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Reviews of Southern Rose Dolphin Trips and Parasailing

Little disappointed
We did see quite a few dolphins which was cool but I think this is complete false advertising making it seem like you get this dolphin tour on a really big boat but when you show up that boat is docked and covered clearly never used and the tour is actually on a small boat used for parasailing that isn’t the easiest to get on and off of. It was a neat experience to see the dolphins but had I known it would be on such a small boat I would have went with a different place. The lady working the ticket counter heard out frustration with the boat and left very quickly before anyone could get a chance to say anything to her with a smug smile on her face which led me to think they clearly were doing false advertising on purpose. I’m glad I didn’t pay any more for the tickets than I did or I really would have been mad.
Leslie B.
about 1 month ago
Dolphins Cooperated
We had a great time - the small boat was a plus. Captain and First Mate were knowledgeable and friendly. Would recommend
Sylvia E.
about 1 month ago
Dolphin Tour
I was concerned about getting on the smaller boat because I use a walker. Everyone was helpful and I found the steps easy to use because of the railing. We saw dolphins and more. The guys in charge of the boat were helpful and humerus. Loved the wind in my face when they added a little speed once in a while. It was a fun time. I would do it again.
Trudy B.
about 1 month ago
Love it
Our family really enjoyed!
Lin T.
about 3 months ago
Dolphins galore
We sighted Dolphins within the first 5 minutes of our tour Every few minutes dolphins were all around us. We gave this a high rating because the porpoise was to see dolphins, and mission was accomplished On top of that we saw Ono island and learned additional information on the celebrities who own these properties the boat is safe and the captain was funny. Very worthwhile if dolphins are your goal
Ray M.
about 3 months ago
Dolphin Cruise
Great time and saw several dolphins! Guides were excellent and a lot of fun!
Sue H.
about 4 months ago
Wonderful Cruise
The Dolphin cruise was wonderful. We have been on a few others and this was the best! The Captain and the 1st Mate were so informative and friendly. They made sure they found dolphins and had them playing in the wake of the boat. I would highly recommend this tour to others!!!
Debra M.
about 2 months ago
Southern Rose Dolphin Cruise
If we were on the tour for rich peoples homes, the tour would have been fine! But we were suppose to be seeing dolphins? My grandsons were totally bored as I was!! I will never take this tour here again & will inform my friends that come here often about my experience as well!
Dorothy H.
about 4 months ago
Was great now we have left Alabama
Doug K.
about 29 days ago
Seen dolphins even in the rain great staff as well overall great trip especially for the price!
Matthew P.
about 3 months ago
Exhilarating and Unforgettable
Our experience on the dolphin cruise was absolutely incredible!! We enjoyed every minute of our time on the boat and were totally immersed in the excitement of seeing the dorsal fins peek above the surface, knowing that within seconds we'd see the sleek bodies of the svelte, gorgeous sea mammals gliding through the water! The crew was courteous, professional, personable and very knowledgeable!! I learned quite a bit about the beautiful dolphins and the breathtaking surrounding areas. The children, as well as every adult on board, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!! The music was perfect, too! Thank you to everyone who made our time exhilarating and unforgettable!!
Nadirah S.
about 1 day ago
Dolphin cruise
The representative told me there would be a double decker boat with a bar on the boat. But instead there was a tiny boat they crammed us on and no room to move. Not what i was told it would be.
Monica C.
about 2 months ago
Fabulous Captain
We went on a Dolphin cruise on the Southern Rose. Hands down the best Captain in the Gulf. He was funny, witty, and full of knowledge not only about dolphins but the area in general. He allowed my son to come in and view the “drivers chair.” The other employees on the boat were also very kind and informative. Definitely will book another trip when we return!
Amanda S.
about 9 days ago
Dolphin Tour
It was amazing. The dolphins put on a show for us that we will never forget. The tour guides were the best!
Tommy A.
about 27 days ago
Dolphin Cruise
My dolphin experience was excellent. The dolphin actually gave us a show . And the guys who dis out tour was great
laquana w.
about 28 days ago
Lotta fun
2nd year in a row and better than last year.
Keith K.
about 3 months ago
Southern Rose Dolphin cruise
Had a great time saw quite a few dolphins
Edward B.
about 25 days ago
Boat was switched and boat broke down
It was okay but next time I would probably try a different boat company. They do let you know that the boat could be switched when booking which it was. We got on a smaller boat that was full to capacity and uncomfortable. The boat broke down on the lake and they eventually made it run. After they got it running it was slow and painful ride to the dock.
Tinashe C.
about 18 days ago
Very good
Had lots of fun, saw some dolphins and met some very nice people.
Mary E.
about 3 months ago
Thoroughly enjoyed the excursion. The captain and shipmate were delightful
patti l.
about 1 month ago
The Southern Rose Dolphin experience for myself and my friends was much better than expected. The ride was very comfortable and smooth, and the crew was amazing and very attentive. The captain made sure we saw plenty of dolphins and saw how they play with the boat on the way back. It was well worth the time and money. A MUST!
Darlene W.
about 3 days ago
Cruise fun
It was a great experience. The grandchildren loved seeing the dolphins. With hopes of seeing other sea life. It didn’t happen on this trip, but they did enjoy.
Sarah O.
about 3 months ago
Awful trip
It was horrible! We booked this trip because we saw that it was an enclosed boat! On a cold windy day we were put on a small boat! It was freezing and wet plus we didn't see any dolphins!
Carol K.
about 1 month ago
We were very disappointed ☹️ I would not recommend it to anyone. They were too many loud kids. We could not hear the captain because the speakers were turned off in the inside cabin. We saw dolphins as soon as we took off but no other dolphins until we returned to the docks. It would have been better no leaving near the boat dock. Trip really wasn’t worth $135
Cheryl D.
about 13 days ago
Short trip
It was to be 1.5 to 2 hour trip it only lasted 55 minutes.
Jeff M.
about 4 months ago


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