on big fish. Wish we could have caught and tried live bait.
Jonathan Mackey

Brothers trip

about 2 months ago
Wonderful time! Thanks for the great trip and catch
Jerri Jester

Good times

about 2 months ago
Went on a half day charter with captain miller and crew on 7-29-22 it was a great experience fishing the gulf. Randy and the crew were awesome making sure everything was top notch. Captain miller put us on the fish, we had zero complaints . The crew were patient with those that had less experience and kept everything clean and tight. Highly recommend these guys for a day in the gulf.
Sara Mckay

Great Experience

about 3 months ago
Great crew!!, Great activity for my Grandson and I. The smaller group system has much more time for fishing and less time getting tangled up with other people's lines. Would recommend adding to the voluntary tip line that the customary tip is 20 per cent per head to be better prepared to take care of the great crew.
Rex England

Great trip!

about 14 days ago
Jack and Sean were the best!!!
Julie Chambers

Fishing trip

about 2 months ago
The fishing trip was excellent. The captain put us on the fish! The 2 fishing assistants were very helpful and very good to work with. They were very nice knowledgeable. Overall great trip. Thanks. Will be back.
Alton Townson

Best semi private charter

about 2 months ago
Highly recommend the 10hr semi private to ones that want to catch better quality fish the capitan and 2 deck hands was awesome Best experience yet!!!
Justin Martindale

We Made Memories

about 2 months ago
Such a special day on the water for our party of four! Mates Randy, Matt & Jon really were right there to help for the full 8 hour trip whenever needed. Our Capt. found several great spots and even inexperienced fishermen like me caught our limit of good sized red snapper. Others caught grouper, tuna, cobia and other gamefish. My son in law and grandson each got to fight large sharks, which were cut loose once we got them towards the surface to see what they were. I would guess we will do an 8 or 10 hour trip every time we come to Destin, it was so fun! That 8 and 10 hour trips get much better results than the 4 hour trips simply because they can hit more hot spots according to all the regulars on our trip.
Michael Arndt

Excellent Experience!

about 2 months ago
Sean and Jack were great and gave us all expert guidance and direction to give everybody a chance at catching fish! They were great at reminding everybody to check their bait and if they weren't biting Captain would take us to different spots. All around it was a great experience and we would recommend this charter to anybody. We plan on going out with them again the next time we are down here!
Mark Brown

Awesome Time

about 2 months ago
Caught a lot of good sized fish. I will book again next year. Captain and crew of the Tropical Breeze were good at what they do.
Todd Gallamore

Wonderful experience

about 3 months ago
My husband and two sons had a great day. Caught several fish and really enjoyed themselves. Everything went very smoothly!
Jennifer Hendrickson

Big King

about 1 month ago
Cape Randy put us on the fish and Sean and Jack were at our side thought the trip. Great Time and the King Mackerel was a fighter.
Darrell Conrey

Awesome fishing trip!

about 3 months ago
Caught tons of snapper and snagged a huge shark. Made my sons trip to the beach special!
Brian Oneal

Good experience, small fish

about 2 months ago
Trip was booked for earlier in the week but was rescheduled due to bad weather. Fishing was decent but only one legal snapper caught on the entire boat. Mostly small fish
William Hope
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