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Reviews of Southern Rose Dolphin & Sunset Cruises

Finding the dolphins!
It was a cute ride and when another boat came alongside and stirred up a wake, the dolphins jumped up and swam beside us for a long time. The Captain was sick that day but determined we were going to see the dolphins!
Debi H.
about 8 months ago
Family fun
The crew was great and saw lots of dolphins.
Judy B.
about 4 months ago
Southern Rose Dolphin & Sunset Cruises
It was a great experience!! The captain and crew were great and we saw a lot of dolphins, many up really close!
David G.
about 4 months ago
Loved it!
We have 5 kids so when I say I was nervous taking them all on a boat to see dolphins I'm not kidding. After hearing the safety speech and hearing the captain have humor I was relaxed. The crew was super helpful and kind they have food, drinks, and snacks for the kids but also adult drink! Very shortly into the trip we saw dolphins the captain made sure to let us all have plenty of time watching them play but also allowed time to just relax to enjoy the rest of the ride. Plenty of sits no over crowding. Definitely want to go again
Brittani H.
about 2 months ago
Dolphin cruise
We had a wonderful time. We saw about 6 dolphins. Enjoyed the info about the private island.everyone very friendly and welcoming.
Virginia D.
about 7 days ago
Unable to hear
We chose to sit on the upper deck. There was a speaker above us but it did not work. Throughout the whole trip .....we heard none of the information that the captain was sharing. .....disappointing. The other side was full so we really couldn't move either.
Dean A.
about 4 months ago
Totally worth the trip!
We saw so many dolphins and they interacted with the boat, staff were wonderful. Kids had a blast!
Lauren Z.
about 4 months ago
Fun afternoon
We had a great trip! Only saw a few dolphins but the crew was great and it was a fun time!
Meuchel T.
about 1 month ago
Dolphin Tour
We saw several pods of dolphins that played in the waves between our boat and another boat. The captain and mates were all very knowledgeable on dolphin facts and answered all the questions my kids asked. They also had snacks and beverages--both kid and adult friendly--for purchase. 10/10 would go with this crew again.
Lindsey K.
about 3 months ago
We saw a bunch of dolphins, loud speaker was broken
Lots of dolphins, loud speaker was broken, rude guests made the experience less enjoyable.
Elizabeth D.
about 7 months ago
Great experience, got a chance to see several dolphins.
Sandra S.
about 2 months ago
Not so good
This was a big disappointment! The boat is run down and in bad need of an update. The “air conditioned” area was about 80 degrees, and the view was marred by dirty windows in bad need of cleaning. Restrooms were awful. Filthy!! We saw a few dolphins but they barely came up out of the water. Certainly not worth $80+ for two people!! We really wanted to like this, but it was such a disappointment.
Dennis T.
about 1 month ago
Staff were great, ride was great, we saw so many dolphins!
Courtney S.
about 3 months ago
Made us dream of moving south and starting our own tour business
We had such a great time on the dolphin cruise. The crew is outstanding. The good natured teasing was welcome and a stark difference from the stodgy cruise we took elsewhere last year. Made my husband and I conjure up images of moving south and doing something similar. The kids were glued to the snack bar, but what are you gonna do? Icing on the cake was seeing the caught shark on a nearby boat. Amity Island, anyone?
Elizabeth L.
about 6 days ago
Fun day in the sun!
We had a great time and saw many dolphins. Our family had a great time!
Michelle A.
about 6 months ago
Excellent experience! Highly recommend!
We had a great time on the cruise. Captain was knowledgeable and friendly. Staff was all very nice. Saw lots of dolphins!! Went for my mothers birthday and it was a huge hit with the whole family. So much fun and would definitely do it again!
Rebecca K.
about 8 months ago
It was chilly for a ride in the spare boat. Noting the boat in the ad is typically down for maintenance this time of year. We're the fees also down? (Who knows). The men who took us were kind enough and friendly, but the sighting of dalphins was minimal. So we were disappointed to not get our money's worth.
Connie L.
about 4 months ago
Great adventure
This dolphin tour was great! Even though it was chilly we still had an amazing time.
Natalie G.
about 6 months ago
Not like our prior years
This was our third year taking this cruise. In the past the captain talked to the guests and told us a little history and stories about what famous person lived where. This year no talk just music. We only saw one dolphin for a few minutes and we understand that is out of his control. He did try to take us to different areas to find some.
Ryan E.
about 9 days ago
Great day out with the dolphins!
Weather was perfect. Saw lots of dolphins. Very enjoyable day!
Kathryn R.
about 3 months ago
Asa Bayer
Awesome experience beginning to end! Music was spot on and got to see plenty of dolphins, and a giant sea turtle!
Asa B.
about 2 months ago
Good Experience, especially for grandkids
Overall, this was a good trip. The weather was very windy and we had to wait quite a while to see any dolphins but they eventually showed up, Operators were friendly and attentive to customers.
Doug E.
about 2 months ago
Lots of dolphins Great crew Fun times
Jane H.
about 3 months ago
Great dolphin spotting trip
We saw several pods of dolphins and even got to experience them riding the bow wave of our boat. Captain was informative w/some humor thrown in. Would recommend. Booking thru tripsjock as my daughter gave me a gift certificate for their multiple trips for Christmas
Arden I.
about 4 months ago


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